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Please, read my profile before contacting me For now, i am not really looking for a relatio
Female Submissive, 34,  My couch, Bosnia

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Straight Dominant Couple
Age: 53, Height: 6ft 2in (188 cm), Weight: 202 lbs.
Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands
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Age: 36, Height: 5ft 6in (168 cm)
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Please, read my profile before contacting me

For now, i am not really looking for a relationship in any real aspect, but friends are appreciated. i will like to communicate with others, share parts of me i usually cannot do in my everyday life and feel the D/s dynamics i miss daily ...

i am not novice when it comes to BDSM, but i have never been in D/s relation with a woman ... and i have never openly dated one ... 

i listed myself as bisexual, because i use to date men most of my life ... as a teen i felt different, but all my friends were going out with a boys and that seemed as a natural choice ...  my preferences were anyway considered as disease and slowly i started to look on them in the same way ... i get to know that part of me before my sub nature ...  


thank You for reading

You might find me changing countries around the ex Yugoslavia region. I am not doing that to confuse anyone ... believe me, nobody is confused more then me ... that's the way i feel ... not belonging here or there ... might be another identity crisis ... or just nostalgia ... 

Journal Entries:
5/21/2017 6:46:14 PM
No matter how irrelevant this should be ... spending day and nights browsing, reading profiles and hoping to get sometimes that what people here like to call "meaningful" conversation ... i never expected that all of this will start affecting my everyday life ... i always cared what others think or say about me ... i was thinking here will be different ... few nights ago i could not sleep because someone told me that i don't look and sound humble and submissive ... it hurts me when people are so determined to make opinions without knowing me at all ... i never thought that anything here can create such anxiety and that it can grow and live within me for days ...

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