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    Hello, new to this site and this scene.  I have been told that I am natur
Bisexual Female Switch, 32,  Bay Area, California

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Hello, new to this site and this scene.  I have been told that I am naturally dominant and feel the need for some guidance and discipline in my life.  I have some areas of trust and release that I would like to work on and I think that there is someone out here is perfect to help me with that. I am a very true, very intense Scorpio and would like someone who is capable of taking advantage of all the traits that I possess.  Naturally sexual and eager to please.  I am definitely a force that needs to be tamed and controlled or perhaps find release through the taming and control of another...


Interested in knowing more...ask...


Interested in experiencing more...ask...


My desire is to remain an open book willing to experience whatever this life has to offer, although I do have hard limits.


I am not interested in your one word compliments or half asssed questions.  If you are honest, open, and serious then please feel free to contact me.

Also, to each his own but if you are doing this behind your significant others back, I'm not interested.  Period.


Thank you for taking the time to read....and having the decency to respect my wishes.


Journal Entries:
11/4/2013 4:53:14 PM

11/4/2013 2:13:53 PM

This is my first in what I hope to be many journal entries.  I have been on the site for a few weeks now and have had several experiences with receiving messages/emails from people who are weak at best and seem to think that a few words combined with no punctuation can or will elicit a response from me.  I am new to this sight and even to the lifestyle but I am not new on this planet.  Anyone who actually reads my profile will see that while I seek to explore and find out if I even have a submissive side I am dominant in my day to day life and will not waste my time with weak minded people who want to abuse me and exert some kind of fake power over me.


I wish to be molded and taught, just exactly like my Maestro Apexofecstasy is doing to me.  I am grateful that We found one another on this sight so early into my exploration.


Just what was on my mind at this moment...more later..



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