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This profile paraphrases my sister Misty’s profile who had the same ‘DaddySucker&r
Female Submissive, 19,  San Jose, California












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 Submissive Female

 San Jose 


 Willing to Relocate

 5' 6"

 115 lbs






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Dominant Female

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Dom/Domme Couples

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A Poly Household


 Computer Expert

This profile paraphrases my sister Misty’s profile who had the same ‘DaddySucker’ username for a while. Misty has been taken and is no longer available. I'm Jade and I'm the one in the pictures.


Living together and having the same lifestyle we became very similar, like identical twins in most ways, especially our love for older daddy Doms who we have shared and serviced together many years since we were little girls. Both of us started at a very young age (7-8) with the same trainers we serviced almost daily.


I’m a young thin petite 19-year-old submissive gerontophile, a daddy worshiper, a real daddy sucker ‘gerbil’ with NO taboos. Also, obviously a very naïve sexual girl who gets off on the rush of being taken advantage of, even abducted, and like it that way.

Will not ask for any money or gifts, and a sugar daddy is not who I’m looking for. Have the means to travel and stay anywhere in the world on my own, no financial assistance needed or wanted. Own property and have a late model car. This is not about money and don’t want yours. Hope that is clear enough for you. Even If you use me for making money, working a regular job or even working a glory hole every day, all of it goes to you, always.


Prefer older dominate men, 40-80’s (yes, have fully serviced those 40 – mid 80’s) , who want to live out every daddy/daughter fantasies they have. Having no taboos, will worship a daddy in all possible ways and do all acts for him even the most perverted natural and un-natural. When with my daddy every inch of my naked body is his and his friends to use and abuse unlimited times anywhere with no refusal.

On this site to find my daddy for life, my daddy Dom Master to own me totally as his submissive slave girl. Abuse, torture, sadist and demented use, no taboos, open to abduction, prison/dungeon confinement, club use, group ownership, and dolcett. A unique Dom daddy who will own my life. Maybe that’s you?


Above is the short profile. For more you can continue reading below and view the tumblr blog to know what all I really like,


My pussy/ass/mouth is always the Dom Daddy’s without ever asking permission for unlimited times to look at, feel, lick, finger, fuck, cum in, torture, etc. Do like all body sizes and especially the hairy all over overweight ones with beer gut.


A nudist at home 24/7 with all guests (and with younger sisters who are also nudists) and comfortable being nude anywhere. Being nude is very exciting to me and do like being exhibited nude or partially nude exposing myself in front of anyone/groups and in public places. Like being nude all day at any of my daddy’s places for him and his friends. Will strip down nude when told immediately anywhere in front of anyone in private or public places.


I come across as a reserved shy bright smiling girl who is surprisingly an exhibitionist trying to always fully expose myself to older men, be felt up, then very quickly getting his cock in my mouth. Men are always amazed how after first eye contact I immediately suck them almost anywhere.


Being seen naked by many while in bondage/caged with legs spread anywhere (public/outdoors, clubs/bars, etc.) is very very erotic to me. Always dress to be able to easily show all of me to any older man I can. Make every effort for all men around me to clearly see me and even touch me every day. Many times, I’ve taken the hand of a stranger and put him on my tits and or between my legs working his fingers in me.


Want to see you looking at my pussy and see you feel me, feeling your hand grabbing all of me, and your finger in me with your other hand on my breast. Yes, I’m that perverted and love it!!! Having a stranger see and touch me really makes me squirt! “Daddy please let me feel your hand on me there.”


Do on-demand immediate oral and rimming (you or any friends) in front of anyone and anywhere with no refusal. Rimming men sucking their ass in public places and bars I find exciting. Always service you and friends when told for a few seconds multiple times up to hours of cock pacifier sucking, plus rimming you out while you sit on a rim seat. Yes, can also cook, clean house, pamper you, dress you, even bathe/shower you. Also can cut the grass, grow/weed flower beds and okay doing it nude.


So, I’m seeking the Dom daddy kind of man. Maybe a daddy who knows other daddy’s who also want the company of a young girl who is a daddy cock/ass worshiper and who has no taboos doing perverse acts. A young girl who gets off making all their fantasies real.


My daddy will own my life and will have the right to snuff me anytime. He owns all of me every inch of me and all of my life with NO taboos. Adopt me if you want. Blackmail can be used for contract assurances.

Feel Daddy Doms have earned the right to have me. They have put up with a life of suppressed desires wanting their daughters/other daughters and after years of lust fantasies now can have the real thing with me, a daddy cock worshiper, to live out ALL their fantasy desires including kidnapping, rape, abuse, and torture.

Now at a place where only attracted to daddy types and want them to lust on me. This is the sex and life I want and truly feel is my life purpose. The excitement felt being around older men who have had/wanted daughters, the look in their eyes, how they hold me, and thrust intensely deep in me is as erotic as it gets for me. No other men can do this for me.


