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Okay. Let's try something new; a little honesty. Wouldn't that be refreshing around here.
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A Poly Household

Okay. Let's try something new; a little honesty. Wouldn't that be refreshing around here.


I have been separated for the past two years. Hello, 2018. If you're okay with he concept of poly, you'll be fine within my current environment. It's not poly, but it does involve those dynamics.


I am dominant in relationships, but don't go around identifying myself as a Dom or a Master. If you are looking for a dungeon environment or someone to rack you up 24 hours a day, I'm the wrong guy. If you want to go with 'Sir' when we communicate, I appreciate the respect aspect of it, but don't automatically presume that it is a title of position. Especially if we have never met in person.


My past two subs have come from home-to-home situations. Where are they now? They have moved on to new homes. Apparently that's a subculture in itself. It was great for brushing up on some real interests, but I am looking for someone looking for her next home and NOT already considering the one after that.


I take my role very seriously, but also have a vanilla life to attend to. What you and I do will be woven into the everyday, not just inserted as time-outs from our day and then resuming what we were previously doing once we have finished.


The last time I was here, it was suggested that what I was looking for was a kinky girlfriend. That may be. I'm looking for someone devoted but not necessarily so serious. What is so odd about actually liking the dynamic of D/s TPE and still being able to enjoy your life? Everyone here so serious about kink that I wonder how they can function in society if that is how they have to act, think, and talk every time they log in here?

I'm wading back into the fray to see if there is someone less extreme in personality and more dedicated in cause this time. Let's see if this time I can really find you.


No online roleplaying. No long distance / remote for long term. Only interested in real time in person.

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