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'A woman may very well form a friendship with a man, but for this to endure, it must be assist
Dom/Slave Couple, 38/39,  Mesa, Arizona








 Dom/Slave Couple





Primary Partner:









 5' 11"

 190 lbs



Secondary Partner:










 5' 7"



Actively Seeking:

Submissive Female

Friends Only

A Poly Household


"A woman may very well form a friendship with a man, but for this to endure, it must be assisted by a little physical antipathy."  -Friedrich Nietzsche

Still under construction, changing frequently.

To answer the other common question, yes, we are both real and we both are aware of what is going on here and would both be involved not only in the selection process but enjoyment of any girl selected.

We do invite first contact from subs who may have an interest, you do not have to wait for us to contact you. :)

I thought writing an individual profile was hard...this is even harder to do as not only do I need to find a way to express myself but also to express the thoughts and feelings of another!

This profile is the couples profile for a Dom/sub couple, 

What are we looking for...

That's a good question, as a couple we've talked many times about introducing another to our 'collective' either as a play partner or something more depending on the fit.

Originally in our relationship, it started out as three of us but over time the third slipped away leaving just us together.

For someone to be considered, the primary deciding factor is going to be fit between us.

If there is not a comfort factor in personality, it doesn't matter how well the desires and likes work out, it just can't happen...  As a Dominant, I'm not looking to replace or supplant her at all (yes I am that special and very loved. Just sayin' - her), I'm simply giving consideration to expand on what we can do and enjoy as a group.

The ideal candidate would be a female, who shares common interests and attitudes with us as a whole.  Requirements are bisexual, a love of bondage, gags, chastity and orgasm denial.  Bonuses are rubber/latex enjoyment, domestic (cooking/cleaning) items and anything else on our likes list!

She should be comfortable being bound to my pleasure, gagged frequently, locked with no access to keys, displayed privately and potential play/service with her at times(LOTS of play! I love being played with! -her).  I can say however that she will be treated well, not abused (physical/mental/other) as I do not find any of those activities enjoyable.

Any girl selected for a spot with us will be subject to 24/7 restraints on her body, however, these items will mostly be hidden under normal clothing (with the exception of her collar) and most likely kept locked without her having access to keys for removal.

So, the members...

Me.  I'm a white male Dominant with many, many, many years of experience training and working with female subs both in an online and real life environment.  I am not a hard-ass, beat you til you submit type of Dom, I prefer to work from a more positive environment and only enforce negative discipline when there is no other option presented.

I'm obscenely straight with absolutely no deviation from that and as such do not work with any male, transexual, metrosexual whatever guys for any reason, period.

In my 'mundane' life, I'm a successful professional with a stable career and respectable income.  I say this because too many people on CollarMe are nothing more than people living in their parents basements, or working at Walmart with no means to support that which they seek which just further lends to the damage being done in the community.

her.  I'll have something to post here when she stops being a lazy little slave girl and actually writes me something to post here.  (her) How rude!!!! -.-

Journal Entries:
1/15/2018 8:26:27 AM
Figured I'd start bringing some of my old journals back to life, I originally posted this one back in 2013 and I feel it is just as relevant now as it was back then.

Here is an open note to all submissives out there...

You aren't a slut, you aren't garbage, you aren't a whore, you aren't a bitch, you aren't any of these things that those wannabie 'Doms' (and I use that term loosely) keep tell you that you are.

A Dom doesn't need a title like 'Sir' or 'Master' from a submissive to feel justified. A Dom doesn't chose a submissive and tell her that she is his but instead shows the submissive why she should select him to be her Dom, her Hand, her Protector... A Dom doesn't act like these fools you see on TV running around blasting Heavy Metal Music (Don't get me wrong, I love Heavy Metal Music) and brandishing a whip while wearing black leather pants, gloves, and a gimp mask... A Dom knows how to Dominate a girl just as effective with them both dressed for work as when she is naked and bound under his hand...

A submissive is a rare and beautiful thing that should be cherished and treated with the respect that she in turn gives you. Name calling is one of the most bullshit things that fake Dom's do to their submissives in an attempt to build 'power' over them by reducing their sub's self esteem... Don't put up with this kind of abuse, don't put up with someone that has to tear YOU down in order to feel Dominant...

A true Dom will be able to take a sub, speak softly to her, treat her with respect and endure her own respect without question. A true Dom can say nothing and convey dissatisfaction with a sub in a way that she will feel more ashamed than anyone screaming insults can possibly do. A true Dom knows how to humiliate and punish a submissive without becoming mentally or physically abusive.

submissives deserve more than these cheap tricks done by aggressive males who are looking for girls that they can abuse under the guise of being a Dom or their Master. Take your time, find a trainer, find a teacher, then find a Dom and then you decide if he is a true Master... The one decision a submissive can always make is the decision to walk away from someone who isn't worthy of the gift they are giving.

submissives, stop being abused and putting up with these guys who are simply out there to beat and fuck you and find yourself a true Dom who will treat you how you should be treated and experience with D/s truly is...

D/s is not abuse...

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