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 6' 2"

 265 lbs



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 5' 2"

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We are an intelligent, well-educated couple that has been part of the BDSM community most of our adult lives.

I am seeking one, possibly two, live-in submissives or slaves as permanent members of our family here on our farm in the heart of Kentucky.

My preference is for younger passable transgender MtF CD or TG or TV or shemale, younger male or younger female. Young being a relative statement. After all, we are in our early 60s, so 40 is young young enough to have been our son or daughter when compared to us.

In a perfect world, I are looking for a submissive or slave, a kinkster, a fellow pervert that is open to exploring all sorts of things sexually with me and I am looking for a companion, helpmate, and confidant for my wife and her animal rescue.

I am looking for someone willing to share projects, ideas, work, chores, our home, and animal rescue efforts. I am not looking for someone mindless. I want someone we can learn from, someone we can teach things too, and someone we can explore new ideas along side. I need someone that can be there to pick up the slack if we are having a bad day. I want a partner in lifes adventures and a sexual partner in crime for lack of a better deion to explore the less than normal parts of sex the parts that are glimpsed at in that joke of a BDSM manual named 50 Shades of Gray and specifically the ones that fall outside its purview.

I have a diverse technical background in electronics, mechanics, computers, and software making me able to diversify a persons education.

I was a Senior Systems Engineer in radar, communications, sensors, weapons, video integration, sensor integration, computer systems, and software integration. I did this up until I was downsized 7 years ago and medically retired by Social Security. I spent a few years as a mercenary, before 9-11 after which time we started calling them contractors.

I had what I call a very classic education during my teens, I was raised during the summer months by an uncle that was a master machinist, a master engraver, a well driller, and a powder m (explosives).

I have a lot to offer a submissive or slave, adventures in many areas, both sexual and day to day.

I am not a spring chicken, I have some health issues, and the reason Social Security retired me early at 100. I have nerve damage from Systemic Lyme Disease it causes symptoms like Fibromyalgia, odd nerve feelings, numbness and pain a lot like a diabetic, but I am not diabetic. I have good days and bad days, more good than bad.

My wifes health is worse and for this reason she is not sexual at this time she has a back full of titanium from back surgery, lupus, diabetes, IBS, and a whole lot more her new pleasure in life for the last several years is animal rescue it is her thing and I support her 100 in her efforts.

I am sexually for lack of a better deion sexually frustrated.

I have an above average sexual imagination, I love to explore new things where sex is concerned, I like to bend my technical skills to sexual devices, I am a natural pervert, very open-minded, kinkier than most, more adventurous than most, with a splash of moderate sexual sadism, tossed in loosely, and stirred to give a bit of color in the bedroom.

I have been an BDSM instructor on the east coast, from Nags Head to Washington, DC in the community, on the subjects of medical play, piercing, electrical play, enema play and more.

I have taught advanced classes on anal play and anal pleasure.

I am looking for someone that is intelligent or at the least has a desire to learn new things, imaginative, kinky, a pervert, over sexed, slave or submissive, and bisexual.

I am 100 comfortable with my bisexuality, though I do not think bisexuality is a very good deion of me, I am hedonistic, meaning, as long as it is agreeable to all involved and it provides pleasure to those involved, it is 100 OK.

I have a natural dominant personality, but at the same time I am a caring father figure I like a father-son dynamic, with a younger male I like a father-daughter dynamic with a younger transgender or female. But this is not a deal breaker.

We are an animal rescue here, with a bunch of kittens and cats my wife feels that cats get the short end of the stick in rescue. She is very good at saving cats. This is her pleasure in life. We also have one dog right now an unaltered 160 lb. male 65 percent Wolf-Malamute Hybrid named Caesar, he is a big lovable teddy bear. We have chickens too. So a willingness to work with and help with the animals is required.

This is casual country living at its best, private you can run naked in the back yard or in the woods if you like.

I hope this opens a discussion.

Doc and Bird

On a separate note

Why is it that people I write are unwilling to write back to say I am not interested, if I take the time to write them.

Why do people go online and not read their mail, especially mail from people they have written to and expressed interest in..

Why do people just stop writing when something takes a wrong turn in their view is it so hard to have an open discussion about what went wrong or to say that you are not interested...

Why do people get in long conversations with people, just to delete their profile and disappear without a word...

