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2 DOMMES have been broken soon there will be a 3rd one. Check the pictures on My Profile &
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2 DOMMES have been broken soon there will be a 3rd one. Check the pictures on My Profile

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Female Dominants you may as well move along as well. I am not a switch or a submissive. I will save and search any pics you send me Ive uncovered hundreds of frauds.

OK time to redo my profile so Ill keep this simple. Im here to find sub or slave who really want to explore this. I dont role play but I do like erotic chat where we discuss what youre looking to explore.

Im fine with starting online and gradually work up to talking on the phone, skype etc. Im in no rush as I believe, truly believe that the mental side of this is far more important than the physical.

As for distance dont let that stop you from speaking with me. I live In Charlotte NC, but travel a lot and I have no trouble arranging a meet if Im in your area. I want people who really want to explore and push themselves into this.

I am a DOMME not a switch nor am I looking to explore that. Ive been in this lifestyle awhile and have always been a DOMME and no I have no desire to explore anything submissive or slave with anyone.

Since I have gotten so many requests for the first part of the story on how I met Judith I have decided to repost it in my Journal. There some fact to the story you need to understand

1. The story itself is true I just changed some of the time frames but they have nothing to do with the scenes or her progression into this lifestyle.

2. I am the Miss in the story and she was my teacher.

3. She still serves me on occasion.

4. if any of you have the courage to play as she was instructed on how to in the storyIdlove to hear what you did. HereisJudiths instructions on how to play.

You may also make yourself cum.


But, Miss cut her off, only with you sucking on a pair of panties.

You mean tasting them? Judith asked, making a face.

Sucking and tasting

I think Id rather just wait.

Like thatll last, Miss mocked, youre insatiable.

Am not, Judith protested, as Miss headed for the door.

Well see if you make it then. Ill see you at school, Monday, she finished, leaving the teacher alone.

Groaning deeply, Judith reveled in her debasement. There she was fucking herself with a vibrator her face buried in a pair of her worn panties. All at the whim of a teenage girl her Dominant even though Miss wasnt even present, but still was manipulating the teacher into obeying her barest command.

Those of you truly willing to learn and read more will be pushed to open yourselves up to Miss and tell me why the story or what part turns you on the most.

I may look sexy and sweet but I can be deliciously evil when I need to be. Please be warned. Woman if you have something to say to me please email me,blank profiles tell me you havent taken the time to put yourself out there so why should I.

Sydney University and all other institutions, media, andor individuals using this site or its associated sites for projects - You do not have permission from me to use any of my profile or pictures in any or forum both current and future. If you have or do, it will be considered a violation of my privacy and will be subject to legal action.

Journal Entries:
3/10/2018 2:17:01 PM
She wasn’t allowed to lick. Oh, she was allowed to taste. Every evening, Mistress would gently place a hand on the back of her neck and steer her down to her knees, just before displaying the perfect pussy that she dreamed about every night and fantasized about all day. Mistress would lightly cup her chin in those perfect fingers, and guide her forward until her face was mere inches away and her mouth was watering from the scent of that delectable, juicy cunt…and then those words. The ones she had been aching to hear for hours. “Tongue out, sweetie.” And she would stretch out, until she felt warm, slick flesh against her tongue. And she would freeze in place, her eyes closed, letting the taste of her Mistress slowly saturate her mind and her thoughts until all she had inside her head was cunt. It got easier and easier every single time; Mistress barely even needed a word now to send her into that warm, pleasant place inside herself where Mistress’s desires and Mistress’s will was all that mattered. She was so proud of her ability to surrender to Mistress. It had already earned her the right to taste–she didn’t even remember exactly how many weeks she’d spent on her knees, tantalizingly close to Mistress’s wet pussy, inhaling the scent and losing herself in a reverie of deeper service and deeper obedience to the woman she had so joyously given her mind and her will to. But she had proved herself obedient enough to taste at last. It thrilled her right down to the very soul. And someday, she knew, she would earn more. If she just kept sinking deeper into Mistress’s inexorable control, just kept opening her mind more and more to Mistress’s hypnotic words and Mistress’s irresistible programming, someday there would come a point where she would do something, say something that showed that she had reached a new threshold of obedience. She wouldn’t even know what it was–her will would be held so deeply in the grip of that perfect cunt that she would find her actions to be completely reasonable and natural. But Mistress would know. Mistress would be pleased. And on that day…that very special day…she would be allowed to lick her Miss.

