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This is a basic profile. I am a man of many talents, some fit your needs, others dont. Just l
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This is a basic profile. I am a man of many talents, some fit your needs, others dont. Just like everyone else here. If I write you a message its because I feel we may share that commonality that may lead to something more.

Instead of why, its time you learned to say why not? I am a great way to learn obedience training. Strict, intolerant of mistakes, consequences for failure. Exhibitionism is the key to humiliation and degradation....but I enjoy humiliating and degrading subs and slaves. Im good at it. Find out? Lol...

By the way...any collarspace chat does not work on my device. I have one option. Ask. And if you view my profile and cant send the initial message.....add me to your favorites and Ill know you wish to talk. See? Its easy!

Journal Entries:
2/25/2018 7:23:16 AM
True lasting relationships require patience and willpower. In a land of plenty, itís easy to pick one fruit, take a bite, and discard it for another one, and repeat that process because frankly, you can. My approach is to take it slower, learn about the person outside of this life, to understand them, their want vs their need. If you immediately demand Skype, kick, YIM, or hangouts, you appear to lack the patience I require to form a more solid foundation for a relationship. Oh yes, that gets me passed over a lot, but since I am here for what I want, I donít reflect on being passed over or ignored. It comes with the ratio of females to males here. And itís ok! One of you will resonate, of that I have no doubt. Because in this cacophony of hopefuls and desirables, someone will appreciate what seems to be lacking here: patience.

2/23/2018 5:23:25 PM
Ah,yes....nothing new, the same predictable people...with a few bright exceptions. There is so many different Dynamics and personalities to really a lamb,a Ruby amongst rocks...but unpredictable. Claudia,we have unfinished business you started. A rather enigmatic but fascinating woman sent a note...brittlefish. I wish more were like you. Tis a process,is it not? Send a's enjoyable to see messages.

2/14/2018 6:08:33 AM
You see a rather large book with the title ďhelp and information for novice submissive/slavesĒ. You go over to it, thumb the pages for a second, then throw it in the wastebasket. When asked why you did that,, you reply ďoh, itís too oldĒ. That is how older men get discarded so easily and all of their experience knowledge and advice goes with him. I understand why, Iím simply pointing out that so much information a novice could use is wasted. How many teachers were your own age? Thatís what I mean.....novice girls should utilize a tool that would eliminate a lot learning things the hard way. Such is life.

2/7/2018 2:20:14 PM
Just a side note.....if you see my profile and it appeals to you, send a message! I realize there are protocols, but females get messages about 550 to one for would be easier to read yours rather than getting lost in the hundreds of others. Oh, yes. A point. I am not enamoured by large breasts. Never was. I much prefer smaller and thatís a personal preference, not a slight on others. We all are here for specific reasons, some rather mundane, some bizarre as hell. I donít judge! We fit, or we donít. No harm.

11/16/2017 7:51:32 AM
Submissive or slave? Both have their appeal. There are times when I enjoy the control over a true submissive.....the dynamic is fluid and there is room for normal interaction. Other times I want a mindless total abuse oriented slave with zero sense of self worth and 100% obedient no matter the order. A worthless slut who lives to be used and thrives on abuse. Not all slaves are like that. However, they exist as evidenced by some of the profiles I have read. Somewhere out there, a female exists that has both of those qualities. I am not trapped in a single genre, all facets of this lifestyle appeal to me. I won't settle for maybes, or any of the worn out excuses used are what you are. Embrace it, become it, and exhibit it. I really enjoy helping girls who arenít quite sure or grounded....I can and will answer any questions from my perspective, and assist experimentation to see what resonates and what doesnít. So try to rewind your thought process, not all men are testosterone raging demanding idiots. If you just want a place to belong and feel your time has been spent doing what you crave....send a note. I harbor no unreasonable expectations.....

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