Has common courtesy completely disappeared because we are conversing electronically do we feel we do not have to take the time to end a relationship when we find what appears to be a better fit...

Has Collarspace degraded so far that the only people on here are looking to get off online, liars, cheats, pro-doms, or other people that have no idea what a real BDSM relationship actually involves.


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Journal Entries:
1/1/2018 7:08:47 PM
Written by someone else, edited a bit by me for content and to make it apply more to my household...

24/7 TPE Slave Is this really possible?
Can someone actually live in servitude and bondage (figuratively) 24 hours a day 7 days a week?
Yes, I do believe this is possible.

However, it takes a special person to make this successful.
The circumstances must also be ideal.

Financial Security
Considering the plight of the world the last couple of years, this is something that is becoming rarer with each passing day.
It appears the majority of society in most developed countries are suffering financial woes of some kind.
There is terrible uncertainty.
Businesses are closing; employment is precarious; people are losing their homes.
This is the reality that we are confronted with.

Why do I bring this point up?

To start, I feel for one to have that round-the-clock lifestyle, one must find a Master in a financial position to support the both of them.
This offers the freedom of complete service to that one person.
A slave could then spend his or her day doing whatever the Master so chose.
To me, this is true 24/7.

However, as mentioned, few of us fit into that category.

Where does this leave us?

We all know that employment is often required by a slave to assist in making ends meet.
Thus, she is performing service to his or her Master since it is that person's benefit that is at stake.

However, I don't feel this is complete 24/7 since a slave is under someone else's control.

Many seem to miss this fact of reality.

I see this all the time with the online people.
They make blanket statements about complete control and domination.
That is achievable if you are in a position to financially maintain the relationship.
However, if you expect him or her to work, that person's employer is in control.

It is naive to think that you will be able to assert your influence while he or she is working.
During those hours, you own nothing in effect.
Someone else is calling the shots.
Again, this is just reality.

But, What Is Ownership?
Does this mean only the financially well-off are able to achieve a 24/7 M/s relationship?
The answer is "no".

It is possible for any of us to live this way if we so choose.
It only requires some understanding of what it means to "own".

To illustrate this point, I will use marriage as an example.
When a couple is married, are they married only when they are together with each other?
Of course not.
Even when they are separated, people are still united in matrimony.

In addition, even in those situations where they choose to live an open lifestyle, they are still in wedlock while with others.
The marriage doesn't cease simply because of physical or sexual separation.

Another example, is your automobile.
Is this something that you still own even when you loan it to a friend.
Again, the answer is "yes".
The title does not change simply because someone borrowed it from you.
You are still responsible for having it insured and, depending on what happens, could be liable for damages.
However, even though you own it, you are not in control when someone else is using it.
He or she is calling the shots.

Owning a slave is the same.
One's ownership does not end simply because that person goes to work.
When my slave sets foot into her place of business, I am still her owner.
However, during her work hours, I have no say whatsoever about what she does.
The control exerted over her belongs to the person who manages her.
It is not me.
Nevertheless, she is just as owned as when she is at home performing tasks for me.

The Beneficiary In the end.
I am the one who benefits.
It was my choice to send her to work and the option of having her quit remains with me.
Of course, as a responsible Master, if I select this route, I need to accept the consequences.

Too often people want to blame another for a choice he or she made.
Being a Master entails assuming personal responsibility for what happens.

There is a saying in the BDSM community that property cannot own property.
What this means is that a true slave cannot own anything.
This is the line that separates those who honestly live this lifestyle as opposed to a deeper form of role play.

A true slave will have nothing of his or her own.
Everything that person has is granted by the Master with the understanding it can be taken at anytime.

Getting back to the work environment.
Wages are paid in return for the efforts made.
In this, I am the beneficiary of my slave's work.
All wages paid, even though they come in her name, belong to me.
She is working to offer financial support which makes my life easier.
And, ultimately, that is what a slave is suppose to do.

Few Truly Can Do It Of late.

I come across many articles spelling out the dangers of entering this lifestyle with the fairytale, romantic ideas in one's mind.
Too many seem to buy into the nirvana of M/s that is espoused online.

The reality of this lifestyle is far more difficult.

I see so many who state they are slaves.
Yet fail to meet the standard when viewed through the extreme nature of this lifestyle.

