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Hetero Male Dominant, 61,  Vermont
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Simple in tastes but not in mind.

I favor patriarchy and plain speech. I favor the Daddydaughter dynamic as a rule...and yes, rules are good.

Materialism doesnt impress me. If your values stem from image related thanks.

As far as what I seek.... More than a slave. a partner in deviant crime. a conversationalist perhaps. a daughter. one to theres an idea. Im not for everyone by any means. Blunt, at times crude, but far from unintelligent. A man with free time to I look fora companion in adventures too...emotional entanglement is possible. not sought.

my sub counterpoint(s) NEEDS patriarchal control, doesnt just see it as a part time amusement.

I shall add more as it strikes me.

Im strongly centered around a family type dynamic. That should resound with you as well.

RACK . very much so.

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Journal Entries:
4/15/2018 12:34:23 AM
One does not choose ones proclivities. One chooses what to do with them.

3/18/2018 12:49:19 AM
and yes. I am  a dirty old man. very. hah.

there is more. more than most ever get to see.

2/23/2018 4:18:01 AM
This summer I'l be taking a road trip beginning around 6/10, and lasting a couple months. Driving, and taking the dog too. Of course. Looking for out of the way places....dirty adventures.... I'm open to sharing the trip with a female someone ....interested parties feel free to reply. Nature, trains, and perversity.

2/2/2018 1:18:39 AM
say what you're really thinking. it saves a lot of time.

2/2/2018 1:17:05 AM
Bits about me.

archaic has great appeal to me.  and not just because im old. haha. Its also symbolic of a certain lifestyle, perhaps.

Machines fascinate me.
silence is gorgeous.
contrast brings sooo much more value to everything.
why cant we all be different and not be idiots about it?

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