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Hotmail : homme_[email protected] //   Skype   :Homme.dominateur   Hi im  from MOROCCO,
Male Dominant, 28,  Marrakech, Morocco


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Hotmail : homme_[email protected] < type="text/java" data-cfhash="f9e31">//


Skype   :Homme.dominateur


Hi im  from MOROCCO, an intelligent  cool young man, with strong personality :) ...  looking for a submissive lady, to be her master...

i seek a  relationship, without limits, in wich i control the situation,, the lady is her to serve me, to do whatever i want,, and to be a source of  satisfaction for me  .she only  exists  to obey me,,, 

For me a good Master can bring the best of his slave or sub, and  a good Master/slave relation  isn't based just on appeareances, nor in imitation... it's a very personnal and private experience you need to live it inside the deepest part of your soul... an experience that answers your questions, a lot of them,,, it's a path and a way to go to find out who you really are to discover your own truth, your hidden "YOU" ... 

if you chose this path just to taste and discover how it feels because "it's COOL" and because others do it..., even if you enjoy it,  be sure that your enjoyement could be more intense if you did it elseway........


My own Philosophy :


My own conception of  domination/submission  is very simple, for me it's a relationship based on trust, respect, committement and devotion


Trust :

the slave Trust her Master, because first she chosed to be her own slave deliberately, and such decision supposed that she chosed the right person (trustworthy), with no doubt (not all the people that present themselves as Masters are true ones, and it's the same for slaves)

Second, trusting a master means that the slave, knows blindly that all the orders that are received from him are for her sake, even if they don't look so ... and when a Master trust his slave, that means that he also knows that his slave is able to do anyth to please him, and the word "NO" doesn't exist in her vocalbulary, which give him the opportunity to be more creative, by using more his imagination in a good way,,, and that is benificial for both sides.

Respect :

there is no respect without trust. a slave must respect her master for what he is,,, and a master has to respect her slave for what she is, and this can differt from person to other. but the rule must be present.

A real Master and a good one doesn't force a slave to obey his orders, forcing is a part of Master's job certainly, but you force a slave to do what you want  because she wanted to be forced, and you wanted to do so, coz it's not a unique sens pleasure, and this is what a lot of "supposed to be Master doesn't understand", you can be very extreme because you both want to, or be very conservative if you both share the same concept and vision about what does D/S means to you both. 

so the Master here is not the major actor, like what a lot of people think, but both sides play the major role, and this can not be perceived without trust and respect.

Committement :

being a Master or a slave, means you are engaged in something, you have respensibilities towards each other based on the situation in which both you are, a good master has to take care of her slave, and made her ensure her role the best way she can, and a good slave is engaged and committed to made her master succed in his role,, and by doing this they both succed, coz as i said before its not one side winning, we win both or lose it both, its a commun objective, that can not be reached in a selfish way.

Devotion :

Trust, respect and committement are together the best ingredients to made any kind of relationship successfull,,, especially a Dom/Sub relationship, it leads to understunding each others needs, and the best way to fullfill them, its not easy to be a good slave, neither to be a good master,,, its not just imitation, playing a cinema role, its more abt understunding the role we have to play, than the fact of playing itself.

coz once you really understand what you are really doing (and not getting the impression that you understund) there is no limits to the pleasure, and the possibilities are limiteless... devotion then, is the ultimate ingredient that ad such a relationship perfect, in wich you can find everyth, but the fake pleasaure.

If you share the same conception as me : 

          here is my  [email protected] < type="text/java" data-cfhash="f9e31">//

Fell free to contact me, i'm open minded just hope to find what i'm looking for.....

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