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No one ever reads these, I'll leave my previous version below but essential ... I'm dominant n
Female Dominant, 19,  Coventry, United Kingdom

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No one ever reads these, I'll leave my previous version below but essential ... I'm dominant now. I've seen the light and I can't keep kneeling before arrogant and selfish people. I am better than them. I've been in a submissive/slave position, I've been used, I know how it feels so I know how to care better for a submissive/slave.


As for all this pay crap, I was soooo against this, realistically I still am. But do you know what, if some sad fuck wants to give me money to talk to him, go ahead. University and work are tight this year so the money would be welcome.


MEN:- There are lots of you. Each more desperate than the last. From now on, you will have to do something special to stand out. Yes I'm talking money, let's not play around. Step up your game.




I've always been made to feel submissive, at home at school in life in general. It must be an aura I give out, a natural scent maybe. It gives me freedom though, to not have to think, just act, just do as I'm told.


That said, of late I've found I've enjoyed taking charge. I will still kneel for a mistress, it is all I am good for. But while I'm unowned I feel I should enjoy the dominant side as and when I'm able to.


I don't like having to say 'no men', I find it annoying when I read it on other girl's profiles, but I fear I may have too. There are too many men who don't take no for an answer or who will persevere non-stop. 



Anyway, I hope you enjoy and talk soon mistresses.

Journal Entries:
6/18/2017 3:41:18 AM
"Desireme11" talks of wisdom and strength. She says she can intimidate most people. And yet 1) clearly doesn't have basic English skills, and 2) intimidate? Don't make me laugh. She is so cowardly that after a non-sensical response she blocks as she is afraid of repercussions, a typical pathetic little woman! Check my photos for part of our conversation.

6/17/2017 4:12:34 AM
"Curiouswife38" has one image which if you reverse image search it appears on multiple sites. How do you report people/fakes on here.

6/15/2017 9:46:22 PM
Haha. People are so easily predictable. Just pissed off 'fatnbratty' so easily. Poor jealous little girl.

1/6/2017 2:03:12 PM
So apparently I'm a cheap hooker haha. No guy whose had me will ever say I'm cheap ;)

1/6/2017 7:31:08 AM
'Curiouslyemma' yet another 'domme' who does not deserve the title. Begging me for the info on Luna like a desperate sub trying to get off. She even sent me photographs in a desperate attempt to get my attention and is now begging me not to make them public. Pathetic! These are the people I hate who dominate only as a pathetic way to make themselves feel better. She is truly pathetic.

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