9/27/2017 7:53:57 AM

She felt rung out as her three tormentors, Sir, Toby and Miss, untied her legs and lifted her off the bed. She tried to struggle but the riding they had just given her and the force of her orgasm, unexpected as it had been, had her drained of strength.

"Please..." she managed to beg, " more." But her captors just laughed and carried the buxom beauty towards her next ordeal.

As she was manhandled from one room to the next she let her thoughts drift back on how this had occurred.

Earlier that day She had no idea that she was to be caught in her own home and forced to sexually service three people she barely knew. She was holding an open house. Her home had been on the market for a month and barely anyone had come by to see it. That's when Sir, a neighbor from down the street, approached her. She had seen him several times and he seemed a nice enough sort. A big man, he was almost 6'4" and She found him a little intimidating. Still, he had commiserated with her about the real estate market today and she had found a sympathetic ear. He told her that he had the same trouble when he tried to sell his own house a year or so ago. Finally he said, he had made a video open house. He and a couple of friends had gone through and video taped a tour of his home. Thrown in a little humor, a little sex appeal in the form of an attractive tour guide...and viola! He had sold his home in less than a month.

She thought that sounded wonderful. But she could never afford to hire a professional videographer and she herself had no knowledge about that sort of thing.

"Tell you what" Sir told her, "I'm a bachelor and haven't had a good home cooked meal in months. You make us a nice big dinner and I'm sure my friends who did my place would be happy to help you out with a video for yours. "You'd have to pay for the tape and such, but that shouldn't be too bad." Sir even told her he'd help edit the shoot on his home computer. She was thrilled. She readily agreed to make a great dinner for everyone and the deal was set.

She was broken out of her reverie as she was dumped on the floor of her living room. She tried to roll over, sit up and look around but her arms were grabbed by Toby and Sir and pulled up, above her head. Even as she gathered her wits to try and pull free she felt a pair of hard leather cuffs being placed on her wrists. Quickly and efficiently, they hooked these together and then attached them to a chain that hung down from her ceiling. She gazed up and saw that at some point a hook and winch had been set into one of the support beams of her high arched ceiling. The winch now began to wind up as Miss operated the mechanism and She was forced to stand or be pulled upright by her wrists. The chain continued to rise and She soon found herself standing on tiptoes, her arms stretched high above her head. Miss stopped the winch just before it would have lifted She completely off the ground.


Now stretched taught and upright, her entire body was open and available to these perverts. Her large breasts swayed as she pulled uselessly on her chains. "Haven't you done enough to me? For pity sakes, stop it Please".


Miss walked up and stood in front of her.


"Not nearly enough yet darling," She purred. She took her hands and cupped She's large breasts. She squeezed them and took She's sensitive nipples in her thumb and forefinger and pulled on them, stretching them out and shaking them, making her breasts jiggle and bounce.


"ooohhh, nnooo please..." moaned She. Her tits still hurt from the mauling and sucking Toby had given them, but even so she could feel the sparks of feeling tingle through her. Her breasts had always been a huge erogenous zone and since she had had a baby a few months ago, even more so. The thought of her child made She glad she had at least sent her to her parents for the week.


Miss continued to pinch and pull at She's swollen breasts and smiled as she began to cause milk to start seeping from her nipples. This just made She groan in embarrassment.


"Ooohhh" cooed Miss, "Seems like someone's titties are full of milk. I bet that's unpleasant." She grinned and pulled particularly hard on She's tit, making it squirt milk.


"Uugghh. No...please stop that.... It's too much...please!"


Miss smiled and let go, stepping back from the hanging She. She thought for a moment that Miss was actually stopping. Then she gasped as she saw what Miss was pulling out of a large bag she had. It was a small electric breast pump. She held it up and moved towards She.


