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Good day. I'm new here as of Jan 2017. I've been on for several years now. I'm her
Male Dominant, 51,  Treasure coast, Florida











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 Dominant Male

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Good day. I'm new here as of Jan 2017. I've been on for several years now. I'm here mostly to increase my knowledge base. I've heard it's a good place to get some fresh ideas and enjoy some good chat as well. I'll probably update this when I get to know the place a little better. In the meantime, if there's anything you'd like to know feel free to ask.

Update: 1/26/17. I'm looking to chat with someone who's had the experience of being married to a vanilla. My wife was not always vanilla but over the years her libido has decreased greatly. For the last two years, she has been suggesting that I find a playmate so she can get some rest once in awhile. That's not what I consider to be ideal so I'm curious if anyone else has been in my shoes and what they did about it.

Journal Entries:
12/29/2017 3:58:17 PM
It dawned on me that I never really put much on here about myself so I updated my profile a bit (even though I guess this is more of a journal entry). I believe in staying fit so I work out routinely. I'm also a lover of the sciences so forgive me if I tend to get overly analytical in my responses. I believe in listening before talking. I'm a bit of a deep thinker but I don't typically display this or show it often. I love an engaging conversation whether or not it is a topic of my choosing. I'm always seeking to learn and better myself and my ultimate goal is to leave this place a little better than it was when I entered it.

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