Are you willing to give up everything you have?
Do you like the idea of having nothing except what your Master gives you?
Many will say yes, until they realize how big a concept this is.

What if your Master told you to throw out that high school yearbook?
Or the family album with all your picture?
How would you like him or her to take all your physical assets?
What if he or she told you that custody of your children needed to go to the ex?
Could you handle all these?

My belief is that most cannot.

Now, I am not claiming that all Masters will go to these lengths.
I am simply mentioning what is possible.

For example, I personally never get/got involved with the children of anyone I owned.
I believe they are not my area of responsibility.
That area of a slave's life is off limits to me by choice.
Those children have a father and it is not me.
This is how I handle things.

However, not all will take that approach.

Of course, I feel obligated to mention, since common sense seems to be in low supply, one must know who he or she is dealing with before moving to this stage.

Many will claim that they have no problem being a slave and giving it all over after chatting with a guy (or girl) for a couple of weeks.

It is not a good idea to liquidate your 401K.
Use some sense when approaching this life.

Total Power Exchange (TPE)

This will create some controversy, but M/s entails a total exchange of power.
Everything I wrote about thus far today exhibits this point.

All assets, decisions, and property is with the Master.

A slave has nothing other than what is decided for him or her.

Again, few seem capable of going to this length.

Does that mean everyone in M/s does?

Certainly not.

There are many who use variations on this idea with great success.
People are free to establish their relationships however they see fit.

For some reason, new people seem to feel that not achieving a full fledged M/s relationship means they are failures.

It appears that people believe in a hierarchy with M/s ranking higher than D/s.

This is not so.

One is not better than the other, they are simply different.

D/s allows a sub more say in what transpires in her life.

The exchange of power is limited.

Those who live a 24/7 M/s relationship choose to engage in that total power exchange.

They feel that surrendering completely is the path for them.

It is crucial that one is aware of all that can transpire by making this choice.
There are times when it is a difficult road to travel for both parties.
However, for those designed for this particular way of life, there is no place that feels more natural.

So, if you are questioning the validity of living as a 24/7 slave, take comfort in knowing that it is possible.

There are many who are doing this as we speak.

However, finding the right situation might take some time.

Be patient on your search.

The right person will show up at the appropriate time

2/1/2017 9:28:48 PM

Perversion, kinkiness, and sex drive are all things of the mind; the mind being the biggest sex organ. They say you can tell a lot about a man’s and kinks by the types of fiction story he can pen for a person, expressing his desires, showing his creativity; I have done so here for you….

You are a person that has made the mistake of picking a random proctologist from an online phone book; a brand new listing; a new doctor to the area; at the spur of moment; for an annual exam.

You enter the exam room, meeting the doctor for the first time, thinking you are there for a consultation for an upcoming proctology exam and endoscopy. Instead, the doctor, after the initial exam, tells you that he can do your exam and endoscopy right now.

He looks at his nurse and says, “Prep her.”

10 minutes later two nurses walk in. One is a very tall female nurse, the other is a very short, petite female nurse. They are rolling, along with them, a very over-sized IV stand; the IV stand has four giant bulging enema bags hanging from the hooks.

Just before the door closes behind the nurses, a Candy Stripper, looking in the door, snickers and comments, “Is her poor ass in for a workout today, Doc must have thought she is cute, to be doing this immediately”, and the door closes.

Petite looks at you and says, “OK, strip and we can get your prep underway”.

You start to say something about needing to be somewhere else, but Tall grabs you from behind and Petite pulls your skirt and undergarments down to your ankles in one smooth motion. Then Tall drags you over and dumps you bare ass on the end of the exam table. Petite straps a seat belt across your waist and Tall grabs your wrists and pulls them up over your head. Up goes your top over your head and off. They snatch your bra and then restrain your wrists in medical restraints at the table sides. Then they add a chest strap, a collar strap and a head harness. Then they remove your shoes and stocking and finish removing your undergarments. You are naked as they pull out stirrups from under the table and proceed to strap your feet and knees in place.

You are now naked and restrained; you are furious; you are scared shitless; you are pissed; and what the hell?

You feel your clitty stick starting to untuck and starting to rise.

The nurses are standing at the foot end of the table admiring their work.

Tall smiles & comments, “We seem to have something in common, yummy.”