"Maybe this will help relieve some of that pressure, hhmmm?"


She's eyes widened. They wouldn't do that would they?


"No...Please don't use that. Please!" She began to thrash and beg louder and louder. Miss turned to Sir.


"Shut her up will you. I'll get this started and then you two can have your fun!"


"Yes Ma'am" Sir responded. He walked over to the bag that Miss had gotten the pump from and reached in, pulling out a large red ball gag. Moving quickly to She he grabbed her face and squeezed at her jaws, forcing her mouth open. Even as she tried to squeal a protest, Sir shoved the large red ball into her mouth, between her teeth. It spread her mouth very wide. Then he quickly and efficiently buckled the strap around the back of her head, locking the gag into place.


"mmpphhrrggg" She tried to yell at them, beg them to stop but the gag kept all but a gurgle from coming out.


Miss meanwhile moved up and took She's right breast in one hand and squeezed. She winced as she was electrified by the feelings of this woman feeling her up against her wishes. Miss squeezed and pulled on her large milk-ladened breast, lifting it so she could fit the large suction cup end of the pump over it. It was a tight squeeze but she managed to get it in, tightly filling the cup. Then she looked up at She and smiled.




She tried to scream through her gag and shook her head violently. Miss just laughed and turned on the pump. Immediately suction was applied to She's right nipple. It began to pull and suck on her tit, drawing and stretching it out, then releasing and starting to do it again. It pulled and milked her tit, as it began to draw the milk into its container. She groaned and jumped. She had always had trouble using any kind of a pump on her breasts because it always stimulated her. Now as this diabolical machine milked her breast she could feel the heat rising in her. Even though none of this was her wish, she was getting turned on. She moaned through the gag, managing only to drool down her chi a bit.


This seemed all the encouragement the other two men needed. They were already mostly undressed and quickly shucked their remaining clothes. Sir moved to in front of She and Toby behind her. Sir grasped her ass and pulled She's body towards him. His large hard cock now resting at She's wide-open pussy. A pussy that was still wet from the orgasm Miss had brought her too and was getting wetter each moment from the pump sucking at her nipple. Then she felt Toby's hands on her ass. A finger brushed her asshole, spreading a cool gel all around it. Suddenly she realized what he had planned and squealed, shoving her hips forward to evade the probing finger. That just helped Sir stick the head of his waiting cock into her. She gasped at the intrusion and instinctively tried to pull back only to find Toby's waiting cock now brushing her hind-end whole. She groaned through the gag, shaking her head, her thick black hair flying about. Toby and Sir seemed to pause a moment and then, on some unseen signal, both men thrust forward, sinking their shafts deep into She's two holes and slamming their hips against her, pinning her between them.


She shrieked at the invasion and grunted and puffed through her gag, trying to catch her breath. The two men held her trapped there for a moment and then began to pull out. Each pulled almost all the way out and then slammed back into her once more. Again She grunted and squealed. She had never been filled so fully and yet her pussy and ass both burned with a desire she couldn't explain. She couldn't be enjoying this, could she?


Miss just squeezed higher on her breast and kept the pump working, milking her for all it was worth. Sir and Toby began to alternate their movements, Toby pulling out and then sliding back in while Sir Pulled out. Then he would slam forward and Toby would pull out again. These two picked up the pace and began to thrust and pull, faster and faster. She, caught between them found herself gasping for air as her pleasure and pain mingled to give rise to a feeling spreading quickly from her pussy throughout her body. Once again these rapists were bringing her to orgasm. She cried as she grew closer and closer to the inevitable. How could she be feeling this way? Was she truly a slut to be used for anyone's pleasure? She groaned loudly as the two men matched their tempos and kept up their fucking of her. More and more they slammed in and out. Miss helped the pump along, pulling and raising the pump so She felt as if her tit has stretched several inches. The tube was already half filled with milk and Miss showed no signs of stopping.


