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Time for a re-write of this profile.     Since the original launch of this profile
Female Dominant, 51,  Mt Cuba, Delaware












Last Online:


 Dominant Female

 Mt Cuba 


 5' 8"

 138 lbs






Actively Seeking:

Submissive Female

Time for a re-write of this profile.  


Since the original launch of this profile in 2014 there have been a lot of changes.  First and foremost I am engaged to a wonderful woman.  While we toyed with the idea of a couples profile, we decided that we should just continue using this established profile.


Currently we have two lovely live in slaves.  The longer serving of the two, slave jennifer has a profile on this site (mylastdecision) that I monitor closely.  In fact, she is rarely given permission to go online and when she does one of us is supervising her.  Our newer slave, has no profile on here as we met her elsewhere.


While the two of them keep us both very busy, we recently decided to expand the "living quarters" of our salon and added a third cell.  We did this in the case that an exceptional third slave crossed our path.  With that said, we would be interested in hearing from any desirable naturally born females that have an interest in serving a Domme/Domme couple in real time on a 24/7/365 basis.  What we offer and looking for is no release, no way back slave.  If you have baggage (i.e kids, family, meddling friends) we are not a match.  What we seek is rare, but we have two success stories in house, so you are out there.  We are both attractive as are our current slaves, you need to be also.  Height, weight proportionate is preferred, but if you have a little extra chub, we'll consider you as that will be worked off quickly.  The only way we would consider a BBW is if she is and absolute pain pig masochist.  Our ideal age range is 20-25, but we will chat with anyone who meets the above criteria and is in a realistic place in life to pursue 24/7/365 slavery.  Needless to say, we are not interested in men or trans.  This is an all girl house.  Additionally, we do not train spouses and girlfriends, so please don't ask.


We have a phone and a cam, you should too.  I will gladly share face pictures after an initial chat.


Please understand we are not looking for love or romance, we are seeking a slave.  The life we offer isn't for the faint of heart.  Be serious, cause we are.


If that is you, feel free to send us a note.


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