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Online and Real Time Pro Dominatrix I don't ever do anything I don't en
Female Dominant, 27,  Okemos, Michigan












 Dominant Female



 5' 5"

 110 lbs





Actively Seeking:

Submissive Male

Switch Men

Submissive Transgender

Online and Real Time Pro Dominatrix

I don't ever do anything I don't enjoy. I prefer you come to me if you want RT, as I have a wonderful little collection of toys, equipment and costumes in my kink room, but if you're out of state, you must meet me within a reasonable distance, and session at a hotel, or be willing to travel all the way to me. I won't come to your home. I will not relocate or vacation. Nothing is scheduled farther than 2 weeks out, so you must be ready to schedule a session within two weeks of contact.

I can only be found on collarspace, and have only one profile. I have no accounts on any other website, so don't ask if I'm on FL, or use kik. Pic stealers are everywhere, even stealing my own pics, so report any fake profiles to the mods.

Everything I do is "pay for play"

As you can see by my pictures and profile name, I am a big fan of boots, especially black leather. The longer, the better. I wear boots to show off during every session. They are the on button for my naughty side. Apparel suggestions are accepted for sessions (like requesting I wear stockings), but don't go overboard. 


If you're interested in an online session, I enjoy:

 *Humiliation (including SPH)

*Verbal Degradation

*Orgasm Control



*Tease and Denial

*Hypnosis (short and long-term)

*Forced Intox

*Sissification, aka Forced Feminization

*Foot, boot, stocking worship


*Light Findom

*Anal training instruction


Real Time sessions I enjoy:

(All subs new to me are required to deposit half to confirm our meet. This is a rule, not a suggestion)


*Verbal degradation


*Ass play

*Watersports (golden shower)

*Rope bondage

*Foot worship

*Whipping, paddling, flogging, bare hand spankings




*Ball crushing and/or trampling by boots



Favorite kinks? Roleplaying, predicament bondage, and anal training!


Hard Limits (aka things I will never do):

*No one under 23 years of age for real time

*Whoring you out (no "for each cock I suck, you get the money miss!" bullshit).

*Forced bi

*live-in's, 24/7's.


*Dominants looking to have me "use" their husband/boyfriend/slave.

*Maids, houseboys, service slaves, shopping slaves, nor any sort of live-in arrangements. No, no, no!!

*toylets, toilets, nothing involving you eating my feces.

*Keeping you locked in a cage overnight, for a weekend, etc.


*Website designers or similar. I don't need anymore exposure. This site is enough.

*Diaper or age play

*Sexual intercourse. you won't be having sex with me anywhere but in your dreams. you won't be giving me oral, touching my ladybits, nor using anything on me.

*Public play 


Why no face pics in my profile? Privacy reasons. I have a career outside of the kink world. Cam sessions will allow you to see my face and hear my voice. Skype is preferred.

All sessions require tribute.

Journal Entries:
3/12/2018 3:49:44 AM
Yesterday, my session with a sub interested in sissification was quite.. unique. When he said he was tall, and most likely couldn't pass for female, he was very much correct. When we met up, he's standing at 6'5" and pretty muscular in the legs. He said he liked heels, too! I did the best I could, but laughed the entire session at how ridiculous he looked. He knew it was silly, too. But after his makeover I made him suck off my strapon while I told him how much of a cum whore he was, and everything balanced out.

1/12/2018 4:47:56 PM
So, I'm in the middle of a session yesterday, with my sub in spreader bars, attached to my massage table, bent over and getting pounded by my f*cking machine, when I hear my doorbell chime. I view the doorbell camera, to find it's my middle-aged neighbor from across the street. Finding it quite odd that he randomly came over, I decided to throw on a robe over my catsuit, and venture upstairs and to the door to greet him. He hands me a package left at my door, and tells me that he wanted to make sure I brought it in, because there has been a lot of packages stolen in the neighborhood lately, and didn't want to see mine stolen, too. Oh, how sweet of him! I'm sure he caught a glimpse of the tall, leather boots I was wearing inside my house, and the shiny pvc suit peeking out from my robe. With a smile and a thank you, we then parted ways.

I went back downstairs, to see my sub just starting to cum.  He said he was nervous, but excited to be caught if some stranger came down and saw him in such a position. He thought I invited over an audience. I smacked his ass with a crop I laid nearby from earlier punishment, and laughed until it hurt from his comment!

12/11/2017 11:31:45 AM
Another good session this afternoon with a long term client, involving predicament bondage. Who knew you could use snow? And no, I won't tell you what I did. I like to keep my PB sessions hush-hush, so the subs never know what they're getting into!

9/20/2017 7:02:35 AM
An interesting humiliation session this morning with sub ameen. Dipped my toes into caramel sauce (only thing available in my fridge, lol!), and having him clean them off entirely, while he was being penetrated by my new f*cking machine. I admit, while I love foot worship, watching his reactions as the machine did its thing to his bottom was distracting and hilarious. We had more fun in our humiliation session, but that was the most memorable part!

7/19/2017 2:39:37 PM
Even though I wasn't in my comfy kink room back home, the session I had with sub liam this afternoon in my hotel room while visiting Chicago was quite fun. The suite size was perfect, with lots of objects to tie him to. We choose an anal training (strapon size changes), cbt, verbal/physical humiliation and cei session.

Now to relax, enjoy Chicago for the rest of the night, and head home in the morning.

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