Sir and Toby began to grunt, their breathing becoming ragged. She could feel their cocks stiffening even more. She too felt the wave of pleasure almost at its peak. She shuddered and screamed through her gag as both men slammed home and held her tight. Cum squirted from them both, filling her pussy and ass as she began to shake and jump under the force of her own orgasm, this one even more powerful than the last one. The two men held her tightly between them as they clenched and ground their final thrusts into her. She still shuddered and jumped her body betraying her as she continued to cum. She could barely breathe. Her eyes were wide and her breasts swollen with Milk and excitement, her body tingled and shuddered at even the slight brush of the air conditioning across it. Finally Toby gripped her ass and spread her cheeks wide, sliding out. Sir waited a moment more and then slowly pulled out as well. Miss looked at the full, almost overflowing bottle of milk that had been pumped from She's breast and smiled, flicking off the switch and allowing her misused tit to pop free. Her nipple was large and stiff and swollen. She sagged in her bonds, sweat pouring off of her, her throat parched, and drool covering her chin and chest. She looked up slowly at the three of them through sweat soaked hair, her eyes begging to be set free.


Sir surveyed her up and down and grinned. It was not a pleasant grin


"Damn, This bitch really got off on that. She should love what comes next!"


She's eyes widened and she groaned into her gag, knowing that willing or not, Sir was right and her body would accept whatever they did to her. She shuddered at the thought of what was to cum...knowing it would undoubtedly be her, again!

4/23/2017 1:47:24 PM

She struggled against moving towards Sirs cock but his hands were firmly wrapped in her thick curly black hair, pulling those beautiful lips ever closer towards his waiting member. Her lips touched the head of his now quivering cock and she could taste the salty precum that dribbled from it. She shook her head, or tried to but he held it tight.


 She would have kicked if she hadn't been tied spread-eagled to her bedposts. Slowly her lips spread across his large shaft and her teeth touched the tip. She had already been warned about biting and she knew Sir was not one to utter idle threats so her mouth was slowly forced open and Sir inexorably pushed his cock into her mouth. She grunted to try and plead with him but was blocked from uttering any intelligible words. She tried to use her tongue to force the invading organ away but just succeeded in stroking his shaft liberally. He moaned from the pleasure she was giving him and shoved her head deeper onto his massive cock.


 Meanwhile, Sirs Friend still found delight in playing with her tits. She had always been well endowed and having just given birth a month or two ago they were still swollen to their larger more sensitive size. Sirs Friend squeezed them and pulled at the nipples, tweaking and twisting them, causing them to ache and worse, dribble milk from them. As she arched and struggled against his manipulations, she felt his mouth descend upon one nipple and begin to bite and suck. His other hand still squeezed and milked her aching breast. She still struggled but now had fully engulfed Sirs cock and was being forced to slide up and down on it. Gasping and groaning at the torment her tits were taking caused her to unavoidably suck and lick him harder and harder. Sensing this he increased the tempo and she found her head bobbing up and down, faster and faster on his throbbing shaft.


 Suddenly she shrieked, surprised by a hard stinging slap on her raised ass. It quivered through her body and surprised her so much she sunk her mouth fully upon Sirs cock, deep-throating him. Sir groaned and held her head there tight, apparently enjoying the sensation. She gagged and moaned, trying to plead with him to stop but that only fueled his ardor and she was forced to continue orally satisfying him. The slap that had startled her so was repeated a moment later. It must be Sirs Slave. She hadn't thought that Sirs Slave was going to join in, only film this embarrassing act, but now she could feel her sinister neighbor actually stroking her pussy with one hand, spreading her lips wide and searching for her clit while her other hand repeatedly slapped her plump, rounded ass, harder and harder. She groaned in frustration and shame. Here she was servicing these horrid people, forced to suck and fuck them and all the while her pussy was growing hotter and hotter. How could anyone enjoy this? But it was unavoidable...If not emotionally, at least physically she was getting off on this treatment!


