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Let me be perfectly up front: at this point, given my experiences with this site, I assume eve
Female Dominant, 37,  DC Metro area, Virginia

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 Dominant Female

 DC Metro area 


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Submissive Female


Let me be perfectly up front: at this point, given my experiences with this site, I assume everyone is a catfish until proven otherwise. It's not personal. Also, I know I'm clear that I won't answer emails that don't at least attempt to engage me in conversation, but if your attempt is based on asking me a question that has a clear answer in my profile, that's an automatic delete as well.

I am looking for a female sub who a) knows what she wants, and b) is serious about being a sub to someone with my interests (see journal entry for 6/23/17).  If you are looking for a mistress and I seem to fit your needs, speak up.  I like knowing that my sub knows what she wants and can properly negotiate that, even if what she wants is to negotiate CNC (consensual non-consent, since I get asked all the time.).

If you do not have interests listed, you need to be clear on what it is in mine that has interested you, or have something more to say than "hi," or "how are you?" or "hot."

Intelligence and a good handle on verbalization are turn ons for me, brattiness is not.  All the respect for brats, it's just not what I'm into.  I like sweetness and obedience.

The pictures are of me.  I have privacy concerns, but will share face pics once chatting with someone.  In return, you must be willing to share a picture if your account does not have one.  You absolutely must be willing to voice verify in a timely fashion, a.k.a., within a week.  I will NOT role play or engage in online play.


I have a settled professional career that I love and have bought and renovated a house recently.  I have no intention of relocating.  I am looking for something IRL. Please read this and the last paragraph to mean, if you don't live locally/aren't planning a move to this area in the near future for your own reasons, I'm probably not interested.


Rape-play, CNC, and impact play are my jams. So is aftercare.  I am more interested in a sub than I am in a slave.  If you are looking for someone to pay all your bills,
move along. You need to be able to support yourself.


Men and het couples: I filter my mail.  Take that and the identification "lesbian" as you will.  To clarify: I am not interested in what is generally considered to be male genitalia.  Think of it this way: we all have things that turn us off.  Some people aren't into blond/es.  Some people think super skinny people are gross looking.  The point is, nobody wants to sleep with everyone because we all have physical limitations on our attraction to others.  Mine is traditionally male genitalia.  Please respect that.


I had to reload my profile because something happened and it became hidden at some point.  Internet magic, who knows.  Below are the salient journals that were on my previous profile.




5/12/2017 10:48:18 PM: Things this site has made me pruriently curious about: 1. When you call someone on being a catfish and they wait a day (or several) to try contacting you again, do they think you've forgotten? Have they forgotten? 2. What is it, exactly, that people are hoping to accomplish when they message you calling you a fake and spewing curse words at you? Like, is that their severely socially stunted way of trying to open a dialogue? 3. When women are, oh say, 5'4' and 92 pounds, or something akin to that, is that because women are conditioned to lie about their weight, or because men don't understand women's body weight, and that's what they think they're seeing?  4.  Does nobody use Google Image Search?  5.  Where the hell is New York, Czechoslavakia.  Or Wisconsin, California? 6.  How is it possible that there are so many hot women in Gruver, Texas?  What do they know that we don't?



The mysteries of the universe, yo.



 4/11/2017 2:59:56 PM: For the record: if you are someone who has clearly identified in their profile that they are not looking for a female dominant, or has specified an age range that does not include me, or some other requirement that means I'm clearly not what you're seeking, and I've viewed you more than the one time it would take to gather that info, I apologize. It's because I have forgotten, not because I'm the kind of person who can't take no for an answer or is perving on you.



12/13/2016 10:26:30 PM: I am a real person.  I am well aware this is something of a novelty on this site, but it is, nonetheless, a fact.  This means that I, in turn, have real feelings. Being perfectly honest, I don't want to be on this site.  It seems to be largely rife with children and liars.  But going to munches, networking in my scene, and many other attempts at finding submissive masochistic women who are looking for dominant sadistic women in my area have not worked, so here I am.  Given that, assume that I am serious about, at the very least, finding someone to play with.  At most, finding someone with whom I can have a fully fledged relationship.  If you can find within yourself the basic human decency not to approach me, spend a month or more playing with my feelings, and then ghost, or, alternatively, not approach me, set something up with me, and then ghost, that would be really fucking appreciated.  Just saying.

Journal Entries:
3/31/2018 4:14:32 AM
After a series of incidences where this has become an issue, let me just put this out there: looks and physical attraction are important to me. Do I have to think you're the most beautiful girl ever? No. Do I need to want to touch you? Yes. If this makes me shallow, then I guess I'm shallow. I've spent years of my life dating people to whom I was actively not attracted on the theory that it's what is inside that counts. And what's inside DOES count. But if I have absolutely no interest in what's on the outside, it does not matter if you are Mother Theresa reincarnated. A relationship between us is not going to work for me.

3/23/2018 3:46:13 AM
What's with the sudden rash of Dommes putting that they're switches? I'll look at a switch's profile, because there might be compatibility there. If I click on a "switch" and just run into a super aggressive domme profile, it's wasting everyone's time.

3/19/2018 10:34:14 AM
Most of the time, I find fakers to be some of the cruelest people in the world. It's as if they genuinely don't comprehend that there is someone real on the other side of the computer and that someone is seriously trying to find something equally real. But even I have to admit there's something darkly and sharply hilarious about the ones who forget that you've called them out and try to chat you up again.

3/16/2018 11:05:18 AM
I've made the official decision to ban myself from making first contact as the first step in getting myself off this site. If you're interested, you're going to have to make the first move. Sorry.

2/24/2018 2:34:24 PM
I'm always fascinated when subs decide I'm a fake after one or two emails because I don't fulfill their idea of what they want in a dominant. Like, there are all kinds of dynamics, but if you want to be a sub only for the things that matter to you, maybe bottoming is a better idea. Just a thought.

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