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  The one I am seeking is a intelligent devoted female sub or slave.   She
Male Dominant, 67,  Montgomery, Alabama


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StraightMale Switch
Age: 59, Height: 6ft 0in (183 cm), Weight: 225 lbs.
Location: Florida
Last on 2/2/18 at 7:40 AM
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StraightMale Dominant
Age: 55, Height: 5ft 8in (173 cm), Weight: 155 lbs.
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 215 lbs





Actively Seeking:

Submissive Female

Sub/Sub Couples

  The one I am seeking is a intelligent devoted female sub or slave.   She  has her opinions and can think for herself.  She understands that her submission is the fulfillment of both her need and mine.

  She will be treated with firmness and with respect as a person (not to be confused with her role as a sub/slave).  We will explore her limits but they will be respected.  She will receive my love and protection (not to mention training) and will respond with love, devotion and she will of course obey my wishes. 

   A relationship like this would be ltr and 24/7. Not that she will spend 24/7 in leather and chains but I will be in control.  I do not believe that control requires micromanagement. quite the opposite if you are in control you do not need to micromanage.  I also believe that first you have to control yourself, then you can think about controlling others.

    Keep in mind that I have a wide variety of interests, far more extensive than is listed here and which we can eventually explore while respecting her limits.

Having said all this I must add that the relationship with the person comes first.  If there isn't a connection between the people there cannot be a proper connection between the Dom and sub.



I like  BBWs as much as I do smaller women. 

I have recently become interested in some couples.


Journal Entries:
8/26/2015 6:10:43 PM
Looking over profiles I find that once you eliminate everything that will get you ignored you can't contact people.

5/21/2012 7:07:53 AM

It is really sad when two people get upset with each other because they each think the other is ignoring them.

4/16/2011 10:14:10 AM
Isn't it strange that women say how refreshing it is to find a Dom who wants to know them not just their kinks. Then two weeks later they have commited to someone who they just met on here!

3/13/2011 10:34:47 AM
A true master is always a student. When you stop learning you stagnate.

7/5/2010 12:57:58 AM
Why do I keep getting contacted by Dommes when there is nothing in my profile or makeup to give them reason to think i want to be their sub?????????????????

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