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Bisexual Female Dominant, 64,  Atlanta, Georgia
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 Dominant Female



 5' 5"

 150 lbs



 African Descent


 20 minutes

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PROFILE EDITED PLEASE READ OR RE-READ!!!Greetings My name is Lady D and I am a lifestyle Domina.I have been teaching this lifestyle for over 30 yrs now and I enjoy all aspects of this lifestyle. My favorites are OTK spankings, caning, foot and body worship and role playing.
LET ME MAKE MYSELF PERFECTLY CLEAR ABOUT WHAT I AM NOT LOOKING FOR. 1. If you are under the age of 40, please do not contact me. I realize that age is just a number but I just dont desire to go there with someone that is younger than my own children.2. If you are not self sufficient, or you are looking for a caretaker or just need some place to live, please do not contact me.3. If you are a toy boy or looking for just casual play and this is just kinky sex for you, please do not contact me.4. If you think that you are worthless, are beneath me and you are just looking for abuse or you have self esteem issues, please do not contact me.5. Im not looking for clients or professional sessions. I want someone who wants more than a two-hour relationship.6. If you are interested in online domination!(whatever that is)I am not,so please do not contact me. I am looking for a REAL TIME RELATIONSHIP! I find computers quite impersonal so I will not correspond indefinitely on them. I want to get to know you and just seeing words on a screen is not conducive for that. I expect that we will graduate to phone conversations and then meetings in person. Hopefully for those who read, I can now move on to what I am looking for.I dont believe in Supremacy but I do believe in Female Led Relationships. I am lookingfor a SERVICE ORIENTED slave who is sincere, intelligent, amusing and truly has a desire to serve! I am looking for men and women who have served a Real Time Domme before or are interested in doing so. I am not looking for a live-in but I do want you to be available to me and for me to be your primary concern. I want someone who not only shares my passion in kink but someone who can interact with me in some of my other interests.You must be self aware, have self confidence and a really good sense of humor.You must also be employed or at least self sufficient with your own source of income. You may not only serve as my slave but in many other capacities such as my valet, chauffeur, personal assistant, house servant and depending on how things develop and evolve, even possibly my companion. You will learn of my expectations and you will be thusly rewarded andor disciplined as you surpass or serve below those requirements.I am stern but fair, loving and compassionate and I believe in respecting limits.I am a master at mind control and I will control you completely.... mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. You will beg and beg and BEG....for more! If you are serious,feel free to contact me but only if you are SERIOUS AND SINCERE!! I look forward to hearing from you.......Keeping Love in the Lifestyle.........Always, Lady Delicious Me

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Journal Entries:
10/12/2017 7:29:31 AM
RANT!! - So it is really a shame that this site has become a place for Fakes, Flakes, Scammers and BS Artists.  There seems to be little integrity and even less honesty.  I guess it is a reflection of the world we are now in but I hate that I can't put some of these people on BLAST because being able to hide behind a computer and the terms of service just allows them to keep up the shenanigans.  It is frustrating for the REAL LIFESTYLE PLAYERS here to have to wade waist deep in crap from idiots that just want to play on the computer.
I'd like to hear from the real and sincere ones out there and I know that there are still some because I am one.  END OF RANT.......Always, Lady D 

4/27/2013 9:51:40 AM

I was given the honor and privilege of giving the closing keynote speech at the Leather Leadership Conference in Nashville. I'm sharing it for those that was unable to attend.


This weekend has been all about leadership so let's talk about what leadership is and what makes a good leader? Leadership is the process by which a person or persons influences others to accomplish an objective or common goal. Leaders are not born; they are created. Anyone has the ability to be a great leader. You do this by learning and practicing good leadership skills. Let us examine a few of these skills.

