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Hetero Female Dominant, 34,  Washington
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PLEASE READ EVERYTHING IF YOU ARE INTERESTED TO SAVE US BOTH TIME!! When you respond you will respond as if you have read and tell me how you may be what I am looking for and if you truly are not interested then please dont message me as I am busy and want to talk to those who truly are intrigued. I really want a sub who truly desires to serve and his biggest pleasure is MY pleasure. Your kinks will be listened to and considered but mine will be paramount.
First to make it clear I am looking for a male sub between the ages of 29-44(although females are welcome too) no transgender unless you truly look like a woman with breasts and a hard cock your going to use otherwise sorry as I am looking for a man with all the trimmings.

* 1. I am NOT into sissification, crossdressing, forced feminization nor strapons(there has only been one guy who I even thought of using a strap on and that was a rare case) so if you contact me and mention that you will be blocked as we are not compatible. Also not into forced no at all I want all the attention and prefer masculine men anyway.I also do not wear heels so if thats your fetish move along. I dont mind a bit of foot worship and kissing my feet is kinda nice or a foot massage or even sucking my toes while I order you to fuck me but not into more than 5-10 min of foot worship so if thats your thing.. Plus not looking for anyone where its all about their fetishes anyway I want it to be about worshipping and serving and pleasing me. No offense its just how I like it and expect it.

*2. No online only and no live ins. You would be controlled from afar daily and we would see each other ideally once a month for a day or 2 and ocassionally twice a month.
3. If you have a thick cock(I dont mean average or long I mean THICK) or are very muscular I am interested already as I love both. Please mention if messaging me but only if its true and preferably with a pic
3. I do not have skype, kik etc and will only communicate by phone if we decide to move off this site if moving ahead or possibly email). I will not meet til I have seen clear pics of you and talked on the phone with you. I am real so you better be too.
4. I love sensual domination, tease and denial bring out the Seductress in me and bring lots of edging and a full experience for you. I enjoy using restraints, blindfolds and hoods,gags, clamps, and all kinds of impact play for those who are into that. I am not a complete sadist so if your all you want is pain then I will become bored as I enjoy that but also lots of other play too and driving you mad with desire is definately a favorite! I also enjoy breath play, choking, erotic hypnosis, pissing in your mouth, rough play, my nails down your back, love love love oral so you must too as I expect you to please me a lot. If you enjoy tasting my cum even better. If your into it I also enjoy some verbal humiliation and ification as well.I have a very high sex drive and can orgasm more times than you can count(which maybe as many times as I edge you)
5. I am curious about receiving fisting not giving it if you notice it on my profile fyi. Also would be nice but not required if I had two male subs I could use to dp me as I have always desired it but is just a fantasy and not necessary just mentioning it.
6. I am fine if you live far away as long as you can easily afford to visit me at least every month(2 at the most).
7. Biggest of all is you are obedient, honest, trustworthy, respectful, and eager to serve and please me and will view it as a honor not a burden. I also do expect my sub to help out with some of my expenses.
I absolutely adore domination and the feeling it gives me. It is so incredibly arousing. I also am very caring, honest, and trustworthy yet firm and expect complete obedience. I am not into brats nor trying to be punished. Ideally you would thrive under this kind if environment.

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