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I was born into this lifestyle of BDSM.My mother is a very strict and Dominant Mistress and my
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I was born into this lifestyle of BDSM.My mother is a very strict and Dominant Mistress and my father is her submissive slave.My father was very obedient and dedicated all his life and money to make my Mum happy. I am looking for a slave who can go the extra mile to make me happy too.I was brought up believing I am to be worship,adore,obey and please. I am the stronger sex and dominant.I am superior and you subs/slaves are inferior and beneath me.I am interested in having a loyal,obedient and dedicated slaves I can mold and train to become the perfect slave for me.

As My slave you will bathe Me as a of body worship including bath preparations as part of the process. So water temperature, bath salts, and washcloth texture are integral elements. You would help Me into the bath, lather Me up or wet My body, then move to each area and worship it separately with the washcloth with warm streams of bath water or with your lips. It’s up to your creative imagination to decide how best to serve My body as I enjoy the tub water.

My breasts will also be worshiped by feeling them, licking them, sucking them! You will use lotion, body oil or body butter. Caress it into My flesh. Pinch and twist My nipples. Let your hands rub and linger where they are luscious. Sucking and licking them comes quite naturally to you doesn't it slut? You would flick My nipples with your tongue, or tug on My tits with your teeth.

Finally I cant wait to push your face up into My mons Venus and lick and suck Me to ecstasy. Sucking My clitoral shaft, tug at My labia with your teeth and make Me want to keep you serving Me this way forever.

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