Whenever my eyes make contact with a daddy I know eventually and soon his cock and cum WILL be going into my mouth. Even when very young had intense desire for older men wanting them to touch me and me touch them, and let them have me whenever and often as possible. Sucking their cocks was/is a fun game for me trying to suck as many men and their friends as I could every week.

Very bold and even though tiny could get a man’s cock out of his pants into my mouth real quick before he could even think about what was happening. It wasn’t but a few seconds/ minutes before he was holding my head and pounding my mouth to work out his man load for me to swallow which was my treasure, my gold reward.


When growing up we traveled extensively all over the world every year for 3-4 months. Met men in many counties we stayed with every year who enjoyed being serviced frequently. Loved traveling because that meant the chance to service a lot every day and night which I did. Most of the time was left with them and their friends for 1-2 weeks at a time and then was sent to another country to stay somewhere.


Older men were/are all so nice to me and made many daddy friends who I’m with almost daily for years, and still see some of those early men whenever they want. Wanted older men for as long as I can remember and loved that they always enjoyed seeing me naked, feeling/licking me all over, and letting me suck them off to swallow my gift from them.


Honest desires of young girls and daughters should be lived out and they need to service their daddies before it’s too late and they grow up. Even now as adults they know in their heart they really need to let daddy have them and suck his cock whenever he wants. The only birthday gift a daddy ever wants is a blow job from his little girl. My girlfriend recently gave her new step-father a birthday gift of a blow job/fuck for every one of his birthdays and on all holidays for the rest of his life.

Fantasy sex is by far the most powerful sex and all you daddies should be given the chance live out your daddy/daughter sex fantasy. A lifetime of built up desires can be released in just one raw 3 hole sex encounter. If not with your real daughter you must at least have sex with a daddy sucker like me, a young perverted daddy cock/ass hole worshiper. We are out there looking for all of you.


You earned it and owe it to yourself to have this sex or you’ll always regret it. Daddy suckers only can cum when being fucked by daddy’s, and “we want you daddy”. Young guys are too fake for us and not desirable!!! Plus, a daddy’s cum swallowed may be the same cum my mother swallowed and the cum that conceived her, me, or my girlfriends, now that’s erotic.


A diagnosed masochist like myself likes rough sex, bondage, group use, spanking, whipping, hard hair pulling violent gagging mouth fucking, dungeon torture, humiliation, and degrading. Have some dog training being dog walked, and yes, I do animals (have dog). Good drip-less urinal for full on-demand anywhere everyday use and have naughty forbidden full toilet training (for real bonding - well fed for over 9 years). Also, bisexual with young and older, maybe your girlfriends/wife/slave.


"Females are domestic animals that exist for the pleasure and amusement of men, kept alive only to keep the holes in them warm and wet - they are to be degraded, shown off, abused and humiliated." A quote I have fully believed since I was a little girl enjoying the company of older men.


My sister’s daddy mentor told her “Find where you belong for life, get there, and serve well. Anything less is simply a waste of time and energy.” Have found myself, feel I’ve gotten there, servicing daddies as they should be, and not wasting a drop from them.


I do like to be demeaned and humiliated and like the hard type bondage, group use, and spontaneous gang like use scenes. Really do like daddies who are/can be Dom and get very excited using someone like me, a submissive young girl always willing, understanding daughter type, a little girl they can spank and whip my naked butt when needed, be rough with me pulling my hair and putting me down hard to service then pushing my head back making my eyes pop out while I gag on him, and also openly have me do humiliating, demeaning, degrading acts in front of anyone or a group. Very real dungeon prison girl desire.


Quoting Misty who said it best:

“By giving myself only to daddy’s I am being told I’m a daddy whore. Again, my view is that Daddy Doms have already paid their dues to entitle them to free use of me. Feel that older daddies have already paid the price by enduring a life that has led them to bringing on their need/desire for young girls and daughter desire. Reached a point where I can only want a daddies incredible excited lust for me.


I think all daughters and young girls need to break through the taboos and enjoy their true honest desires by servicing daddies. To me there are 2 forms of sex. Sex when you are in love, which everyone on earth knows doesn't last long, and when the sex stops makes you fall out of real love quick.


Dependency enabling attachment is usually still there for years and gets confused with love but it's mostly sexless and even when sex is attempted it feels sexless. Then there is the sex of your fantasies, the real sex, the real raw life satisfying sex. I find this sex at times can be only just one suck/fuck but to a daddy feels like the release from a life time of built up needed/earned fucks. This is what daddy sex is to me.

