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Pic is of my former slave   I had a picture up with my last incarnation of this profile
Male Dominant, 51,  Northern Part, Alabama











Last Online:


 Dominant Male

 Northern Part 


 6' 4"

 240 lbs





Actively Seeking:

Submissive Female


Pic is of my former slave


I had a picture up with my last incarnation of this profile but I don't think I will be posting one for the time being. If I find you sincere and that you are really what I am looking for, I will gladly send you several pictures of myself at that time.


Took my profile down for a while because I got fed up with the BS on here. But as any of you who truly have this need inside you know, it's extremely difficult to walk away. So I am back to try yet again.


I am looking for a true slave. Full-time, 24/7. I'm mainly into the humiliation and mind control aspects of owning a slave. Pain and punishment are useful of course but only to further condition the slave's mind to total obedience. 


If you think you fit what I seek, I am happy to discuss things with you and answer any questions you might want to ask. 



Journal Entries:
12/26/2015 8:02:31 AM
It always happens this way on CS it seems. Had one of the best conversations with a sub that I have had in a long time, I did not detect one bit of fakery in her responses, you can usually tell the fakes and scammers right off.

She seems to be and want everything that I do, as well as introducing me to a couple concepts I didn't even know I wanted until she brought them up. I enjoyed the entire exchanged, she said she did as well and even signed off with a wish to speak again very soon.

Go to send her a message the next day to continue the conversation and what do I see? Profile is deactivated. This happens often and it's frustrating as hell. 

11/1/2007 8:58:18 AM
Budō is a compound of the word bu, meaning war or martial; and , meaning path or way. Specifically, is derived from the Buddhist Sanskrit mārga (meaning the 'path' to enlightenment). The term refers to the idea of formulating propositions, subjecting them to philosophical critique and then following a 'path' to realize them. signifies a 'way of life'. in the Japanese context, is experiential term, experiential in the sense that practice (the way of life) is the norm to verify the validity of the discipline cultivated through a given art form. The modern budō has no external enemy, only the internal enemy, one's ego that must be fought (state of Muga-mushin). Similarly to budō, bujutsu is a compound of the words bu (武), and jutsu (術:じゅつ), meaning science, craft, or art. Thus, budō is most often translated as "the way of war", or "martial way", while bujutsu is translated as "science of war" or "martial craft." However, both budō and bujutsu are used interchangeably in English with the term "martial arts". some scholars note that an examination of the kanji for the term "bu" reveals a depiction of crossed halberds, a flick of blood, and the character for the word stop. One important interpretation among some schools of budo and bujutsu is that the term "bu" is more accurately rendered as "a means to stop the conflict". This would lead to an alternate translation of "budo" as "conflict resolution".

This definition is fitting it seems.  The desire for service and slavery in an unowned girl is an internal conflict of monumental proportions.  Conversely, the drive for a Master to continually war with his ego and dominate it, is an essential component in a Master.  Thus, Budo - Mastering oneself and being the source for conflict resolution in the life of a conflicted slave.

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