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The Largest BDSM Community on the Planet

Full Blooded, Native American=(1/2 Apache, 1/4 Arawak, 1/4 Seminole), Veteran, Libertarian, Wr
Male Dominant, 50,  Lewiston, Maine












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 6' 0"

 220 lbs





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Full Blooded, Native American=(1/2 Apache, 1/4 Arawak, 1/4 Seminole), Veteran, Libertarian, Writer/Author,(Master/Daddy) Non-smoker, Drug and Disease Free, Seeking ONE girl for long term, possible lifetime commitment. 


I am always very honest and blunt about what I want. I have no secrets and nothing to hide so I don't have to lie about anything. I would give and do anything to find the right ONE. 


I am a retired government contractor, a veteran, a Home owner, a hard worker and financially stable. 

I was born into and raised in a poly household, my Father was 3rd generation old guard Master. My mother was his legal wife, soulmate and alpha submissive. I was trained young by my Father and Uncles=(All Masters) to become a Master. 

I have been on this site off and on since 2005.  

I have been active in the lifestyle for many years. I have helped to train Many slaves and submissives for other Doms/Masters/Daddys, but I myself only kept a select FEW girls for myself over the years. I am not with anyone at the moment, When it comes to the lifestyle I never stop learning new things to enjoy and be aware of.

I am extremely patient and can explore with, teach/train a girl without pushing, rushing or hurting her. 


I am super high energy and abilities of a 18 year old, I hangout and play with the 20 something year olds and some are intimidated by the fact that I do things most of them cannot do. The men in my family live very long healthy lives and remain strong and very active well into their 90s and they live well past 100. I skateboard, rollerskate, mountain bike, climb mountains, climb trees, rappelling, skydiving, extreme swimming, diving, camping, hiking, hunting, extreme frisbee, gymnastics, rugby, rafting, boating, hunting, extreme zombie tag, extreme follow the leader, american football, baseball, softball, are only some of the things I do for fun.  

I work for the government part time as an instructor teaching=(martial arts, extreme marksmanship, tracking, European/Chinese/Japanese swordsmanship, knife fighting, exotic weapons, explosives, extreme weather and situation survival techniques etc.) 

I build Hobbit Homes, Dome Homes, and Earthen Homes for my friends, I am now creating a business to build these homes for people here in Maine. And I will soon be getting a few acres of land to build these homes for me and the members of my family. 

I have traveled all over the world many times, I am well educated, experienced, I Love reading, writing=(I am a published author), listening to music of all kinds, watching movies, playing pool/billiards, simulation games and board games, cooking good food, spending quality time with good friends, woodworking, jewelry making, building plastic model kits and making them look real. 


I seek ONE girl healthy, strong, intelligent, with common sense, Who knows how to appreciate being cared for, protected, and getting her needs provided for while serving a Master/Daddy who provides structure, control, safety, but who sees, recognizes, appreciates all she does for him and rewards her for being his good girl. YOU Must be able deal with a high energy, high sex drive person. You don't have to physically do any of those things I listed above that I do, but just not be a total couch potato.  


I seek possible long term (possible 24/7 TPE) Live-In relationship=(possible lifetime commitment). As I was being trained many years ago it was made clear to me, that a Master or Daddy must be trained and able to give his girl what she needs to make her happy and keep her at his side. hardcore sadism or soft and loving Daddy, I am sadistic enough to give even the most hardcore masochist an eyebrow lifting life. But I am also kind caring and loving enough to give any littlegirl a happy cuddling, candy and cupcakes, stuffies and love life too. I am an unpredictable incurable romantic who if the girl is into that I can make her life quite interesting to say the least. 


I have no problems with many taboos because I love many different taboos=(ask and I shall tell). I believe that domination, constant hard use, submission, bondage, kink, fetish, passion, sadism, roleplay, protocol, objectification, impact play, mental control, forced orgasms, role play, pet play, sensory deprivation, suspension. punishment, intensity, romance, sensuality and Yes even LOVE can all exist in the same D/s relationship. 




You must be faithful and obedient.




You must not run away when things get too hard for you. 




You must be seeking lifetime commitment and building a family with your Master in the future. 



You must keep your pussy shaved clean or I will do it for you.



You must Enjoy your pussy being eaten at least once a day, till you have dozens of mind bending multiple orgasms, and squirting. (for those of you girls who think that since you never squirted before you cannot. Wrong, You will squirt regularly) 



You must Enjoy receiving as well as giving full body massages everyday. 

Weather your hair is long or short now, You Must let your hair grow long, I will do haircare, I am very good at that. 



For a long term relationship, I know that all these things take time, and I am willing to take the time to get to know the person and see what happens. IF You seek long term D/s relationship as I do and you are willing to talk please feel free to message me and we can discuss and get to know each other.



Journal Entries:
1/2/2018 12:42:02 PM
So far I have been on this search for over 3 years, In all of this time I have heard some of the most MASSIVE B.S. ever published, from females here on this site, who have ALL said they are "totally serious about long term relationship with a Master/Daddy, Me in particular" Yeah Right=(NOT). 

I have sifted through enough emailed horse poop on this site to fertilize the state of NEBRASKA. 

