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I'm not new to CM, I took a break for a while but now I'm back. I'm mostly submissive, althoug
Bisexual Female Submissive, 25,  Philadelphia, Pennsylvania












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 Submissive Female



 5' 9"

 117 lbs






Actively Seeking:

Dominant Female

Dominant Male

Switch Women

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Dominant Transgender

Submissive Transgender

Friends Only


I'm not new to CM, I took a break for a while but now I'm back. I'm mostly submissive, although sometimes I like to play around with my domme side, so switch is my official orientation - BUT, I'm not looking for anyone to top right now so I figured "submissive" was the best thing to select. I'm currently unowned.


What I want is a friendship with someone I like a lot who also happens to be kinky. I don't want to start off with sex talk and BDSM, and no, I'm not going to call you "Sir," "Mistress" or "Master" right out of the gate. In my opinion, those titles should be earned. We're both equal human beings until we mutually consent to Dom/Sub thing. If you don't agree with my take, then you're free to look elsewhere.


I like intelligent, but not pretentious types. And guys, you can be dominant without being misogynistic. I'm not into guys who think they're better than women just because they have a dick. Also, I'm *ONLY* into white or asian guys. No offense to anyone else, but it's my preference. Girls of any race are cool though.


I'm a sweet girl, but sassy and intelligent. I'm a pretty bratty and high maintenance sub, but totally worth the effort. Not a pushover at all, and will put you in your place if I find it necessary. Some kinky things I'm into: sensation play, latex, rope bondage, blindfolds, ageplay, cfnm, corsets, oromashi, roleplaying, hypnosis, genderbending, foot play.


Limits: RACE PLAY/RACIAL DEGRADATION, toilet play, kids,  needles, animals, enemas, permanent marks/blood, spit, casual sex. I'mnot into being humiliated or talked down to. That means, if you call me a slut, cunt, whore or other insults, expect a lot of "unsubly" nastiness right back atcha!


No couples!

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