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10/10/15 I am back, and happily deep into my relationship with My pet kitteh. so I'll probab
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I am back, and happily deep into my relationship with My pet kitteh.

so I'll probably barely really use this, but if anyone wants friends and easy going peoples to chat with my mail box is open!

for a far better deion of us please feel free to peek over at My pets profile

yay updates!

I am the proud owner of my very own brat!

a temporary collaring as time and life fit and match and yadda yadda

the point is.

she's awesome, and she's mine and now she can stop poking me to update my profile too lawls

so here it is, a profile, like the million others here. So whats so different about mine? probably not a damn thing, lets get to it short and simple.


I want friendship,

let me spell it out for some who miss it.

I don't want to meet to fuck you

or be fucked

I don't wanna see where things might go.

I don't wanna list of things you'd do to me

and I won't send you one.

I don't want a fuck buddy.

I don't want a Dom/me

I don't want a god damn thing but someone like minded to talk with.

I want someone to meet with, hang out and chat.

I want someone who will talk kink and perverted chats with.


Journal Entries:
2/16/2012 10:26:31 AM

to all you wanna be doms out there looking at a womans profile and demanding they go cam and do whatever you want or you'll report them as fake blah blah blah.


go fucking die in a fire you worthless slob and stop abusing the title of Dom like it's some magical power trip.


you make me sick.

all of you.

pathetic worthless small cocked losers.

it's nearly enough to make me quit the site from fact 90% of women I talk to treat me like a war criminal because I have a cock. all thanks to some fat fuck that wanted to jerk off and be abusive to women.






1/12/2012 10:04:45 AM

to god damn busy

someone save me

or get me laid.

anyone? seriously.


not a fan of stress an problems.

1/2/2012 1:38:17 PM

so I've been surfing around the site awhile now, made some friends but have kept my list empty. it was asked why.

I think it's because I didn't see a need to fill my list with those I talk to Ihave them in my mail room.

more so I noticed a drastic lack of Dominate people to converse with.

mainly Dominate women, I'd like to try fixing this.


and as a final note it's good to be back with time to sit and properly reply to the messages I had left. sorry to those I left waiting.

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