 "Ugghhh-mmmppphhh!" She groaned and sucked on Sirs cock as Sirs Slave found her sensitive clit and began to stroke and flick it. Her ass quivered under more slaps, reddening and heating up, as the warmth she felt grew stronger and stronger. She moaned in frustration as Sirs Friend pulled her nipple especially hard and continued to milk and suck on her sensitive tits. Sir was obviously enjoying her forced attentions. His cock was quivering and she could feel him begin to thrust with his hips. Soon he would reach climax and fill her mouth with his cum. Worse, her hips were now no longer struggling to keep away from Sirs Slave but actually thrusting back to meet her hand as she was finger fucked faster and faster.


 Tears started to come to She's eyes as she realized she was going to cum. They had her. She was too excited to resist any longer. The force was building up inside her and like it or not they had her. Her cheeks sunk in as she sucked harder and faster on Sir and her hips began to match Sirs Slave's rhythm as two fingers were now inserted and she was pumped still harder. Her grunts only increased Sirs pleasure and Sirs Friend took these as encouragement too, sucking harder on her milk-swollen tits and squeezing and pinching more and more. She and her captors were as one fucking machine, pistoning up and down, back and forth rising higher and faster towards the undeniable end. Sirs cock quivered in her mouth and stiffened. She felt his hands tighten in her hair and then he was cumming, shooting his load deep and full into her mouth. He held her so tight she couldn't do anything but swallow or choke. Then her own orgasm rushed up and took control. She yelped and groaned as Sirs Slave's finger fucking took her over the edge and her body began to shake and tremble with her own orgasm. Sirs Friend kept at her tits and this just increased the fire. She shook, swallowing Sirs cum as he ground her face onto his cock. It seemed to last forever but finally Sir began to relax and Sirs Slave's fingers slowed their pumping. Her body quivered with the force of her mighty orgasm and she slowly slumped fully onto the bed, her face in Sirs lap. Sirs Friend released her tits and stood up. Sirs Slave pulled her fingers from She's pussy and just kept a hand stroking her ass.


 She managed to raise her head slightly and look up at Sir.


 "Am I done now? Please!" Sir just smiled and shook his head.


 "You really seemed to get off on that. I think you're just warming up."


 "Besides", said Sirs Slave, "I brought all these toys just to play with you. You wouldn't want me to stop before you had a chance to try them all, would you?"


 Her cold smile was echoed in Sirs broad grin and She knew there was much more to come. She groaned, knowing her fate was sealed.



She felt rung out as her three tormentors, Sir, Sirs Friend and Sirs Slave, untied her legs and lifted her off the bed. She tried to struggle but the riding they had just given her and the force of her orgasm, unexpected as it had been, had her drained of strength.


 "Please..." she managed to beg, " more." But her captors just laughed and carried the buxom beauty towards her next ordeal.

4/21/2017 9:40:02 AM
GoddessKathy999 is a fraud anyone wanting to see the pics of this fraud let Miss know. He's a fatty with a little penis 🍌lol I'll be posting them to my Tumblr blog soon as well.

3/9/2017 2:41:39 PM
 A scene done awhile ago between me and my Dom/Mentor. Read it and enjoy

He noticed the hotel room door was open, and couldn't resist peeking inside. He saw a woman inside, spread out on the bed, deep asleep. She was still wearing her party clothes...high heeled sandals, black stockings, a marilyn monroe-ish halter dress that barely contained her big tits.

He stood inside the doorway, debating. She was breathing heavily and evenly. She'd probablly had a lot to drink and passed out. He felt safe having a closer look.

Shutting the door quietly he walked into the room. A bottle of wine sat in a bucket, all the ice melted. He picked it up and held it to the light- it was almost empty. As he got close to the bed he saw a preion bottle of sleeping pills on the nightstand.

He smiled to himself as he looked down at her. Those big creamy white mounds strained against the flimsy halter top of the dress. Gingerly he ran his fingertips along the rounded side of the one nearest to him. She didn't stir.

Sitting down gently on the bed, watching her face closely for any sign of reaction, he cupped her melon sized breast and squeezed it gently. She was completely unaware. He felt his hard cock jump in his pants as he squeezed her breast again, this time reaching across to grab the other one. His hands were full of a complete strangers huge luscious tits.