As you look at them for the first time since they came in the room and assaulted you, you now realize the small Petite one is sexy as hell, actually adorable looking, and her uniform is white leather not fabric; she has on garters and stockings. The Tall one is another situation all together, she is six feet tall, she has huge breasts under a white lab coat, and is beautiful too.

Up till this moment the bulging enema bags that preceded them entering the room and the sudden assault had prevented your noticing of their overall appearance.

Petite reaches near your hardening clitty stick, brushing it lightly and pulls out two addition straps, she then proceeds to strap your thighs to the table. Tall then reaches for the table's remote control and the table's back support starts pushing you forward, like a plow blade, pushing you off the front of the exam table. You are now supported by the wide thigh straps, your ass completely off the table, the thigh straps spreading your ass cheeks. Tall next adjusts the stirrups, so your legs are spread wide. You are trying to get your jumbled senses organized enough to yell, comment, complain, something; this has all happened in less than 5-minutes; when Tall unsnaps her lab coat and drops it to the floor.

Your eyes snap wide open, Tall's breasts are DD's or E's, supported in a black leather shelf bra. She has ¾ inch diameter, ¾ inch long nipples, and a very large areola on each; they are magnificently huge. Below she is wearing a black leather corset waist garter belt that includes eight ¾ inch wide garters per leg. The garters are holding up black stockings, she is wearing black lace up stiletto heel boots and black panties. Your eyes have followed admiringly down Tall's body from her devilish eyes and beautiful smile to a point that they reach Tall's black panties, at which point she lowers her panties as your eyes follow her hands lower. As your eyes follow them down, out springs a thick eight inch flaccid cock that starts to slowly rise, thicken and harden. Your mouth falls open in a shocked gasp and Petite, now standing at the table head, takes that moment to slip a gag in your mouth and straps it in place. The gag covers your mouth and has an inserted round tube that has passed between your teeth, holding your jaws open like a bite ring; you now cannot make anything but a moaning sound as you survey Tall’s body and clothing. You are now scared and yet you cannot take your eyes off the size of her organ as she gives it a stroke and pulls the foreskin back and smiles.

Just then Petite lowers the table's back support, to where you are now horizontal, she drops the table head support out of the way and you are staring essentially up Petite's crotch as she lowers her white leather panties and the cutest shaved almost a baby girl's pussy, except for her protruding swollen clitoris, comes into view.

Tall is now out of view.

Petite now steps forward, resting her shaved pussy lightly on your nose and tells you, “inhale deeply sweetie, it will take your mind off this next part, it is not exactly without discomfort.”

You breath in deeply as you smell her sex, it is sweet, clean, fresh, and thick with lust. Your clitty stick starts to harden, and as it does a rubber gloved hand grabs it and you feel something cold wipe your clitty stick head clean, exciting you further, then you feel something insert into your clitty stick head something tapered, it stretches the hole and you breath faster, then you feel something being forced up your clitty stick, it is cool and you start to really pant the smell of Petite’s sweet pussy and then the tapered thing leaves.

Tall says, “The lubricant is in, now for the catheter”.

Petite asks, “What size is she and what size are you using?”

“She looks like a natural 16 FR, but I am sure this 20 FR will squeeze in there and make a good leak proof seal, but her prostate is not going to like me busting of its cherry today.”

You swallow hard at hearing this statement.

Tall's finger whacks your clitty stick just below the bottom of the head and your clitty stick goes limp, she immediately starts the catheter’s trip to your bladder. It passes through your clitty stick with only mild stretching discomfort, feeling like a confused worm crawling up there. You inhale Petite’s aroma to still your nerves. Then it starts the slow bend towards the prostate and it gets a bit tighter and a bit downright uncomfortable. You are inhaling faster and faster. Then the oversize catheter enters the prostate with force from Tall pushing on it and you scream into the gag and stop breathing for about 10 seconds, thinking she has just neutered you instead of catheterizing you, you breath Petite’s aroma in deep gulps as you start to realize the pain is going down. Your eyes are tearing from the pain of your prostate’s rape accomplished with a too big catheter.

Tall says, “OK, it’s in his bladder.”

Petite rises off your face, and bends down and slowly licks her juices from your nose and kisses your nose and smiles gently. She smiles and says, “that wasn't that bad, was it?”