Effective Communication Skills: It really doesn't matter how great a leader you are if you cannot effectively communicate your objective so that others can help you to achieve your goal. Good Listening Skills: You must have the ability to listen and not just hear what others are saying to you and yes there is a big difference. This becomes even more important when much of the communication is done via the computer since words are such a small part of how we communicate. Having the Ability to Delegate Responsibility: You cannot be everything to everyone and everywhere all at the same time so finding others that can share some of the responsibilities will help you not become too overwhelmed. Having the Ability to manage without micro-managing: Once you have delegated the task; you need to check with them to see if they need assistance or are facing any difficulties or obstacles but allow them the freedom to use their own creativity to complete the task. After all, your way is not everyone's way so allow some flexibility as long as the end result is reached. Master Yourself: Most importantly a good leader is a master of themselves. They constantly engage in self reflection and make decisions with deliberate decisiveness instead of gut reactions or personality conflicts.

So what does all this mean for our Leather Community? It means that we all have some quality of leadership and we should use whatever that is to help bring cohesiveness to this community. Leadership is not just a Dominant trait since I know many submissives that use their skills quite well, in many capacities, whether that entails creating websites, running groups, educating or using their impeccable organizing skills. On the other hand, being the boss or the head of an organization doesn't necessarily make you a good leader; it just puts you in an authoratative position. We should all participate in the process and deal with issues on a situational basis. We should lead and guide by example and avoid getting entangled in the politics of leadership. We should once again embrace Jill Carter's philosophy of "Each One, Teach One" and use whatever skill or skills that we possess to reach that 'One.' We should evaluate ourselves and our motives for why we desire to lead or be leaders, in order to keep ourselves honest and true to our cause. We should put aside our petty differences and envision the big picture because after all, "the needs of the many really do outweigh the needs of the few!" Finally, let each of us use our powers of reason and persuasion to transform this community into something we can all be proud of, a community filled with respect, understanding and unity and above all else; let us always remember to Keep LOVE in our Lifestyle! Thank You.

4/20/2013 3:54:41 PM

It never ceases to amaze me what people will do on this site.  Perhaps I am old fashioned but I come from a time when honesty, respect and loyalty was not just words but what we believed and how we lived.  I have just been informed by a friend and am putting on BLAST that MsAmanda61 stole (taking without getting permission is STEALING) a pic from my web site and is using it as her profile pic but it is a picture of ME!  As I viewed her pics I saw that she has done this with several other Dommes as well.  The fact that what she (if it is a she) did is deceitful and disrespectful is one thing but if you will lie about the basics like 'WHO YOU ARE', what else will you lie about?  I'm sure that she did not think that I would ever find out since she is targeting only females and probably didn't think that I would be on this site but you know the saying "there is no HONOR amongst thieves."  For all of those that I have met on Collarme that have been sincere, open and honest, I salute you.  For those dysfunctional ones that are on here to prey, waste people's time and ruin lives you need to stay away from me because I am sooooooo over you! 



10/3/2011 11:04:37 AM

Well I haven't had to write on here for quite some time but I want to publicly apologize to someone that I unintentionally offended here.

I am not the type of Domina that thinks that they are 'always right' and I can readily admit when I have made a mistake.  Whether you ever forgive me is up to you but I truly am sorry for the miscommunication. This has only shown me how truly important communication is and how easily we can misunderstand one another.

It is particularly upsetting to me because as a therapist, words are so very important and I pride myself in my communication skills.

I also believe in integrity and respect and I try to live by those words but I obviously failed to do so in this instance.  Life is about lessons learned and this is a costly one because not only did I lose a potential sub but more importantly I lost a potential friend.........


1/25/2011 2:42:35 PM

I fail to understand why people contact you, tell you they are interested, even ask a few questions but when you give instruction or respond for a REAL TIME meeting, you get no further replies. 

Does anyone READ anymore or are you just fantasizing, looking at pictures and jerking off?  Is online fantasy play all that you are looking for and if so, why not look for others who want the same?

Can you communicate without being vulgar, rude or a downright jerk? 

I refuse to believe that there isn't intelligent sincere people on here who can respectfully write more than a one line sentence and who can articulate about who they are (as a person) as well as what there kink is..........

If you've taken the time to READ THIS........perhaps you are one of them and you would be who I would like to hear from.



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