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      I am aware of the predatory submissive scammers on here and will not i
Female Dominant, 44,  Maine

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 Dominant Female






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Submissive Male

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Submissive Transgender

Online Romance




I am aware of the predatory submissive scammers on here and will not indulge your masturbatory habits. Consider yourself well advised.


Educated Authentic Domme Hypnotist



I am a well experienced, well educated real female dominant hypnotist.  I have been practicing hypnosis for twenty years now, and have enjoyed great success with my methods and content.



Are you ready to obey?


I very rarely accept a new submissive. In order to interest me you must be of above average intelligence, over 40 and be looking for a truly moving experience


Micromanagement and Chastity play are of particular interest. 


I seek only long term relationships; be it friendship, an interesting Ds, or something more lasting.


Are you ready to submit?


Any submissive looking to create a lasting relationship with me will begin as a hypnosis client.  I will make no exceptions to this rule.


Hypnosis with me requires a significant time and financial commitment from you.  There are no exceptions. The answer is rose.

I will not trick, force or blackmail you into playing with me. 


I am very real. I expect you to be too.


Do you want to be my good boy?



Journal Entries:
3/28/2018 4:48:14 AM
Happy Easter and Happy Passover all. May we all find peace and happiness in the spring.

3/14/2018 3:13:54 PM
He is here. He meets my needs and understands my profile. Show yourself boy.

2/9/2018 2:40:01 PM
Happy Valentines Day all. I hope you all find some love today.

2/3/2018 10:19:24 AM
Extraordinary adventure awaits an extraordinary person.

1/31/2018 10:24:21 AM
I am exactly out of patience with time wasters and people who are decietful and rude.

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