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Bisexual Female Dominant, 37,  HoustonMO, Missouri
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 Dominant Female



 6' 2"

 250 lbs





 52 minutes

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Submissive Female

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I am always hesitant to write these things about myself. I am a Domme, A widow, a mom, a massage therapist, and a cuddle whore.

I am interested in making new female friends and playmates.

I have been involved in the lifestyle for 25 years now.

I really do lean more into the Mommy role. I tend to be more of a Nurturing Domme. Discipline has its place but snuggles and special attention can do wonders. I AM NOT INTO DIAPER PLAY.

I have a companion who is my best friend. He will often be seen with me looking as much like a bodyguard as anything else.

If you have any questions just ask.

Yes I am a Dominant Female.

I am willing to help people learn and am always willing to make new friends. If you have questions I may have answers. The only stupid question is the unasked question.

I am looking for friends and playmates.

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Journal Entries:
12/9/2013 1:29:03 PM

Everyone turned to stare when the young lady entered the ballroom.  She smiled and curtsied to the guests and laughed happily her ringlet curls bouncing with her laughter.  At the gasp from the man next to her she laughed even louder.  “We are here to celebrate my dear quests. let us enjoy the evening.” 


with that she walked down the stairs and approached a young man standing off to the side.  “Dance with me sir”. she smiled and batted her eyelashes at the you ng man. he chuckled and held out his hand to lead her to the dance floor. 


as they danced and twirled the young woman smiled and laughed so much that soon everyone in the room was dancing and beginning to enjoy themselves. 


the young woman danced with every young man she could. so much so that she made a few fiancee's angry with her bold advances to every man under 40 in the room.


She finished a dance then made her way out to the garden for a breath of fresh air.  She walked out to her beloved roses and sat down on the bench.  Within a moment a young man, the first she had danced with steps out of the shadows behind her.  “You are enjoying this too much my dear sister” he chuckled as he slid his hands around her neck lightly, careful not to mess up her makeup. 


“It is our birthday brother we should celebrate.” she turned her chin up and purred softly as her eyes drifted closed.  Those poor fools inside had no idea how close these twins really were.


they rested for a moment in the garden then returned to the party.  The woman danced more and so did the young man but not as relentlessly as his sister.  and as the band played the last dance the young twins whispered to their dance partners to meet them in the gardens in one hour.  They said goodbye to their guests and moved to the library to sit and relax a bit.


As soon as the library door was closed the brother grabbed the sister and kissed her fiercely, his teeth nipping her lips and tongue as he tried to devour her.  She moaned and leaned back against the desk. as he brother lifted her she moves her skirts. revealing that she is not wearing any panties or hose or anything. he growls happily as he thrusts forward and impales her on his throbbing cock and stops. holding her tight against him so he is buried in his  most favorite place in the world.  she shutters and cums holding him tightly as he body spasms against his hard on. 


She then kisses him gently and smiles “We have guests to see to my dear brother. but we will return to this when we are done. “She pushes him back while her pussy tugs on his cock then smoothes her skirts and heads out to the garden with an evil grin on her face. 


when they arrive in the garden they quickly find the young man and woman they had invited to visit them.  The female is a tiny. Blonde pixie. then male is feminine but muscular enough to be clearly male.  the sister walks to the girl and kisses her cheek then smiles to then both. “we are so glad you came.  we do so like making new friends. “ 


she motions them to follow her and leads them into the 8ft tall maze that is the center of the garden. as she leads them thru the maze she stops to kiss and caress them both. At first they hesitated but as the walk continues they grow bolder and more adventurous.  she leads them to the heart of the maze and steps into their pleasure garden.  Hidden from the sight of most they have build a little outdoor play land. there are mountains of soft pillows on a raised platform, there are wooden crosses and swings and even a cage with a very pretty red head who is pleasuring herself when they walk into the clearing. 


the sister shows them around still touching and kissing them then walks to the dais and takes a seat.  the redhead moans as she looks down on the milky breasts of the sister then returns to grinding her clit in the suspended cage. 