He gently pulled the halter top to the sides of her breasts, exposing her nipples. Pushed over, the panels of the halter top acted like supports, squeezing her breasts together. Leaning over he filled his hands with her breasts again, sucking the nipples into his mouth. A few times he nervously glanced up to make sure she was out cold. Each time he saw that she was, and the sheer thrill of getting away with his innapropriate fondling made his cock throb and ache.

Finally he couldn't stand it anymore, he had to free his aching dick. Standing by the bed as he undid his pants, he surveyed her stretched out frame. Her head was turned to one side, long blond hair splayed out on the pillow. Her arms were above her head, almost as if she had fallen asleep in the middle of a good stretch. Her milky tits were exposed and pressed together, framed by her red dress. He let his cock spring free as his eyes traveled down to the hem of her dress, down her slightly spread stocking clad legs, to the high heeled shoes on her small feet. He slowly stroked himself as his gaze traveled back up, resting on the hidden pussy underneath the skirt of that red dress.

Still stroking his cock lightly, he hooked a few fingers of his free hand under the hem of her dress slowly drawing it back. Precum oozed from the head of his cock as he saw stocking tops, garters....and then a completely bald pussy unencumbered by panties of any kind. He dropped the dress at her waist.

She still slept deeply. Once again he gently sat on the edge of the bed, this time by her knees. Gently he trailed his fingers over her thighs, and still she slept. Brushing his fingers over the mound of her perfectly smooth pussy didn't rouse her either. High on the adrenaline rush of getting away with such molestation, he gently worked his hand between her thighs. Pushing lightly, he spread her thighs wide open.

Standing up again he walked to the end of the bed. Once again he just stood and gazed, stroking his cock. She was spread and exposed like a wanton whore, fast asleep. He stripped as he took in the sight, and then crawled up between her legs.

He ran his finger down her slit, finding it warm and wet. He wondered if she had been reacting to his caresses, or if another man had fucked her earlier in the evening. He decided he didn't care.

Sliding two fingers inside her, he found she was tight. He worked a third finger in, stretching her a bit as he watched her face. Nothing. She was like a living, breathing sex doll.

Positioning himself over top of her, he slid his cock in all the way to his balls. Her wet pussy gripped him and sucked at him, the heat of her box making him throb. He hit bottom and dug in, holding himself there, revelling in the feelings overwhelming his cock. She softly grunted, ever so slowly turning her head to the other side, and then lay still again.

He lay down on top of her, enjoying the way her breasts felt mashed against his chest. He felt her weakly buck underneath him, a sound came from her throat that might have been an attempt at speech, but he didn't care. He knew she was too far gone to wake up. All he cared about was how good she felt.

He lay there for a minute basking in the way it felt to be laying on top of this woman, with her pussy caressing his cock, not caring how she felt about it or what she wanted. He decided she wasn't even a person to him, just a body for him to use. That thought made him harder than he had ever been in his life.

He began to stroke in her slow and deep. Each time he hit bottom she would rock and softly grunt underneath him. It felt so good, almost like he was about to start coming the whole time. But as long as he went slow the pleasure continued.

He started thinking about where he wanted to come...across her pretty face, or maybe those big tits. Maybe stain that red dress. But then he thought about coming in her pussy. He always pulled out with other girls so that he wouldn't knock them up. But this girl didn't even know him. She didn't even realize he was fucking her. There was no way for her to ever know his name or what he looked like.

He could feel the come building up in his balls as he thought about coming deep inside her tight hot pussy, knocking her up. As he thought about what those big tits would look like engorged to twice that size and streaming with milk his cock started to jerk rythmically.

He pushed in as deep and as hard as he could, forcing the head of his dick right against her cervix. He groaned as he came, spurting his come directly into her womb. The sheer wrongness of it made his orgasm so intense he thought he might pass out.

When it was over he lay on top of her until his cock softened and plopped out of her with a squishy noise. He got up on shaky legs and cleaned himself up in the bathroom. As he dressed at the end of the bed he surveyed the mess that he had made. He didn't regret it one bit. He decided to leave her just like that...spread open and leaking. No one saw him as he left the room, or wondered why he seemed so happy at dinner.

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