All of a sudden you squeak in surprise, Tall has inflated the retention balloon in your bladder and she pulled the catheter to seat the balloon against your urethra, causing a momentary sharp pain. This is followed by an explosive emptying of your bladder, as she opens the catheter valve and gravity sucks your bladder dry, collapsing the organ suddenly, not painful, but after the insertion you are tuned up on a high key.

Tall smile at Petite and says, ‘OK girl, get his ass lubed up and loosened for the enema series.”

The nurses switch ends of the exam table and now you are staring at Tall’s hardening cock and Petite disappears from view as she sits between your legs. Then you feel the table moving to a programmed position, as the stirrups draw your legs back towards your chest, your knees spread, and the head end of the table adjusts a bit; Tall’s cock is now aligned with your mouth. You are actually glad you are gagged.

Petite wipes a small amount of cool lubricant on your sphincter and then you feel something small inserted into your asshole. You feel some cool liquid flow into your ass, you are not knowing that it is liquid glycerin, as in glycerin suppositories, that Petite is squirting into your ass to start the lubricating process with, they she inserts her index finger and starts spreading the lubricant around. Her finger goes everywhere, up down left right in and out, your clitty stick starts to harden again, in spite of the catheter inserted there. Then Petite adds a second finger and goes again, left right up down rotating inserting removing, and she adds a third finger; you are groaning in the gag, she is adding more glycerin to her fingers, your asshole and rectum are starting to churn, contract, and sting a bit too.

Tall reached down and removes a center plug from your gag and you are filled with the dread of knowing she is going to stick her cock in your mouth, her big cock.

Tall grabs the head harness straps and aligns your mouth and your throat with the head of her cock and just as Petite starts inserting the forth finger and starts to twist to loosen you ass further, Tall sliding her cock into your throat, as you start to make a noise of pain, cutting off your scream and your breath in one full plunge, her balls hitting your nose.

Tall strokes your throat as Petite strokes your ass spreading the glycerin deeper and deeper, making your rectum churn and push and contract and shiver; they both exit at the same time.

Then Petite says, “Gag him good, I need to get my whole hand in there so I can feel how much feces we need to clean out of him before Doc can get to work on the exam.

Tall slides in throat your as Petite penetrates her entire rubber gloved hand into your ass, a hand dripping as much glycerin as it can be coated with, your eyes well up with tears from the pain and from the lack of breath, your asshole is screaming, your rectum is cramping and you can’t breathe or scream.

30 seconds later they withdraw, you are panting too much to scream, you just moan.

Tall asks, “Is she a clean girl or a dirty girl?”

Petite answers, as she strips off a poopy glove, “A very naughty dirty girl, punish her now and then you can pack her fudge to make room for the cleaning peg.”

“OK”, tall says.

Tall slides her cock head back into the gag and smiles down at you and says, “You better swallow fast or you will drown”, as she starts to piss in your mouth as a slowly accelerating discharge of her bladder flows into your mouth.

You swallow and swallow, having no choice because the position. It will fill your sinuses if you don’t drink it. In it all goes every drop. Then Tall walks to the other end of the table as the table back is raised again to where you can see a bit, you watch Tall open and roll a magnum condom onto her cock and lubricate it from the same bottle Petite had been using to lubricate your asshole. She slides her cock into your ass in one full long stroke, buried to her balls; then she gives you 25 full length strokes, packing your glycerin churned fudge to the top of your rectum, pushing some back into your colon and just as your prostate is responding to the action of her cock, she stops, balls deep. Your asshole is screaming in pain from the rapid insertion and your sex drive is screaming from the shortness of the fuck. She takes the remote table control and starts raising your back to vertical, her cock only sliding out of your asshole a little bit. Unseen she is also causing the cleansing peg to extend from under the table and to align with the base of her cock rooted in your asshole.

As Tall slides her cock from your ass, you are lowered and cleansing peg is raised, inserting a plastic object slightly larger in diameter than Tall’s cock, seven inches deep up your ass, sealing the glycerin and the liquefying packed shit in your ass. Your ass feels the new pain of being stretched. Then the knob inside your asshole starts to inflate to a larger size, locking the cleansing peg in your ass.

Petite reaches down between your legs and attaches the first enema bag and a larger diameter hose, almost the diameter of the peg to the cleansing peg and then starts the enema flowing into your asshole.

