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I'm a hard working, obedient play toy.  I can dance on command with 100 clothespins attac
Male Slave, 38,  Santa Monica, California












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 Male Slave

 Santa Monica 


 6' 0"

 190 lbs





 8 minutes

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Dominant Female

I'm a hard working, obedient play toy.  I can dance on command with 100 clothespins attached to my cock and balls while providing first rate maid service for extended periods.  I excel at cleaning, chores, cooking, and gardening.  I'm also good at  providing entertainment while absorbing pain for other's amusement.  Can take extreme spanking, cbt, and extended periods in bondage.

Journal Entries:
11/4/2017 12:19:15 PM
After three hours of cleaning her play space in my slippers and tutu, Mommy gave me a hard spanking and then considered whether or not to remove the ginormous butt plug she'd shoved inside me when I first arrived.

10/22/2017 4:22:56 AM
I'm now the cleaning sissy for a pro domme with a new playspace.  She insists I wear the clothespins to keep me focused on speed and efficiency as I make her dungeon sparkle.  It was really painful, but I did a good job.  Now she's thinking of keeping me locked in the cleaning closet only to be let out to clean between sessions.  whimper, sob...

8/26/2017 9:13:50 AM
Ballet class has become a real sissy hell.  The teacher gets annoyed with me when I mess up and the other ladies scoff and snigger at me as I struggle to do the dance moves.  The damn white tights are so bright that it attracts everyone in the school to stop and watch me, then laugh and point.  Everyone knows the teacher makes me wear them and I'm a pathetic sissy who can't dance.  They're footed so they slip inside the slipper as they tug at my legs and waist.  Not to mention the dance belt splitting my anus and engulfing my little clitty.  I cried for an hour after class.

7/27/2017 9:28:11 AM
My ballet teacher couldn't stop laughing at me in class.  She kept making comments about my outfit, getting the 15 or so ladies giggling at me, treating me like a silly object of ridicule, and making me do extra jumps and prancing.  She acted surprised and amused that I'd worn white tights and a bright top, never mentioning she'd told me to wear it and thereby making me appear even more ridiculous.  By the end she was on a non-stop laughing gag.  Before I left she ordered me to continue coming to class in my outfit.

7/24/2017 5:07:11 AM
My ballet teacher is making me wear white tights and a bright top to class from now on.  Only a sissy would wear this outfit to class and I know she's already told everyone what a sissy I am.  Expecting lots of laughter and humiliation.

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