she motions the young man to her and kisses her as she watches her brother come up behind the girl and nip her neck gently.  he has already shed his shirt and he pulls her close to let her feel his heat then moves her toward the dais.  The maze is soon filled with the soft moans and wet sounds of foreplay.  The brother laying back and fingering the young girl, the sister letting the young man kiss her and tease her pussy.  the poor redhead still in the cage cumming over and over again as the passion rises. 


the redhead screams out again as the brother pulls the young woman onto his cock and starts to fuck her slowly. His sister watching him purrs and presses back against the young man who slips into her wet and sloppy pussy with a loud groan.


as the young men stroke in and out of the women they start to moan and yell. suddenly all three women cry out and shutter cumming on fingers and cocks in one delightful chorus.


the brother and sister push their partners away then the sister approaches the young woman and the brother the man. they kiss and tease and soon the sister has her face buried in the young woman's pussy and the brother  is guiding the young mans head to his cock. they moan and smile to each other as the sister makes the woman scream out as she cums again.  the brother then stops the young man and pulls him up into a passionate kiss. before pushing him to his knees and thrusting his fingers into the young mans ass.  the sister returns to the young woman's pussy and makes her cum again and again as her bother prepares the young man to be fucked in his ass.  the man moans and bucks against the brother.  when he is finally wet and ready then brother slips his still rock hard cock into the young mans ass. the young man shutters and moans happily,  the sister then lays down and begins to tease the young mans cock with her mouth and hands and drags the young woman into her pussy to lap and nibble and fill her with her tiny hands.


as the sister has her pussy eaten and her mouth filled she moans and screams out thrusting the young man farther down her throat. at that he screams and cums gushing down her throat.


the brother smiles and slams one more time into the young man then grabs him by his hair and pulls him back into a kiss.  the sister pulls the young woman into a passionate kiss the redhead above them on the verge of cumming again. just as the redhead releases and sprays the brother and sister with her cum they sink their teeth deep into the necks of the young man and woman.  blood sprays over their pale skin as they drink deeply the blood mixing with the sweet cum that is spraying from the redhead.


when they have drained the very life out of their toys the brother growls and grabs his sister, pushing her to her knees with her ass and pussy in the air. he then drives his cock deep inside her and fucks her mercilessly.  Each time she cums the redhead above them cries out and showers them with her pleasure. 


it isn't long before the brother is on the edge of cumming himself. he slips out of her pussy and drives himself into her tight sweet ass.  there he cums with a roar, his sister screaming out with pleasure and pain as her brother fills her ass with cum.


they fall back on the dais and smile up at the redhead in the cage.  “You did well mother. we will let you sleep in the house tonight.”


the redhead nods and purrs happily then slips out of her cage to curl up with her beloved children.  The brother smiles as he grows hard again and climbs on top of his mother and thrusts his dick deep into her swollen pussy.  his sister joins him by straddling their mothers face.  they ride her until they both cum again then collapse in a heap. 


just before sunset their servants come out to clear the bodies and settle their master and mistress into their bed with their mother curled at the foot of the bed like a dog.



12/8/2013 4:20:35 PM

Dreamtime Wanderings


The evening started out fairly mundane.  A few friends came over for dinner and to hang out.  We ate dinner then hang out for a while then I decided it was time for a movie. 

Before the movie we tied the girl to the coffee table. Spread wide, laying on her back, open to anyone who may wish to tease and play with her.  We then watched a movie while I teased and tormented the girl with a riding crop and a Warburton wheel.  Stopping occasionally to keep her from reaching her climax each time she started to get close.


After the movie is done we untie the girl and allow her a break.  She is allowed a drink, and to rest up curled up on the couch in my arms.  While she snuggles against me I tease and trace my hands over her body to keep her in a constant state of arousal even while her body tries to relax.   Then we turn her over, her stomach against the table, and tie her again, lashing her arms to her legs so her delightful porcelain ass is in the air. 