I spend days, weeks and on a few occasions even months talking to someone and everything is going well, getting to know each other, discussing many things and developing feelings for each other. Then suddenly they just stop talking. I said nothing wrong, they just stop responding to my messages. 

If You are going to start talking seriously about relationship, and suddenly you get an itch up your ass to walk away at least tell me why? If I say something that makes you uncomfortable, then please have the good adult common sense to say something, that is why we are getting to know each other, so we can discuss these things together now, and then build a relationship together, the right way. Don't just run away like a little 8 year old girl and hide behind a tree. 

Does anyone here actually finish what they start??

Carlos Mencia is RIGHT, Dee Dee Dee.

3/20/2017 1:56:29 AM
Hello female submissives, and slaves. Lets get a few things clear, YES everyone here including Me wants your PUSSY, your BODY, your Skills/Abilities, And the rest of YOU.

YES, We all want to fuck your brains out as many times a day as we get a chance too. Some of us=(Me) want to have children in the future with the right girl.

We all want to tie you up, handcuff you, chain you, dress you up in kink/fetish wear, do roleplay, control every aspect of your present and future life. 

The Difference Here IS, that in My case I Want the girl or girls to be with Me not just for "AKA" Long Term=(a few years) But for Possible LIFETIME COMMITMENT. That means I Am carefully seeking the right person or persons to live the rest of their lives with Me, grow old together guiding them while they serve Me. 

Once YOU understand these special differences, maybe you as the individual submissive or slave can make a better and more informed decision on what you want, need, and can deal with.

3/20/2017 1:52:33 AM
IDOCRACY the movie, watch it carefully and you will be terrified. Because it is already happening right now. 

While this movie was originally meant to be just an everyday science fiction comedy it has turned into a Terrifying Prophesy that detail by detail has already begun to happen,  As the movie shows will get much worse as the years go by. 

3/20/2017 1:51:57 AM
IF You have no photos on your profile OR if you have photos of things Or persons that are not YOU on your profile, AND YOU choose to message Me. You should not be surprised that it might be hard (because of all the scammers on this site), for Me to take you  seriously Until I finally see photos of YOU.  I don't demand to see photos of you the first day, but I do wish to see them once I get to know you and I know that we are looking for the same thing.

I have 15 photos of Me here on this profile for all to see what I look like. IF I can be serious enough about what I seek to show photos of Me, then You should (after we get to know each other well enough) at least be willing to show Me a photo of your face and one of you standing away from the camera wearing form fitting outfit/swimsuit etc. to show body shape. 

That is fair for both of us.

3/20/2017 1:48:09 AM
For the sake of Clarity and to answer the most asked questions up front I am making this journal list entry. Each of the following entries are important and non-negotiable. 

#1: I seek ONE submissive/slave, (the only way I will accept 2 girls is if they come as a set, I will not go seeking more then One). I want to have children in the future with a submissive/slave. This means if you want to be with me and cannot have children, you can still can be with me but must accept that one other girl who can give Me the children I  have always wanted WILL be there in the future as well. ON the other hand if the first serious girl I find can give Me children I want then I will have that ONE girl and My relationship search will be complete.   

#2: IF you are not White, East Asian, Indian or light skinned hispanic, YOU Do Not Qualify To Be with ME. Sorry it is My preference, it is not a matter for Discussion, Debate or Negotiation.

#3: I AM extremely healthy and intensely physical, if you are not capable of keeping up then I might not be right for You. I want people who are strong and healthy, You can be thick or curvy but not one of the "PARKERS". At the same time you can be slim but not so Anorexically skinny that (Except for your head) I can fit you through a post office mail slot. 

#4: IF YOU ARE NOT what I am looking for, do not lie and think I will give you a pass later and take you in or keep you anyway. You Don't need to be perfect but you do need to fit what I want. I have nothing to hide about ME so I don't have to LIE about Me, My life, the way I am or what I want. SO IF YOU begin your friendship and or future relationship with Me starting with LIES expect the backlash to be epic.  I have had a girl who lied to Me by showing Me photos of another girl, her best friend who was very pretty and she thought I would accept instead of photos of her real self. Later after I flew her across the country, she showed up at My local airport to meet Me and be with Me. I took one look at her=(5'0" 388lbs. butt ugly, NOT the pretty girl in the photos I was sent over 4 months), I saw I had been lied too, She told me all the photos had been of her best friend who helped her lie to me. I left HER right on the spot at the airport and went home without her. (This means if you are a short, butt ugly 400lb. Megafat girl who is as wide as she is tall and you spend weeks and months talking to Me while showing Me photos of a sexy thick/curvy girl, and then you fly here and I see the real You, I WILL just leave you right there at the airport and walk away. NO KIDDING, NO SHIT! I WILL DO IT, I have been there and I have done it before and I WILL do it again). I AM REAL so you must be REAL OR BE GONE.     

#5: IF you have mental and emotional problems as well as trust issues from past abusive relationships, Leave Your drama at the door. I AM NOT here to pick up the pieces of your past mistakes or be an emotional punching bag because you decided to be with abusive assholes in your past and now you want someone to take it out on.

#6: I will not pay for your relocation, every slave/submissive I have had in the past were able to relocate themselves to of their own free will without any help from I, so should you. This site is now populated by scammers who now make up 60%+ of all the females on this site. I will not be scammed ever.

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