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   I now am a Whore.  For fucking.   I am mostly used for ass fucking by
Female Slave, 28,  Miami , Florida












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 Female Slave



 5' 7"

 130 lbs






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Dominant Female

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 I now am a Whore.  For fucking.   I am mostly used for ass fucking by large men.   I also must give blow jobs on the streets. Or on a bus to work.  I suck Cocks on the street. I usua wear skirts then when men push me to the ground to suck them off I grab their cock or they shove their cock in my mouth.  I gag but take it all in my throat.  My mom does better at being throat fucked.   I do get off being beat up. Punched. Kicked in my face    Or pissed on my head.   My two cousins are also ready for sex use.  

 I am a dancer.  I strip at clubs.


 I’m available for black men. 


I am  a dancer. in both the clubs as a stripper in Toronto.  


I get off when im bring punched in my face. Or kicked in my head.  I have not done much of the extreme things recently because of work.  It takes time to start looking better. I want to get beaten up


i have been sucking cock at work.  It helps me keep jobs. I started sucking cock at work years ago.    I found out by my simply giving head I would benefit by getting better jobs. So I always try to suck as much cock as I can at work. If they fuck me it’s good for keeping job or get to hold it over the men by telling their wife’s.  I will suck cock at work today. 


Ive decided to be a prostitute in Amsterdam or another place.   Wherever I can do more. Prefer ass fucking. I will try to take cock in all three holes.  It’s easier to be throat fucked and a cock in my ass 


I was fucked by groups last week.  The men spread my legs wide apart to do it. I can’t tell you how many people did me. I men and women piss on my face.  April 8-10 -18 I was used in some old building in downtown Nassau.  My sister was fucked in nice places on a boat in a Island. Mom was used doing both men and women.  


I get off being beat uo. I also get really turned in watching multiple men beat up Me and any man I’m with. I get wet watching my date being punched in his face or having his head stomped    





Journal Entries:
4/17/2018 10:03:44 AM
I always wear bright res lipstick when I’m getting throat fucked.   Or giving blow jobs. Tonight I’m doing a small group gang bang.  Next week I will be doing more after work every day 
my sister is a whore.  She needs to give her money to someone after she gets paid.  So do I. Mom wants to be a whore but keep her money. I think she should give at least half to a pimp like we will.  I want it up my ass tonight. Take puctures.  I will be a prostitute either in Amsterdam or some places elsewhere.  

4/11/2018 2:54:23 PM
I have been traveling to Nassau and to South America.  Now available for large groups to gang fuck.  My mom
is with me. And my cousin.  We all fuck and you can pimp mom.   I’ll put up a few pictures of her from Key West.    We were at Sloppy Joes.    In Nassau we were shopping then went to eat on Parradise Island.  My cousin was fucking lots of men. She’s cute. She has girlfriend.  

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