She is braced against the table, but not tied to it, allowing her to be positioned in front of whoever in the room wishes to play with her.  The one rule stands, she is not allowed to reach orgasm until I say so.  After watching two of my friends play with and tease her bottom I take out my rubber flog and torment her more with the teasing pain of the thin strands of rubber.  When she starts to grow frustrated I then slap the crop across her back leaving a nice red mark.  Two of the guys then stand to either side of her and spank her bottom with their bare hands while I tease my fingers in and out of the girls pussy.  Red whelps start to rise from their hands as the girls pussy drips and she drools around the ballgag that has been placed in her mouth.


Once I have decided she has had enough of that type of torture she is again allowed to curl up on the couch and rest, this time one of my male friends teases and torments her body while letting the pain subside.  During this time I say goodnight to most of our friends, send them on their way and bring the girl back to the bedroom to continue the play. 


Once in the bedroom the girl bent over the bed and lashed again with the crop.  She is then stood up and clamps are applied to her nipples, connected by a chain that is then attached to her ball gag so every time she moves her head she pulls at the clamps. 

The girl is them stretched across the bed, her arms tied over her head.  We then caress and tease the girl, bringing her once again to the brink of orgasm before stopping.  Her head is propped up with a pillow as I settle between her spread legs.  With a gentle kiss I tease my tongue between the lips of her pussy to taste her frustration.  I look up and smile, then lower my mouth back to her pussy and slide my tongue over her clit.  I position myself between her legs, tugging at the clamps on her nipples as my male companion slides deep into my pussy causing me to moan into her.  I then apply clamps to the girls labia as I stroke and finger and eat her pussy.  This time as she comes closer to orgasm I ask her if she is ready.  She begs yes and I use my mouth and fingers to bring her over the edge. 


After she climaxes I cum as well then lay beside her and apply clothespins to her skin, while my male companion plays with her pussy, keeping her shuttering.  When I have applied the clips I want she is stood up and bent over the bed. My male companion then slips into her wet pussy and strokes her slowly, letting the pain of the clips build.  Just as she starts to cum I pull on the nipple clamps and push her once again over the edge screaming.   We then ask her if she wants more. She gasps for breath and whimpers softly as each clip is slowly removed from her skin, being followed by a warm wet mouth to sooth the skin.  We then curl up with the girl and relax and talk some before sending the girl home to sleep peacefully, exhausted in her own bed.


That was a good dream ;)

12/5/2013 4:24:37 PM

She started watching him a few months ago. Actually she noticed him by chance then got a sniff of his cologne and she was hooked.  She liked to sit in the café across from his office and watch him come and go.  She was just another eccentric rich woman sitting there sipping tea every day.  Then she decided to find out more about him and started following him home. 


She knew she shouldn't play with her food but she couldn't help it.  She wandered around his house each night while he slept, peeking in windows and observing his life from a distance.  that is until she overhead him making plans for an evening out with friends.  they were going to Donahue.  A nice little club that a friend of hers owned. She was so excited about this night out. She spent hours primping and prepping herself to look just perfect when he first saw her. 


she pulled up to the club while he and his friends were standing in line.  She has a terrible weakness for a good entrance.  She steps out of the car and smiles as the cameras flash around her, poor dears, they will have a corrupted spot on their memory card from now on.  Technology and mythology make a strange mix.  She glances down the line and makes a note of him standing watching her. She smiles warmly and winks to him then moves to the bouncer and motions to him to bring her friends in with her.  Two huge bouncers walk up and escort him and his friends into the club after she has already entered. 


She sits at the bar farthest from the doors, some fruity pink drink in front of her. She is chatting with the bartender, one of her friends young ones, and waiting for his scent to announce his arrival.  She almost started to purr when she felt him step beside her.  He seemed surprised she had let them in, then joking asked if she was old enough to be in the bar.  She just smiled and laughed, the laugh that makes most men twitch in their pants.  The tinkling of bells is what one suitor called it.  The she motioned for him to follow her and made her way up to her private booth.


She motioned for him to take a seat as she arranged the curtains to close off the noise of the bar so they could enjoy the show.  What most people here never see are the delicious sex shows that are held each night for vip patrons.  

