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Update: At this time I've decided to stop searching for a Submissive: I've got things in my pe
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Update: At this time I've decided to stop searching for a Submissive: I've got things in my personal life to deal with before I start the search anew. Could take weeks,or even months. But until then, I don't plan on logging on here.

One other side note, To all you Submissive men who think "no" really means "yes" if you just pester me enough. Or have decided to attempt to take your obsession with me to the next level: Have you checked out my stats? I am not a frail, fragile pushover of a woman by any means. I'm nearly 5'9", quite a bit stronger than the average woman. And I do NOT appreciate your attempts to harass and stalk me. What you need is professional mental help, NOT a Domme. So if you decide to take your obsession to the next level, just know you will have a fight on your hands. Another person can't complete you, and it's a fools errand to even try.

Not to mention I have friends that span the range from the upper income brackets to former felons: And said previous offenders still live by some of the codes they honor in prison. In other words, if you decide to pursue me in Real Life when I've told you to leave me the hell alone, and they find out you tried to hurt me, well I feel sorry for you, if they ever get their hands on you. Am I making myself clear? I hope so, because this stalking behavior that some of you are displaying towards me is extremely dysfunctional, and you need professional help.
A relationship is give and take, and if you show so little respect for me in the beginning, even to those Submissive Men who are NOT stalkers, why would I ever want to pursue a relationship with you? I realize this is a revolutionary concept for you, but I don't owe you a damn thing. And if you think women owe you something because you're attracted to them, I have no idea where you get off calling yourself a Submissive. Anyway, that's all for now.

Bassically I'm looking for a Sensual and Sexual Submissive who is seeking a long term relationship.(And yes I'm seeking a FLR,along with traditional gender role REVERSAL 1950s style dynamics, where you take care of the household chores and I bring home the bacon. You may get Sensually violated while doing dishes, so be careful!)*A side note, I have been the sole breadwinner before, and while I did like the feeling it gave me to know he was dependent upon me in that way, it's impractical in this economy to live on one income. I am blue collar worker, and I can't support two people on my income, especially considering that the cost of living is skyrocketing. This was put here to give you an idea of what dynamic I'm looking for, but realistically I can't follow it to the letter. P.S. I'm also into rope, and hope to take a rope class soon to be a rigger! So I hope you have similar interests because I would really enjoy tying you up on occasion!

Would prefer a man closer to my age, but will not rule out someone younger if the chemistry is right. What I'm ultimately looking for is someone who can be like a knight to a monarch, someone who has inner strength to fight his own battles, but will lean on me for support when he needs it. And someone who has my back as well. Someone who is a mixture of strength and fragility, who would not feel intimidated to don an apron and show me his feminine side. Being a knight and a "housewife" at the same time is not a contradiction in terms, and I guess that is what I'm looking for. Because I'm a mixture as well.

On that note,you don't necessarily have to be from Maine to respond, that said the longer we drag the relationship out before meeting the harder it will be to tell if we have chemistry or not. So if you're not from Maine, if you at least take business trips here often then that is workable.

*I really hate to have to put this here, but due to an onslaught of expenses I won't be doing any traveling for at least 6 months, outside of traveling to Portland, Maine. So while I'm open to considering men outside of Maine, please don't contact me if you have no intention of coming to Maine in the next 2-3 months. I don't say this to be mean,
I say it because prolonged online relationships often don't work out, especially if you've never meet in person. Sleepless in Seattle often doesn't work out in real life. So if you cannot make that commitment,
please spare us both the hassle and focus on someone local. If I had the resources to travel I would, but I don't. It's all a matter of priorities gentlemen, how badly do you want a serious relationship? I know I do.

Having said that, I may end up relocating again at some point, I tend to move around a lot so I hope you have a spirit for adventure because I like to experiment both in Kink and everyday activities as well! So if you're interested in being the Bonnie to my Clyde, get in contact with me!

*A side note: Too often Dommes in particular end up conforming to our Patriarchal society's expectation of what a woman dominating a man should "look" like. I for one refuse to do that. I will not crack a whip, wear a corset, or run around half naked in order to entice a man. Because to me when a Domme does that simply because it's what's expected, then who is truly the Dominant one here? I have no problem meeting someone in the middle if it's a particular kink I have neutral feelings about, but I will not be topped from the bottom. My style of Domination is still evolving, but the direction it takes I determine, not you, not the Patriarchy. If my style of Domination is not what you are looking for, then I wish you luck on finding the Domme who is right for you. But I will not compromise in that instance, because to put it bluntly as the Domme I shouldn't have to. If anything, you should be the one to adjust to my whims, if it's something you're comfort with.

One more note, yes I may end up talking to more than one man at once, and cast as wide a net as possible to find the person I'm most compatible with. I may even go on dates with several different men. But going on a date with me does NOT imply a relationship, I view it not unlike a job interview. If we go on a date and there's no chemistry, then that's the end of it. No playtime, just dinner and conversation. Actually, if more people treated dating that way, we wouldn't end up getting into as many relationships with people we're ultimately not compatible with. So yes, I may go on a date with several different guys, that doesn't mean I'm fucking them all. But if I chose to, that's my decision.

I'm not sure how or why some of you are reading it this way, but once I've found someone, I plan on staying faithful to him. I'm monogamous, after all, and once I give my heart to someone I don't like to share. And I have no desire to be with anyone other than the man I love either. Not to say anything is wrong with being poly, but it's not for me. But until I make a commitment to someone, I don't think there is anything wrong with having a fling, if I choose to.

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