Warm soapy water is now being added to the glycerin sensitized lining of your rectum, as the enema flows into you. But almost immediately the flow stops because the pressure sensor has sensed that there is a blockage to the flow and the cleansing control unit will not allow damage to your rectum or colon. You feel like you rectum is filled to bursting and you are breathing heavily and sweating from the cramps the soap and glycerin is creating in your rectum; your mind is screaming, please let me shit, I will do anything, just let me shit.

Just then Tall presses a button on the controller and it retracts the peg about 1.5 inches, this lowers the pressure in your rectum and the stretching pain subsides a moment.

As you get a small relief and a relaxation comes over your face, the peg jumps into gear, returning to the same position and exiting at 60 strokes a minute, fucking your ass, agitating the water and soap and glycerin, making your rectum cramp and loosening a space between the packed shit and your rectum walls, the oscillations rise to 120 strokes a minute and the pressure drops sufficiently that the machine lets the flow continue, water is pulsing past the impacted shit and entering your colon.

The expanded oscillating tip of the peg is touching your prostate, you feel yourself becoming aroused, your cock is hardening down the catheter and then the oscillations step up to 180 strokes a minute and your prostate explodes, sending semen oozing painfully down your catheter packed urethra, oozing in a steady flow from the tip, making you scream in orgasmic bliss and screaming in total physical pain as the orgasm feels like your nuts were crushed as your testicles and prostate try to force the semen down the urethra that is plugged with the too large catheter.

Petite massages your clitty stick to work all the semen along the catheter and providing sexual frustration and sexual bliss with her the actions. The agitation stops and you hang there like a marionette that has had it strings cut, supported vertically by the peg in your ass, the stirrups under your knees and ankles, the thigh straps, the chest strap and the head harness straps.

You look up, the 3 quart soap suds and glycerin enema is inside your rectum and colon and trapped. Now that the peg has stopped oscillating the cramps become clearer and come on in rolling waves, like labor pains, your asshole stings from the soap and glycerin on the peg.

As you remain there, Tall and Petite retire to a couch against one wall, Petite kneels on the couch and Tall inserts her big cock in Petite’s pussy and starts to fuck her. They take their pleasure with you watching, your stomach churning and cramping in absolute physical misery; this six foot tall big boobed shemale, fucking the shit out of this petite nurse’s pussy, as you hang and wait for what’s comes next.

Then as Tall and Petite orgasm at the same time, a button is pressed and all the mess held in your ass explodes down the large diameter drain hose; shit, water, soap, glycerin; your insides collapse, gravity moving the mess out through the upper rectum sphincter, cramping and gripping and making you scream as your cock starts getting hard again from the mess blasting past your sensitive prostate as the discharge massages it again.

Tall walks over wiping her cock of the previous fucking’s spend and smears it on the top the gag under your nose. Petite hooks the next enema bag to the cleansing peg and it starts again, this time the agitating peg starts flowing in a 4 quart rinse enema.

As this goes forward, Petite folds your catheter down the side of your hardening cock and secures it with a band at the base and starts lubing your organ, she turns around and grabs your legs for support and slides her asshole down over your now hard cock and settles into position over your cock, standing there buried balls deep, on your cock, in her asshole.

Tall sits on the floor and orally pleasures Petite as she stands there with your cock in her ass, the bouncing cleansing peg massaging your prostate to another screaming painful orgasm along the side of the catheter to be captured by Petite’s orgasm spasming asshole, you are screaming inside as your cock pumps the squeezed out semen up her bowels.

Just as your orgasm finishes blowing, the dump valve adds to the pain and pleasure as the rinse enema explodes out the dump valve and gravity sucks it from your rectum and colon again.

The table top is lowered again and as the 2nd rinse is started, Petite removes the plug from the gag in your mouth and attaches a rectal speculum attachment into the gag, she then lowers her asshole onto the speculum device and starts draining her ass juice and your semen into your mouth. Unknown to you, Petite has had chocolate pudding up her ass since she came into the room, now as a large amount of goo is pushed into your mouth, you want to gag and puke, when you taste chocolate. Petite smiles and says, “Its OK baby, its only chocolate pudding and your semen in my ass, go ahead and suck it out like a good boy.”

