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I DON'T BELIEVE IN ANY ONLINE SERVICE!!! Read my profile! View my interest! Read my journals!
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I DON'T BELIEVE IN ANY ONLINE SERVICE!!! Read my profile! View my interest! Read my journals! Then you may msg me if interested in getting to know the whole me! BREATHE I want to feel the soft flow of your breath across my skin. This simple yet under attempted pleasure is what I desire from you As you inhale my scent and exhale your mutual wanting of me Our rhythmic motions, pressing, and excreting the moisture of HEAT and rise of penetrating beings we are Just Breathe!!! LOOKING FOR LTR ONLY!!! DO NOT WASTE MY TIME!!! I am only looking for straight sub/slave men.

Journal Entries:
1/23/2018 11:57:18 AM
I real hope that the subs/slaves/pets read this and understand. I don't do online play because it serves no purpose to me. I am not looking for a live in or another marriage at this time. I want a man that can be Everything to me and is happy to serve me when it is convenient for us both. I also want that man I can share my vanilla life with so if this is you get to know me!

1/10/2018 8:01:11 AM
INSPECTION You text me to tell me that you have arrived. I tell you to come up the walkway and ring the doorbell...... My sister answers the door and escorts you to the bedroom. She announces you and I tell you to come in. My sister closes and locks the door as she exits... I am sitting in a room filled with candle light.......I tell you to remove all your clothing and come stand before me. Kneel and bow your head. I ask do you think you are worthy of serving me pet? You reply I will try my Mistress. I place a leather collar around your neck and connect the leash........I want to see how well you follow directions and respond to me. Any hesitation or lack of asking for clarification by raising your hand will require punishment. Understand Pet!...........yes Mistress. I grab your leash and bring you to a standing position. There will be no eye contact until I allow, nod if you understand. After you nod I snug up on the leash and pull you close. I grab your semi hard pussy cock and begin to slide my hand up and down the shaft slowly. Your body is tense and I can tell you are not at ease. I apply a small amount of oil to the head of your pussy cock and begin to stroke the head between my thumb and index finger while applying pressure on the balls. I spread my legs apart and pull you closer. I pick up my breast and slide them up and down you cock. I then let the head dart in and out my mouth. I then begin to lick around the head and underneath the shaft. You let out soft moans. I put a leg up on the bed and tell you to lay over my leg. I bring your cock back between your thighs. I spread your ass cheeks apart and drip some oil down the crease. As I slowly manipulate your cock, balls, and the circumference around your anal orifice. I ask you questions and get to know you a little better since we are now in the presence of one another. I tell you that I am going to insert a butt plug to further relax you. I insert the plug slowly with a twisting side to side motion. Take deep relaxing breaths pet. I tell you to turn on your back and then to a sitting position......."you may now make eye contact." I pull you to me with the leash and lick around your lips and then begin kissing and sucking your tongue while stroking your cock. I grab the humbler and place it across the front of your thighs and lock your balls in between. I stand in front of you and grab your leash pulling it between my thighs. I lean over, holding onto the arms of my wheelchair I pull your face to the crack of my ass. "Pet spread my cheeks and lick my pussy and ass until I cum" start to lick and suck like a good pet. I tell you to tongue fuck my pussy. I rub my beautiful ass up and down your face, pulling your leash so I can bury your face against me and telling you to make me cum you dirty little slut. I turn around after cumming several times. Your face is glistening wet with my juice. I kiss you sucking my juices off your tongue. I unlock the humbler and tell you to stand and lean over the bed. You have been a very good pet thus far so I need to see how you react to spankings... I take my leather wrapped cane and give ten licks. Your face turns red and that ass tenses up. Very good. I like how you absorbed that little bit of pain. 😘 I keep you leaning and I remove the butt plug and inset a 6 inch prostate stimulator. I slowly begin fuck your ass as I jack you off...........after teasing fucking your ass and stroking your cock....I ask you." Do you want to cum" you say yes please Mistress...............I respond "NO"...................................WOW!