She grins as she hears his soft groan when he turns and sees the stage.  She is certain that he will give her a delightful treat before the night is over. She settles onto a couch and leans back to stretch then motions for him to join her. He sits down, his gaze never leaving the tableau before them. 


Lashed to a wooden x is a beautiful young woman. stand before her with a whip in his hands is a young man who is almost as beautiful. She claps as she sees the show is just beginning. She leans close to whisper in his ear that it is just begun when the man on stage raises his whip and cracks it down on the  woman's back.  She screams out as the leather strokes her skin.  The man next to her groans softly and shifts on his seat.  With a chuckle she slides her hand down his stomach and gently traces her nails over his cock through his pants.  He glances at her his eyes wide then presses up against her. his passion and need burning in his eyes.


She turns back to the show and watches each strike of the whip and feels him twitch beneath her hand.  she starts to massage his erection then leans close again to whisper in his ear.  "How you would love to strike that girl and listen to her scream mm my sweet." She mutters as he groans and presses harder into her hand. She slips her hand beneath the waist of his pants then takes a moment to unfasten them. she then giggles as his cock springs out of his pants. "How delightful commando." she then turns his head back to watch the show hearing the woman's screams deepen and knowing the whip has been replaced with a strong dildo. She slips to her knees and smiles up at him, his eyes darting from her to the show. She nuzzles her face against his cock and smiles to herself as he gasps and groans.  She teases the tip of his cock with her tongue and giggles as he shutters against her, slapping against her lips. 


she slowly strokes her hand down his shaft then suckles the head of his cock while she strokes the shaft, enjoying his groans and shutters into her mouth and hand.


as she feels his head tilt back she opens her mouth, drops her fangs and presses him between her fangs as she slides him deep into her throat.


he gasps and stiffens for a moment then turns to jelly as the hardness of his erection is compressed between her fangs. he moans and grabs her hair in encouragement then looks back to the show as she strokes him in and out of her throat.  Some strokes she uses her fangs, others nothing but warm wet mouth, lips and tongue.  she hears the screams building and feels him stiffen slightly. she smiles and strokes him with her mouth and hand to bring him screaming out to the heavens as he cums down her throat.


She licks her fingers clean then whispers softly in his ear about how she so wants to be fucked. He nods and helps her slip out of her clothing, he is already rock hard again, and as soon as she is bare he bends her over and slides his cock deep into her.  He nearly cums again as she purrs and grips him tight with her pussy.  He starts to slowly stroke into her and watches as the scene before him begins to change. another woman has joined the two. now then young man is being whipped and he thrusts harder into her as he watches the women beat the man and tease and suck his cock.  he shutters as his speed increases then he slams into her as he fills her with cum, sending her screaming over the edge and gripping down like a vice on him.


She stands up and leads him to the couch, he sits down and she straddles his lap and begins to kiss him, she covers his mouth and face in tiny kisses, her pussy dripping hot on his lap.  He starts to harden yet again as she nibbles on his ears. she rocks back and slides him into her pussy then begins to shift and writhe on his lap while she nips and bites his neck.  as the moans and screams increase on the stage she starts to bounce on his rock hard cock, her small breasts bouncing in his hands.  She coos and moans as she slams him into her pussy, reaching down to grind her own clit as she leans forward to nuzzle his neck, her breath quickens and as she cums she sinks her teeth deep into his throat.  as his blood pours from the wound she drinks deeply and moans as his blood slips past her lips and dribbles onto her breasts her pussy still clenching and grasping his hard cock inside her. 


When she feels him explode deep inside her again she licks the wound closed and leans back. "You are mine now you know" she smiles as she wiggles on his lap and licks his blood from her lips. All he can do in response is nod. 



10/12/2008 7:38:12 PM
Well here we go. I am diving in with both feet. I am married, bisexual and looking for friends, and possibly more. I am intelligent and articulate and like the same in a woman.  The outside is not as important to me as the inside. If you cannot hold an intelligent conversation then do not bother sending me a message.  Beyond that more to come as time rolls on.  

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