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Lesbian Female Dominant, 32,  Bellevue, Washington
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Well, I guess I should update this thing again...First thing is first NO GUYS, IM NOT INTERESTED. No, you are not the special exception. No, I do not enjoy humiliating you. No, I will not change you into a girl so that are what I want. No, I do not want to see your junk. No, I do not want to take your money in exchange for my time.

There... maybe they will understand. My name is Kelly, I am a 32 year old dominate woman from the greater Seattle area. I am looking for that special girl.. Simple as that. Well, I guess it would be nice if life were simple... But regretfully it is not.

So what am I seeking in that significant other? Someone kind and submissive (or slave). My interests are varied bondage to kitten play, and a lot in between... I am always open to trying new things at least once within limits (exceptions, nothing illegal and no scat).

If you are female and would like to know more about me... Message me. I will always try to get back to you as soon as I can.


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Journal Entries:
5/2/2015 8:14:21 PM
So I think this is one of those things that girls need to learn... It is called a reverse image search. Go to google and images, and drag a picture to the search bar and it'll look for that picture all over the net. If a picture shows up on a lot of porn sites, it probably isn't them.

11/24/2013 9:32:31 PM

There is this thing that I have been finding rather... amusing in my time here. I list myself as a lesbian, and yet there are some men who do not seem to understand the whole "I am not into men" thing. I am unsure if they see it as a challenge to their own sexuality or if they have watched way too much porn (which I suspect might play a role)...


I personally find the line of thought that many people have about their past experiences with women who identify as lesbian (stories I am a little more then a little skeptical of), then try to get me to go along with their fantasies... As if all lesbians must therefor fallow the same script. This is also a lot of the stories I keep hearing from men that goes something like... "Sometimes a girl just needs a little meat." Now I am not opposed to meat as a general rule of thumb (though beef disagrees with me in large quanities), but not that kinda sausage.


Though the one that most frustrates me is those submissive men who get off on the idea of the man hating lesbian. No, being a lesbian doesn't mean you hate men... I just do not find them sexually attractive. No, I'm not into torturing you for kicks. No, I won't put out cigarettes (which are gross and I'm allergic to) on your junk (which is gross, but regretfully I can not plead an allergy to). No, I do not want to beat you.


The last line of discussion that gets to me is the (usually) straight cisgendered (people who's gender identity matches the sex they were assigned at birth.) individuals who have the fantasy about being forcibly feminized, and think a lesbian is the best way about going about it. If it's your kink and you still identify as a male (yes, sissy men still fall in the male category) then I am not interested in the least bit. If you are legitimately trans, then hey, I'm glad to point you in the direction of resources.


Note to self, never read my spam folder.

9/17/2009 10:17:11 PM
So as I'm sitting here chatting with people and I get a question that I've seen a few times before...And I think a lot of people just don't understand what it is to be transgendered (Or transsexual if you prefer). So here is KellyCat's basic Q&A on the topic.

Q: Is that where you are born with both male and female parts?
A: No, that is commonly refereed to as being inter-sexed, or the less politically correct term of hermaphrodite. This is a birth defect that can take shape in multiple ways, from people who have both characteristics, genetic males who look like girls (resistant to male hormones), or people born with the wrong reproductive parts (M with ovaries, or F with testes).

Q: So if that's not it, what is transgendered?
A: Basic definition: Someone who's mind does not match up with their body. Example: A boy born with a girl's mind, or a girl born with a boy's mind. In studies of brains post-mortum, scientists have found that the transgendered mind appears to be more similar to the sex that people identify, lending more support to the fact that it is not a choice.

Q: Does this mean your gay?
A: In my case, yes...But in many other cases, not necessarily. Much like the rest of the population, those who are trans exhibit the same range of sexual orientations that any normal male or female would express. A guy can like guys, a girl can like boys, either can like both, you get the point.

Q: Is this the same as crossdressing/drag queens/transvestites?
A: No.
Crossdressers dress as the opposite sex for multiple reasons. Self expression, feeling of the thrill, shame and embarressment...But they are still their birth sex on the inside and are happy to go about their lives as before.
Drag Queens are typically gay men who dress as girls in an effort to attract other men.
Transvestites are those who find a sexual thrill in dressing as girls. Whatever rocks their boat.

Q: Ohh, so that's kinda like a shemale?
A: Goodness heavens, no. Never use that term again. It is a term used only by the porn industry, and to call someone that is a pretty harsh insult. Same goes for things like heshe, or whatever term you can think of.

Q: So you said before that you are gay...Why not just stay a male?
A: This is one I get surprisingly a lot. I am a woman first, and attracted to females second. I could not be happy living my life as a male, even if I had a supermodel wife and pretty much won the lotto...Just wouldn't happen.

Q: So...Is this just a fetish to you?
A: No. I am a girl because that is who I was meant to be. Like many who are trans, I do not like what is inside my pants, and I would gladly get rid of it.

Q: But this never occurs in any other species, it must be a choice!
A: Not a question, but I'll answer it anyways... There is actually a species of fish, that I forget what they are called (but if you google it, odds are you can find something) that are able to change from female to male if the male of the school is eaten (or otherwise passes on)...And if a new male joined the school, it could change back. Best example I have ever heard.

Have a question you don't see up there? Send me a message and I will try to answer it for you.

9/9/2009 11:48:26 AM

I guess I will put my first Journal entry at something near and dear to my heart. I am transgendered...Its not something I chose, but was chosen for me by nature, god, or maybe just a poor choice of medication while my mom was pregnant. Believe me when I say I'd kill to feel that sense of normalcy that everyone seems to take for granted....To know right from the get go that this is who I am and be happy with it. To look in the mirror and not see yourself but someone foreign. To never have to question what it is that's wrong with me. To have people interact with you and treat you as something your not. To always be on guard because life treats you with such a cool and collected disregard because you don't fit in in someone's prefect little box.

I live my life as a woman, talk like one, act like one, look like one, work and live as one. I don't talk about whats in my pants, or tell people what to do about it. To be honest, I plan to be rid of it as soon as I can. I don't ask people to pretend I'm something else. If who I am is a problem for you, don't date me. Its that simple.

All I want from people is to be treated as you would treat anyone else....Because I bleed just as readily as anyone else. I hurt, I cry, and I feel every last scar across my heart. If you can't deal with it...Walk away. You don't need to say rude little comments, or ask questions you know the answer to already. Just know that I am a person too.

Stay Safe,

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