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Confession...i was planning a vacation...Seattle, New York, Florida, maybe Hawaii...where I co
Male Dominant, 44,  Northbrook, IL, Illinois












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 Dominant Male

 Northbrook, IL 


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Confession...i was planning a vacation...Seattle, New York, Florida, maybe Hawaii...where I could scan the ads on backpage and find someone who hasn't been around the block too many times and worship her perfect petite or athletic body...all ready to go and the stupid FBI has to take out their whole website. Now I really need someone cute to meet and eat all weekend. Yes real male doms don't use women, we love the intimacy and control of guiding her orgasms over and over all weekend...think Ravel's Bolero. There is nothing better than teasing and pleasing a newbie nympho or If you are a squirter...a real nymphomaniac...athletic...curvy...or petite (or awkward nerdy with glasses you go to the front of the line. We will have SO MUCH FUN Controversy...I say real men love to per oral...guys who don't simply don't have the fire in their blood the passion to seek out the pheromones...the innate desire to create a weekend long symphony where you direct how and when and why and how much she cums...funny some girls are insensitive to oral and some REALLY LOVE IT...part of the reason I adore Esoteric single yet set on meeting a creative fun youthful unique special someone.  While we can experiment in role play and engage in complex psychodrama, at the end of the day you will be protected and worshiped by me as the princess you are.  Real men see women as amazing people and grand unique art.  I appreciate this work of art and this aspect of your superiority in that art should be respected, cared for, worshiped and cherished. What grand social research, how boring it is to be vanilla.  Real men were designed to swoon in the presence of the ultimate female regardless how macho or coldly dominant he make seem.

I am extremely creative and in the middle of my life seeking an adventure.  The most creative, interesting and articulate guy you will ever meet, I have several post-graduate degrees.  I am financially secure (expect to be treated like a princess, MY princess but a Cadillac driving princess).  I see beauty in most women but I am a fan of European, Asian, Middle Eastern and Hiic women primarily...although many exceptions exist.    I adore petite and perky and I also adore physical fitness so expect to get spoiled and worshiped if you fit one of the categories.  I prefer ages 18-30.  Always wanted to meet a girl that orgasms easily, gets wet easily, squirts profusely.  Where are the female nymphomaniacs in the world?  I can set up a marathon session and you will be satisfied.


Promise there will never be a dull moment.  The only limits are what normal people find truly disgusting or patently illegal otherwise anything goes.  Extra credit for ballerinas or gymnasts...I will put a smile on your face that will last a week at a time.  I have a new boat and will purchase a ship soon so those are the water sports I enjoy (pun intended).  I would love to pay your tuition and do your research papers so take a moment to message me and get to know me...promise it is well worth your time.  A bit more...wide shoulders, great eyes and hands...short dark hair...100% Mediterranean descent from one country back the last four hundred years I checked.  Open to long term relationships, marriage or just putting you in my Will.  I seriously have significant finances I don't know what to do with so if you need an investor in your new brilliant innovative company or idea seriously let me know...the same goes for it you want to support my ideas,inventions and get rich quick schemes.  Hope you appreciate my dry sense of humor.  Start slow...don't let anyone tie you up until you REALLY know them...I am disease free and safe/consensual in every way.  My all-time favorite thing is giving great advice and sheltering/protecting newbies.  No family in the States, no baggage and no stalking er friends and never had children although I still kinda want to. Get to know me, talk, maybe meet in a public place or take a chance and play spontaneously

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