1/6/2018 6:44:40 AM
Sometimes you just want to love and caress on your pet. It is important that my sub/slave is everything to me that a man can be. I am strict, sadistic tendencies but I am also very loving and sensual........... HAPPINESS I miss you much have no idea of the euphoric feeling you spread throughout my body and mind. Just the view of you makes my mound throb and release a rolling stream of warm soothing moisture. Cum to me, on me , around me, in me..........the warm of your shared arousal is a sweet taste of enhanced happiness. The way you approach my body makes me want to parish in the moment. That last intense spread, thrust and eruption. Your hands on my ankles, me pulling the sheets of the bed. I beg for more not knowing if I can take it........but I want it all! Pleases me, flood me, every orifices is your home. Cum in and explore. Let me give you a taste of my feng shui and so much more.........WOW

1/4/2018 6:08:48 AM
MY MID DAY SURPRISE I am sitting in the living room watching TV and relaxing. I receive a text " would you like some company"? My mind goes into hyperdrive. I reply yes and up into my wheelchair and a brisk roll to the bedroom. I receive a text that you will be here in 20-30 min. I reply ok I will be waiting!!! It gets sister is taking a shower.........I yell hurry up my please, you know who is on his way. I pin up my hair and my sister is out the shower and I get in for a Quick 10 min shower.......... I baby oil all over my wet body.........then a soothing towel pat down to dry and absorb the excess oil. I throw on a purple t-shirt........take my hair down and a spruce of perfume........I sat on my bed and lightly lotion turn on the fan lay back on the bed and just relax. You text that you are here and I text come in. You walk in and close the bedroom door and say hello....... you grab me and lean me back gently......... kissing me like you haven't seen me in a very long time........ The taste of your tongue..........the quick yet smooth flicking movement the warmth and the suction so intense yet soft and sweet. Your hands gliding down my body raising up my t shirt I'm trying so hard not to explode.......... Your hand goes in between my thighs and I slide my hand on top of yours and redirect you to my grabbed my breast with both hands squeezing them together and a nice tender start to suck on my nipples one at a time and then both are in your mouth........I scream out I am cumming and you suck and pull on my nipples harder. You start to step out your shoes.......I raise up to unzip your pants and pull everything down to reveal that beautiful cock.......I kiss, lick and suck around the head while I squeeze and massage the balls.........I look up in to your eyes and tell you how much I have missed you..........l sat you down on the bed and stand to finish undressing you.........I then push back and let my breast flow down your body..........I get to your cock and tell you to fuck my big tits baby.......I squeeze some oil between my breast and let your cock slide in between them nicely...........the head of your cock darting in and out of my feel so good my pet. You turn around so that your head is hanging off the bed. I straddle your face so you can have all my pussy and ass sliding up and down on your face........I lean over to grab your cock..........stroke it.......... squeeze it.......... massage I am riding that tornado tongue👅.........make me cum...........WOW!!!!!!,💦💦💦💦💦💦💦💦💦💦💦💦

1/3/2018 5:47:23 PM
RANIY DAY PASSION I send you a short story expressing my need and desire for you. You return with a reply of your own a follow up to my short story. Very sensual romantic and just nasty sexual. I need you now I reply. You text give 30 to 40 minutes and I will be there but I can't stay long. I say ok!!!! I take a shower and light my candles to set the mood. The rain is coming down and I raise the windows to let the fresh cool air fill my bedroom. Nothing sexy do I don but my favorite purple panties and black wife beater. My nipples are very hard with excitement and the chill in the air. You text you are here and I tell you to come in. The front door opens and my heart begins to beat faster, and my pussy is throbbing. You turn the corner to walk down the hallway and I can feel the moisture and heat between my thighs. You lean in and wrap your arms around me. The passion of your kiss has me so quickly at the point of errupting, I spread my legs and allow my pussy to relax. You kiss down my neck with firm nibbles and bites. My body starts to tremble and I widen my legs and relax more. You pull my shirt up and grab both of my tits with gentle bites to each nipples...............Damn I explode. I grab your hand and put it on the top of my saturated panties. I begin to rub on to of your hand caressing my wet pussy as you continue to suck my nipples. Make me cum again baby, you pull my panties to the side and I spread my lips apart and you grabs my clit with your thumb and index finger pulling and rubbing making me cum several times. I push you you up and unzip your jacket, then I undo your buckle, slowly unzipping the pants and pulling pants and underwear down to reveal this hard throbbing beautiful cock. I lick around the head and underneath the shaft and on top of the balls. Back to the head and then swallowing that cock down my throat. I feel the pulsating of your cock as you fuck my mouth. You reach down rubbing pulling and twisting my nipples. I try hard not to cum again to no avail........Damn I lay you down and remove the rest of your close and take off my panties. I guide my breast over you cock and you start to fuck my tits. I love how that feels and I suck the head as it pops thru. You push me on my back and straddle my tits and continue fucking them and rubbing and pulling on my nipples. Oh baby your going make cum baby ..........oh yes oh yes oh yes I have no control. You turn so that I can enjoy sucking your cock and you dive into my pussy sucking up all my juices. That intense licking and smacking sound just arouses me more. I am sucking your balls your cock and licking your ass............i want it all.........WOW

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