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Dom Seeks The Devoted      I write to those who seriously pursue this lifestyle in hopes of
Male Dominant, 36,  Jersey City, New Jersey











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 Dominant Male

 Jersey City 

 New Jersey

 6' 0"

 200 lbs





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Submissive Female

Dom Seeks The Devoted


   I write to those who seriously pursue this lifestyle in hopes of finding a deep connection.


I am a... 

   mid thirties hardworking professional,  well educated, sane and approachable.  Though not rich, I am successful enough to make my own choices and live independently.  I have been in and out of this lifestyle since my college days.  I've tried vanilla relationships and found no satisfaction.  I am a Dominant Man.  This is in my bones.  Fortunately, I am presently unencumbered and can build the life I am meant to lead.  I hope to find compatible people who share my goals of building a successful d/s household.


I seek...

    a deeply submissive women.  The labels that you wear (whether submissive or slave) are not important to me.  You know who you are and what you need.  While you may have once have felt conflicted about pursuing this life, you now want to embrace it. You have a strong need to serve..a craving for humiliation and degradation that you can't shake.  This you have felt for years and have grown only stronger over time.  You are a natural pleaser, not self centered and place your owner's desires above yours.  You know that your future owner has an eclectic and nearly insatiable appetite for this life.  You share his hard limits (no underage, no beastiality, nothing that will result in serious bodily injury or death or anything illegal) and will work to conform your preferences to his.  You want an owner who you can trust, so you can let him exploit your submission to the full.  Ideally, you can also maintain an outward vanilla appearance when appropriate.   You are ready to be owned.   


I offer...

  a safe harbor for those who seek to pursue this life with me and the possibility for a stable no drama long term D/S relationship.... sane safe consensual, but also all encompassing.  



    I am private person.  So I didn't post pics on here.  I am comfortable with cam and phone verification after some meaningful correspondence.  I seek a real life and not  an online relationship.  Preferably, we are within a reasonable distance from each other and after several correspondences here, we can confirm interest by phone or cam and set up an in person meeting. If this profile speaks to you, please don't hesitate to reach out to me. 



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