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I am an alpha-male sub, potentially, a slave...who is coming to terms with the overwhelming an
Male Slave, 43,  Hollidaysburg, Pennsylvania













 Male Slave



 Willing to Relocate

 5' 10"

 190 lbs





Actively Seeking:

Dominant Female

Dom/Domme Couples

I am an alpha-male sub, potentially, a slave...who is coming to terms with the overwhelming and sometimes mind-numbing craving to be dominated and possibly, owned.

I have harbored these feelings since my mid-teen awakening, and played many times. Now I am trying to be authentic and to embrace my submissive nature. Ideally, I am seeking friendship and something that may lead to a relationship.

I am an intelligent, compassionate, and sexually submissive man who exercises regularly; I bike, run, do calisthenics, and have done martial arts, gymnastics, and rock climbing.
I stay fit, I am educated, and I have a fairly diverse list of interests and hobbies. 
Unfortunately, I am not wealthy, but I am not yet done...Lol

Ultimately, as life is short, I am hoping to find a dominant woman of intelligence. One with the desire for: a friend, lover, companion, servant, dancing or singing partner, protector, worshipper, fellow movie watcher...and a slave.

Primarily femdom oriented. I have always believed in equality...or equivalence, as we all have our strengths. I do not believe in female or male superiority.
For many years I have concealed my nagging curiosity about this life, as a submissive male must generally do.
The hunger and the desire is so powerful, that one  cannot "masturbate it away," as it refuses to be subdued and soon returns, as strong as ever.
It is a hunger that lives inside of me and appears at its own whim.

Curious to test the waters and to, at the least make friends and communicate the feelings and experiences this alternate lifestyle offers.
Sadly, something so sublimely erotic, still largely remains in the closet...perhaps, our last dirty secret...
Such a traditional and narrow-minded world we live in.

For me, this is about relationship more than play, with a healthy dose of compassion and affection. There should be a genuine like or love really, as that an make all the difference.
Perhaps a femdom marriage or 24/7 relationship will develop in the future...but not without friendship first.
I have a powerful fascination with the psychology of D&s, the mindset of service, the roles, and particularly, the protocols, training, and rituals.

Nothing is more erotic to me. To worship and to please is more enticing than any thoughts of traditional interaction.


Seeking friendship or a relationship with a chance to grow into our respective roles and to learn how to integrate D&s into our lives, while enjoying our vanilla world.
Growing together and refining our delicate balance of Dominance and submission.

The search goes on...
Thanks for reading.


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