You think about it, all the orgasms have you hungry, so you think, “what the hell”, and you start to suck her ass. Her smells have made you heady and horny. Then when you suck the third mouth full of pudding, you get the taste of poop. She jumps off the speculum and removes the speculum and replaces the plug before you can spit it back up her ass and looks at you, smiling a I got you smile.

When you started sucking Petite’s ass, Tall had started sucking your cock, and as the 2nd rinse enema starts leaving your rectum and colon, you are tasting shit and having another painful orgasm into Tall’s mouth.

Petite removes the plug again and sits here pussy on the opening and starts pissing into your mouth, rinsing the poop taste out of your mouth, filling your stomach with more nurse urine.

Then Tall opens the access port in the side of the cleansing peg and starts threading a special flexible endoscope up your ass; you can watch on the ceiling monitor its progress. As Tall spots a clump of poop or other waste, she squirts it with a squirt tip and vacuums out the waste, all the way up to the large intestines.

“Ok”, Tall says, “Already for Doc, clean as a whistle.”

They sit you up, extract the cleaning peg, they flow a liter of saline into your bladder and remove the catheter, telling you to hold it a bit, saying it will rinse the lubricant out of your clitty stick faster.

They unstrap you, clean up the room and you are sitting on the end of the table as the doctor walks in, looking like nothing has happened in the room.

Doc walks in and instead looks under the clothes and towels in the hampers and screams, “Damn it girls, I told you that you cannot use those methods to prep new patients, that is only for special patients. Damn it, Damn it, Damn it, this will not pass, you two are getting punished now and the patient is helping.”

Doc looks at you and asks, Would like to fuck Tall’s ass?”, he says, “Don’t worry about getting an erection; I have a shot for making that happen.”

You nod yes.

He gives you the shot and Petite sucks you up to a larger than normal erection for you.

Doc bends Tall over the table and straps her down, strapping her ass cheeks to spread them wide for maximum depth, then he hands you a big syringe he has just loaded with pure glycerin, and says “Here, squirt the whole damn thing up her ass.”

You do.

Then doc says, “Just mount her balls deep in one stroke and start to fuck.”

You do.

After about 50 long full lengths strokes, and Tall moaning and crying, Doc says, “Just bury yourself balls deep and lay on her back for a while, with your legs spread wide, just enjoy the feeling of Tall’s ass muscles chewing on your cock as her colon and rectum contract.

Tall yells, “Damn it Doc, did you give him the distilled concentrated glycerin?”

Doc says, “Yes” and Tall wails.

Doc say, “Just relax and just enjoy the chewing, I am going to get the endoscopy done right now” and starts sliding the endoscope up your ass with almost no discomfort at all.

He is done in about 15 minutes and says, “All is excellent”.

As doc starts to withdraw, your insides feel a bit gushy, like you have a shit brewing, but you know it is clean. When doc is just short of exiting he says, “Hold your ass closed” and you tighten and he exits. He whispers in your ear, ”Petite has a return taste coming, doesn't she?”

You nod affirmative.

Doc says, Just relax a bit, oh by the way, did Tall leave you with a bladder full of Saline before I came in?”

You nod affirmative.

Doc says, “ See if you can piss that saline up Tall’s sassy ass for me.”

You relax and find it quite easy to pump the liter of saline and the piss your body has created up Tall's ass. The added fluid makes Tall's asshole chew harder on your clitty stick.

Doc puts a waist belt on you then a head harness on Petite, then he hooks the harnesses together and draws Petite’s mouth tight to your asshole, Petite's tongue sliding up your ass, she starts licking and eating. Doc whispers, “Push like you are shitting.”

Some of the water he squirted up your ass during the exam squirts into Petite’s mouth.

He says, “Squeeze again.”

More water goes in her mouth.

The third squeeze is a straight stream of poop that Doc tricked into passing down from your large intestines; Petite gets a big taste and she goes nuts trying to get away, her tongue is dancing a jig in your asshole, it feels great.

Doc says, “Stand up.”

He has you remove your clitty stick from Tall’s asshole.

Doc immediately shoves a special plug up Tall's asshole, inflating it, and locking it. Tall has the saline, piss, and the glycerin locked in her ass until Doc unlocks her.

You in the mean time are dragging Petite around by her mouth secured to your asshole. As you are standing, more poop drains into her mouth, she has to eat or drown. She eats.

