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[Update] - No Pictures? I won't respond. I also won't respond to you if you are a Male looking
Hetero Male Switch, 28,  Ontario, Canada

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Last Online:


 Male Switch



 Willing to Relocate

 5' 10"

 140 lbs





Actively Seeking:

Dominant Female

Submissive Female

Switch Women

Femdom Couples


A Poly Household

[Update] - No Pictures? I won't respond. I also won't respond to you if you are a Male looking for a pet/slave - I only seek females, yet only seem to be getting males. As years have gone by and I've updated this site age-wise (Had to change age from 23 to 27, hah, it's been a long time since I made this and with no luck!) Is that if anyone reads this profile and decides to send a message? I hope it'll be with respect. Personally? I tire of people referring me as 'Boy', maybe that's just personal preference and I'm being particular about it. It's just so incredibly informal and rude to in my eyes, introductions should be formal in my eyes at the get-go to show a mutual respect being constructed, informalities can clearly be after we both know eachothers' intentions and character. I am not 'Boy', call me Jay at least. Just like I won't message a female going "Aye' Girl" - It just sounds stupid to me, am I the only one?




I'm looking for something a bit tame at first since of my inexperience, nothing too hardcore or serious - but I'd like to find someone if possible on here who's willing to take me up and show me the ropes of how to be a good pet. A Mistress/Owner who wishes to try to help me become a pet. I'm a very quick learner, great at adapting, and I have a pretty tame/laid-back personality. I'm more or less socially-dominant, but sexually submissive. My mouth gets me in trouble as you might imagine.

If I had to explain what it is I'm looking for in depth? I'd maybe say a demanding, dominating and controlling but also someone who knows how to be kind, caring and a respectful owner in other situations. I hope to find an owner that I will be with for the long term, someone I hope I can get to understand me and I to them, I seek a bond, that warmth that can be found with an all-around owner who can be laid-back as I am, but strict in other situations. Hopefully a person who knows the difference too between a slave and a pet, I'm wishing to be the latter, rather than the former.

I love:

* Bondage
* Cuddling
* Nuzzling
* Protecting
* Collars
* Leashes

Where I wish this all to lead is for me to find someone I could see as my owner and Mate, someone that would train me to the point where I am quite obedient, disciplined, have a great list of commands, and that I can make my owner proud. In that process, I wish for me to feel that love that all pets receive.

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