When that daddy holds my head power pumping my mouth hard with his cock and when he is thrusting me as hard as he can 3 hole I feel he is fucking me not once but the hundreds of times he wanted to fuck someone young like me, and like I said, when I'm sucking daddies cock off I'm swallowing the same cum that conceived me and my 3 younger sisters or conceived my boyfriend or conceived my girlfriend, the cum my mother and their mothers have swallowed. To me that is what incredible sex is all about.


There is no other raw sex physically and mentally that can ever match the sex I've had with an older daddy!”


Journal Entries:
2/21/2018 6:10:19 PM

My Blog or Tumblr as it's called is an extension of my profile and I never ask for any money or gifts on it. Following me is your choice not a requirement. Also I personally do not get any info about you or obtain your email address from Tumblr. 

How to get to my tumblr page:

There are over 800 of you now signed up to follow the updates.

It is free but they are now requiring you to sign up to view tumblr with adult content to verify you want to see it and want to turn off the safe mode setting. If you're not familiar with tumblr, google it and view some of the tumblrs without adult content.

Type or copy into your browser.

It's daddys sucker

'daddys' with an "s" not just daddy

You will see that it says it's in safe mode to protect those who don't want to see adult content.

Only way to turn off safe mode now is to sign up and log in.

Once you're signed in you can turn off safe mode.

After you sign up, log in, and turn off safe mode. You will then have a tumblr memory cookie that is saved on your PC so all you have to do is go to daddyssucker dot com (on a browser) and it should open up. If you only see a safe mode screen you'll have to log-in again. Any problems let me know.

Look for my picture on first page in heading under some other pics. If my picture is not there you typed in something other than daddys sucker dot com.

Once you get in to the tumblr and can see the pics scroll through them.

To avoid complaints, our family pics are now only posted for a short time and later updated/re-posted again.

Sorry for the safe mode tumblr now has. Sorry for the hassles.


2/14/2018 8:48:17 AM
Please be patient waiting for a reply. It's impossible for us to answer everyone right away.

Please in your first message clearly say some details about what you are seeking. If you just are going to say "Hi" I'll say 'Hi' back to you right now in advance.

You know it can take a lot of time to send messages on this site. I'm not trying to be rude by not replying right away. It can take several days to get back with you with the volume of mail we receive.

Remember there are 3 other sisters that use this account at times and others that may answer mail for us when we are away. They may not have the answer to your questions right away.

Please send all the messages you want every day but please remember we are not being snobbish or rude by not answering you right away and blocking you.


3/29/2017 8:43:34 AM

Saw this in another profile (Darkwarden)
This is so me. Gave me more peace being who I am by seeing that someone else knows and writes what I believe in my soul.

The Female Slave's Manifesto
by Woodburn

I want to be nothing for You Master. An empty, slimy cunthole, lower and more degenerate than the most burned out junkie city whore. A piece shit for You, something You wipe off the bottom of Your shoe. Nothing. The most emptiest of nothing. A dark hole of being. A woman animal craving penetration and violence. My flesh is here for You to beat upon it, to punch it, to slap it, to whip it, to bruise it, scratch it, mar it, disfigure it, re-shape it. I am just woman-meat for You to play with, Master. Use me for Your pleasure.

Use me. I am a fuck-puppet, a pin-cushion, a pain-pig. I am a sweet sheath for Your Cock, a vessel for Your most violent and sadistic desires, just a thing, an object for You to use to vent Your rage.

Humiliate me, Master. I will drink Your piss and eat Your shit. Only for You, my Master will I do these things. You have brought me down to this as only You know how to do. You know that this is where a woman animal like me belongs and feels happy. I am happiest when I am the emptiest, when all my will is gone, when You hit me the hardest and call me the most vile names imaginable.

I am Your pig, my Lord. Your loving, begging, woman-pig and I deserve the most atrocious punishments Your imagination can devise. Have no mercy on me and let me feel the most extreme and deep cruelty You are capable of. Let me come to You, Master, even willing to die for You, to choke for You and bleed for You if that is what will make Your Cock hard and draw the sperm from Your balls.

My life is in Your hands. I give it to You as I give You everything. I turn it over to You. I surrender in complete defeat to You, unconditional surrender of my heart, my body, my mind, and my soul. No one but You, Master, has ever owned or will ever own me so completely. Fuck my throat and stifle my breath with Your Cock. Make me fuck the savage pain You strike upon me. Tear into me. Fuck me all up. Put me in the hospital if You wish. Take me away from all that love me and all that I love if You wish.

Render me worthless. Make me bleed and hurt my soul. I am Your complete slave. I love You even when You return my love with vile insults and wicked pain. Your sadism is perfect, beautiful and complete. It is the light that burns through me and changes me. Slam it all through me, Master, make me vibrate like an orchestra of strings wailing in agony and pain and sorrow for my lost self, wailing as I spiral downward into deeper and deeper depravity and darkness.

