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Hey! Thanks for checking out my profile. Ive had a CS account for years, and Ive re-w
Hetero Male Submissive, 29,  Brooklyn, New York
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 Submissive Male


 New York

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Dominant Female

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Thanks for checking out my profile. Ive had a CS account for years, and Ive re-written this profile many times to reflect what Im searching for. Im starting to doubt that I can find anyone real on this site, but Im gonna give it one more chance.

I define myself as a subswitch. When I feel submissive, I feel VERY submissive. I entertain very dark fantasies and dream of giving total control to a dominant woman. Being her slave, trained to worship and please Her at all costs. However I dont always feel that way, sometimes Im more vanilla. Sometimes I just want to cuddle and watch a movie, go out to a concert and dance, find a new restaurant, etc.

Im seeking someone who understands that a relationship is not black and white. We can have an underlying power dynamic, but were both humans with distinct needs. Thats why, despite being the sub, its still partnership.

Theres something exhilarating about being under someone elses control. Having them use you for their pleasure, training you to worship them. In a normal relationship going down on someone would be doing them a favor, for me, its reward. I want to be used, denied, and left with your scent and juices all over my face while Im sent into the kitchen to cook you dinner. Marked by You as your servile property.

Besides kink related things, I own a film production company. I do movies for Netflix and Amazon, as well some TV shows. I love writing and Im a real history buff. My job is very important to me, and is an aspect of my life I need to retain control. I also cannot relocate, but would be open to sharing a place with a potential partner in NY and covering the rent here.

Would love to chat with anyone interested, happy to answer any questions and share pics.

I really enjoy these quoteswww.goodreads.comauthorblogposts9455093-voices-of-female-supremacy

*** Also, Im not interested in any kind of financial domination, tributes, gifts, ect.

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