Doc unstraps Petite from your asshole and gives her a drink of his piss to wash the shit taste down. Then Doc straps Petite down, face down to the table, squirts glycerin up her ass and saline too, the colon contraction soup that is up Tall’s ass and secured. Doc has you slide nuts deep in Petite's asshole and stroke her for a 100 deep long strokes, then has you slip out, and Doc puts the same locking inflated plug up Petite's ass and locks the fluids inside her too.

He still has not let you cum yet.

Doc hits the intercom and calls Candy Stripper to the exam room. In walks the Candy Stripper from hours ago.

Doc looks at her and says, “Mount the sacrificial alter”.

Her eyes glaze over and she climbs up and spreads her legs wide on the exam table, in a hypnotic trance.

Doc smile and says, “It’s her 18th birthday today, Tall and I were going to have her cherries tonight, but since the girls were bad, you and I are getting them and Tall gets to watch and suffer the cramps.”

Doc lubes her pussy and slides in gently and slowly, popping the cherry, her blood flowing as she is sacrificed, then he starts to fuck and she starts to cum and cum and cum.

Doc later picks her up, stands up and turns around, laying on the table on his back and holding her bent over his chest face down. Her ass cheeks exposed and spread, he lowers the table to your clitty stick height and tells you, “Lube her nice and fuck her asshole nice.”

“This is a gift you get, taken from Tall for abusing you against my wishes.”

You lube her asshole and slowly slip into the most velvet feeling rectum your clitty stick has ever felt.

You and Doc get a great rhythm going and she is orgasming one climax after another.

Doc signals Tall, who in spite of her cramps, has a hard cock.

Doc signals her to approach you from behind and cuddle you as you fuck the Candy Stripper’s ass.

Tall has lubed her cock and starts playing the head over your asshole and gently enters your willing asshole as gentle as a breeze, she holds still and as you fuck the Candy Stripper's ass, your asshole gets fucked by Tall’s big cock on the back stroke.

The enema and glycerin in Tall’s ass has her on a short fuse, she explodes up your asshole.

Her orgasm pops yours and you paint the Candy Stripper's colon with cock snot as Tall paint's yours.

You both dismount, then Doc removes himself from the freshly broken cherry pussy, without having an orgasm.

He sits Tall and Petite about cleaning up the Candy Stripper and getting her dressed, her hypnotic trance unbroken.

Doc looks at you and says, “I need to do one other thing.”

“I need to apply some anti-irritation cream to your asshole.”

Then he bends you over the table with your legs spread again, he sits down behind you and opens a jar of thick white cream and starts to apply it to your sphincter. Then, unseen, he reaches down and applies a thick coating of the cream to his hard cock. He stands up, as he applies more cream to your sphincter, and as his fingers leave your ass, his cock, thinner than Tall’s, Doc's cock enters and slides slowly nuts deep in your ass, as he grips your hips and starts fucking your ass very slowly and gently.

You let him go to town.

He expertly massages your prostate with his cock and after about 15 minutes of this wonderful fuck with this wonderful lube, you are blowing cock snot all over the table and your stomach.

Five minutes later doc is dumping a huge load in your ass.

Then after he cums, Doc relaxes and proceeds to dump a huge load of piss up your asshole, rectum and colon too.

You do not give a damn, you are too relaxed from the fuck he just gave you.

As Doc slips out he slips a locking inflated plug up your asshole too and inflates and locks the plug.

You have soothing cream, Tall’s sperm, Doc’s sperm and Doc’s piss locked in your ass. Tall and Petite have concentrated glycerin and saline in locked in their asses.

Then Doc says, “All of you get dressed, and since it is Friday, we are all meeting back here tomorrow at 3 PM and finishing punishing the nurses. The plugs stay locked till then”, and Doc walks off towards his private shower.

You all three shrug and then struggle to get dressed.

As you walk into the evening air, your ass plugged your colon and rectum mildly churning from the piss and semen in there, you consider the events of the day.

You have never been so abused, so punished, so humiliated, and so tired in your life…neither have you pleasured so many people in one day and been pleasured so many time in one day yourself.

You are quite proud of yourself and your chance miracle choice in a Proctologist this day and his out of control nurses.

What will tomorrow bring???


I hope you enjoyed this bit of erotic fetish perversion from my very imaginative sex organ, my mind….

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