Drag me down like the worthless piece-of-shit whore-slut that I am...down into the drowning depths of submission for You. Let me drown for You. Drown me in this addictive and mindless desire that throbs in me and never stops. Let me drink and breathe in this most perfect nothingness of surrender.

Your power over me is absolute. There are no questions to be asked. I am Your helpless lamb. Lead me to slaughter. I am Your good little girl. Punish me heartlessly and leave Your marks on me. Rope me and chain me, bind my flesh. Let Your bindings slice into my flesh and stop my blood. Numb and aching I will spread my thighs for Your angry whip. Make me pay the price, Master.

Reduce me to my most common denominator. Empty me of myself and fill me with All that is You. Take everything from me and leave me nothing. Leave me empty. Leave me weak. Leave me lifeless. Fuck me with Your Cock and then with Your fist as if that too were a beating, fuck me lovelessly, thrust into me as if You would kill me with each brutal stroke. Burn Your whips into me. Clamp me. Stretch me. Pierce me. Cut me. Bleed me.

I am Your pig and I am ready to be used. I am here to take whatever You plan for me. I live for Your pleasure. I live to drink Your Cum. Take me down, Master.

Show Your whore her place and don't ever let her forget it. And then discard me, throw me away, as if I were nothing more than a used shit-rag. Trample on my love as if it were less than meaningless and laugh at my despair.

This is what You have made me and this, for You, have I become.

2/22/2017 7:10:50 AM

First, before I rant, I want to thank all the great daddies I've messaged with, talked with, still talking with, and spent the ultimate time with who I've connected with on this site.

Also want to add that I reply to all who send or have posted on their profile pic of at least their cock. Since I'm a rimmer other pics are a plus. I also do like bisexual switch men and at times enjoy sharing a cock with a man which I find very erotic. Don't get me wrong, you don't have to be bisexual for me to be very interested in you.

If you scream "NO FAKES", "REAL ONLY" and post pictures that are not yours and question everyone else's pictures don't you understand we all know you are just talking to yourself and wasting everyone's time?

If I'm going to be sucking your cock and ass all day please act dominate and show me your cock, balls, and the ass I'll be licking, sucking, and eating from, not some other man's cock hard mouth fucking some porn chick. That's what blogs like tumblr are for.

You all require us to show you our tits, pussy, and ass hole but most of you can't even get it up to show us so we have to look at your posted pics of porn guys which is very pussy drying (and we do like all daddy sizes including small, NOT just big). You then wonder why we don't reply. We want to see 'you'. It's your cock and ass we'll be worshiping not the porn guy's.

Plus do you really think those who are asking for money even read your profile saying you won't give anyone money saying it over and over again?

Is the only thing that gives most of you a hard-on calling everyone a fake? I guess a so-called Dom has become one being a paranoid little man who posts fake porn pics and thinks everyone else is a fake and out to take his pennies.

Maybe you should know that EVERYONE already knows WITHOUT you saying over and over again as a form of masturbation that you don't want fakes or give away your pennies. However, giving you all the benefit of doubt since most of you probably don't ever read other Doms profiles, maybe you all 'should' spend some time reading other Dom profiles so you can 'for real' realize how similar pathetic at times most of you (not all) sound.

2/4/2017 8:18:42 AM

This profile is no longer Misty's profile. She is gone permanently. With her permission I've taken over her profile. My name is Jade and this is now my profile and pics. Again, Misty is gone and no longer available.

Get a lot of messages and read them all but cannot reply to everyone, at least not right away. Please don't take that as disrespect. If you like you can send as many messages as you want even daily. I'll eventually get back with you.

Unlike many girls on here, I do like and want pics of your cock, balls and ass. Long is interesting but for me most of the real action is with medium to very short cocks with hair, and chub build is a plus.

Also, I'm not political and obviously not politically correct when it comes to women, as you can see in my blog. So you will not get shit from me by saying how you really feel about women and how you want to use us since most of my views are upside down compared to almost all other girls/women.

To all those who get off on sending mail saying hateful remarks and saying you're a fake, not real, you're BS, etc., no one is interested in you because your paranoia wastes everyone's time. Plus everyone also knows 99% of you saying these things are fakes anyway. Your mail is useless because it just gets you blocked and reported plus many of you have lost or will lose your profiles because of your hate mail.

Don't care if you're fake, not real. I like all exchange of thoughts, fantasies, and desires this site can reveal. It's like what they say about drinking wine, that after awhile it reveals your inner most secrets. 

However, the useless hate poison stupidity makes no sense and gets you nothing at all, no matter what you think, except adding more misery to your already miserable lonely life.

I started sucking off 3 elder daddy cocks daily when I was VERY young and still do them weekly. I desire daddy Doms and love all of them no matter who or what they look like, and pleasure them almost every day. If you can't handle or except that, fine, but please go do your hate trolling somewhere else and not take up my time with the real daddies waiting.

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