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Hetero Male Dominant, 43,  United Kingdom
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 Dominant Male

 United Kingdom

 5' 10"






Actively Seeking:

Submissive Transgender

Submissive Female

Sub/Sub Couples

A Poly Household

 Lives For:




 Anal Play




 Canes and Crops







 Hair Pulling


 Mental Bondage

 Obedience Training

 Orgasm Control

 Pony/Puppy Roleplay



 Body Worship

 Breast Binding/Play


 Electrical Play

 Eye Contact Restrictions

 Massage (Getting)

 Public Play


 Speech Restrictions




 Role Playing


 Local BDSM Community


Do yourself a favour and move along.



You have been warned.


As you clearly are nosy and because I don't care either way, here is me.


I am a 40something and my life is over. Has been for about 10 years.


A bit melodramatic? Not really and kindly go fuck yourself.


For the stupid ones just a few keywords so you can go away.


Widower. Addict. Prison.



Getting the picture?

Can you go away now.


Right, for those assholes, like me, who get off on other people's pain and misery, I can go into some detail.


I dropped out of uni to start a web company - that was in the late 90ies - and within 4 years I had been bought out, had cashed in on my stock and options, moved to and bought an estate in the UK, had married, had a baby boy, sat on the board of one of those Fortune 500 companies.


So yeah, I was one of those assholes.


I don't really need to go into the details, but suffice to say that even if you buy your wife one of those Range Rover landships, that doesn't actually change the laws of physics. Perhaps I should have driven and suffered the in-laws, or arranged for a driver.


So when all was said and done, I was by myself in that big house and only a set of graves to give me company and even more money from life insurance and compensation.


The rest is clichee really. Filled the hole in my life with unfettered hedonism, blew the money on Whores and drink or up my nose or in my veins.


Eventually became a guest to Her Majesty's Prisons where they fucked me over some more and cleaned me out in more ways than one.


So now here I am. Broke, living in a council flat with another asshole (thank you bedroom tax), stocking shelves at B&Q or whatever minimum wage crap I'll do for a while.


I am not looking for anything, or anyone. I am mostly here to entertain myself on the more extreme profiles, likely to be fake but whatever, of masochistic women who crave pain and humiliation and hard use. Entertaining myself of course means having a wank.


I've had the occasional stupid cunt trying to save me, but they don't last. I am not emotionally available. I don't get it up for "normal" sex. I only function sexually or am happy when the cunt cries in pain, or begs me, or is subjected to humiliating treatment abhorrent to polite society.


So if there were something like a "match" for me, it would have to be an emotional and physical masochist of a high order. Giving that even those cunts are probably looking for their Christian Fucking Grey - and because I don't really give a shit - I am not exactly expecting to be flooded by offers.


Feel free to get in touch, haha.

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Journal Entries:
12/24/2017 11:39:12 AM
Fuck Christmas. I don't need nor want your Merry Christmas wishes. If this catches you before you copy paste your seasonal cheery bullshit message, don't fucking send it and move on. Ta.

11/15/2016 12:53:05 PM
9 Nov, 07:25
As you know, I have been uncomfortable with the amount and intensity of control you seek from me. And I understand that for you this isn't a great deal of control. However personally, I feel that this has gone too far too quick and I don't want to continue this. This isn't what I am looking for at all, and I just don't want to keep doing something that does not make me happy. I'm really sorry for having wasted your time, and I sincerely hope you find the right person for you. I'd appreciate it if you respected my decision. Thank you.
I thought I should share this. I wouldn't continue something which wouldn't make he happy either. Neither should you. It requires a special kind of fucked up to give me what I need and if you aren't that, best if you stay away. Just saying.

11/12/2016 5:38:59 AM
The mind is fucking blown, we have another guest entry for my series of Collarme Bullshit Interpretations, this time by a female submissive. Oddly enough no male subs yet felt to contribute.
So here goes.
  • "Everyone on here is fake" = I message over 100 people a day with a photo of my cock and not one of them wanted it!
  • "Are you new?" = I have no fucking clue what to do, but you have boobs and I want to touch them
  • "24/7" = I'm here because I watched a kinky porn/read story of O
  • "No BBW" = I can only handle small women, it makes me look stronger.
  • "My name is MasterXYZ" = I gave myself a title because nobody else would and I like to feel special
  • "What are you into?" = This means he wants me to tell him what I like first so he can agree with me and proceed to assume I want his cock despite the extensive list I have on the left of my profile.
I do have to point out that I disagree with some of these expressed viewpoints. But that's freedom of fucking speech to you. Even submissives are allowed that, until told to shut up or being gagged anyway.

11/5/2016 11:48:57 PM
Oddly enough we have a guest entry by a Domme here today. Fuck me, I'm an internet sensation. Next thing is that i'll start a BDSM YouTube channel and set up Patreon. That will be the day.

Anyway, here's some Collarspace Bullshit Interpretations out of a different perspective.

1....."I am new here and ploughing through pages of messages,please be patient".
Now that can mean 2 things. One,they have had a few messages but off dweebs they cannot be bothered to reply to OR their fake little profile has got them no attention so they want to make themselves sound popular.

2. I am genuine but I have no photos on because of my work commitments/family life/ blah blah.
This means they are just here for a quick wank with anyone who will interact with them and they have no intentions of ever meeting.

3. I am leaving this site today.    
This means they crave attention off anyone and they dont really want to leave as they have nowhere else to go.

4.I am genuine....
generally means they are anything but genuine.

5. We are a couple seeking a Dom-
generally means it is a man doing a profile as a couple to play out some bi fantasy with some unsuspecting Dom.  

6. I am not a findomme but it does interest me.What excites you subs about this fetish?. 
Means she wants money pigs to message her so she can act naive then jump on his wallet faster than lightening.

7. Tribute before we chat on skype.
This means they will have run off with your cash before you even got chance to load up your cam.

8. People are calling me fake-
duh because you probably are.

9. I am married and if that bothers you then please move along-
this means if you have a conscience then dont bother messaging them as they are cheating low lifes.

10. Send me an Amazon and you can get a personal photo-
probably stolen off a website but hey.

11 Mistress I have read your profile and although I live 3,000 mile away I visit London often.
YAWN. For one ,not everyone lives in or near to London so why should I care and two why pester me when there are enough dommes local to you

12. This is my favourite. Mistress I have read your profile and you are very beautiful.
Am I? How the hell do yo know when I have no photos? Ahhhh yes- you haven't read my profile but felt the need to send me your cut and paste shit regardless.

I like how she writes everything in bold letters. I've got to try that sometime, I bet it will make me sound all dominant and masterful.

11/3/2016 10:42:52 PM
!!! The US presential elections, the UK fetish club version !!!

Donald Trump is the Dom who tries to start a conversation with with a couple while they're engaged in a scene. Then doesn't show up for a few months because his sub had a kidney infection because he shifted the buttplug from her arse to her cunt.

Hillary Clinton is the sub who knows everyone at the club, knows everything better, and never knows when to shut up.

Gary Johnson is the wanky man who skulks around in the corner and fondles his penis.

Jill Stein is the bald-shaven woman covered in piercings and tattoos who sits alone at the table and noone talks to.

Evan McMullin is the first-timer in jeans and trainers noone knows or can vouch for who was only let when he agreed to go topless and wearing a borrowed collar.

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