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Master, This is offered up slave property to you, fully prepared and ready to surrender for
Male Slave, 26,  Kansas City, Missouri













Last Online:


 Male Slave

 Kansas City 


 Willing to Relocate

 6' 1"

 155 lbs






Actively Seeking:

Dominant Male

Male-Dom Couples

A Poly Household

Master, This is offered up slave property to you, fully prepared and ready to surrender for life through contractually bound, strict permanent captivity at your mercy and boots SIR Please accept this ís offering of obedience and utter agreement and desire to surrender and endure extremely discomforting and sadistic abuses at the hands of you and your friends immediately and extensively SIR. It has experience in most all aspects of surrender Your enslavement of this potentially owned hole and soon-to-be captive slavebitch being offered-up to you guarantees complete obedience, and immediate response to demands. Currently unemployed SIR. It has a clean bill of health Plenty of experience in the bdsm realm, both sexually and domestically. having been owned previously for a 6 month period by a Master. ending because his mother got sick and he had to move back to the east coast to take care of her, and could not have a piece of property caged and abused 24/7/365 any longer. this slave is and will be ready and prepared for its relocation to interested and available MASTER(S). it is: 1) inferior, submissive, masochistic and full-service shit-eating slave 2) to be treated as a mindless Ďití - a piece of meat / property / animal / dog / pig, subhuman , shit eating toilet, gimp, or whatever itís owner decides 3) meant to live its pathetic life with a total loss of control, in filth, sexual abuse and complete dehumanization, being tormented mentally and physically, completely mindfucked until it is transed into the of your desire. 4) meant to endure extreme modifications to itís body to become the of your desire. 5) serious. it will submit without the use of chems to demonstrate itís desire to become your next . 6) UNOWNED 7) RELOCATABLE

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