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Seeking a devoted, obedient, slave that yearns to surrender to the control and care of an asse
Male Dominant, 24,  Saint Louis, Missouri













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 Dominant Male

 Saint Louis 


 Willing to Relocate

 5' 9"

 170 lbs





 7 minutes

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Submissive Male

Seeking a devoted, obedient, slave that yearns to surrender to the control and care of an assertive and firm but also attentive and loving Sir. Sir's goal is to find someone to serve Him in whatever way He needs or desires.

Slave should be physically fit or height/weight proportionate, masculine (Sir likes owning and turning out so-called "Alphas"), and between the ages of 18 and 45. Race/ethnicity is not an issue although Sir does have a sweet tooth for chocolate. Well endowed is great too.

Ideally, the arrangement would be long-term and a genuine, loving, companionship can be developed and intertwined with the power exchange but Sir is not opposed to casual but ONGOING play partners as well. The ultimate goal, however, would be for the relationship to eventually evolve into a live-in, 24/7 situation. 

Sir's primary and non-negotiable sexual/kinky interests that He enjoys the most include (in a very particular order):

- oral sex (Sir has an INSATIABLE oral fixation and loves giving head if for no other reason than because he derives pleasure from the reaction it generates from men...Sir simply swoons at the sight of a man's toes curling, his body quivering, and his eyes rolling to the back of his head and knowing He's the reason why....Sir will likely devour His slave's cock, if not several times a day, then at least several times a week....Sir is also very oral in other ways such as licking/kissing/nibbling/biting a man's ears, neck, chest, stomach, thighs, inch of His slave's body will go unexplored by His mouth and tongue....Sir also likes and expects to receive head too occasionally)

- anilingus (if there's anything Sir loves more than eating ass is having His ass eaten, which He would expect His slave to do regularly and generously -- especially if slave wants to enter Sir)

- anal sex (Sir identifies as a versatile bottom, so He would be most compatible with a versatile top slave as He occasionally gets the urge to pound a hole too...although, Sir would accept the service of a "total top" as well)

- cock milking and prostate milking (whether by using His hands, a machine, and/or toys, Sir loves to drain His slaves dry and take every drop of their baby gravy until their sacks are empty)

sensory deprivation (blindfolds and ear plugs are generally Sir's preferred method of practicing sensory deprivation but He would to explore further in the kink and try hoods and mummification in the future)

- orgasm control/denial (from several hours of edging, orgasms on command, forcing orgasms, ruining orgasms, post-orgasm stimulation/torture, tease and denial, and total orgasm denial, Sir will maintain authority over His slaves ability to orgasm if Sir allows his slave to orgasm at all)

- bondage (bondage "ties" with oral sex as one of Sir's absolute favorite kinks, especially when paired with oral or any of activities listed above...nothing makes Sir happier than to take advantage of His slaves while they are totally helpless at the mercy of Sir's will and His wrath)

impact play (another beloved activity of Sir's is bending slaves over His knee, spanking their ass with one hand and stroking their meat with another, edging them while making their cheeks blush at the same time...He is also very fond of floggers, canes, paddles, and whips for fun and for punishment...but mostly fun) 

- anal play (Sir likes to use toys on Himself and on His slave)

- ass worship and face sitting (slave's face is Sir's throne and slave will love every minute of it...he will worship Sir's ass, kiss it, rub it, adore it, smell it and take in Sir's scent)

- foot play and worship (suck Sir's toes, lick the soles, kiss His boots/shoes, and just love all on Sir's feet)

chastity (while a slave's cock is not being used by Sir, he is not allowed to touch himself or be touched by anyone else so it will be locked away and only Sir will retain the ability to unlock it until He has use for it again)

- begging (Sir likes for His slaves to beg Him to use and abuse them)

- CMNM (Sir enjoys ogling at His slave's bare, raw, naked body and treating his slaves as mere sex objects)

massages (Sir enjoys receiving foot rubs, booty rubs, back rubs, and shoulder rubs from a pair of strong hands)

Some other sexual/kinky activities that Sir enjoys (and open to negotiate) are:

- cock and ball torture

- nipple play and nipple torture

sensation play (including ice and wax play)

- role playing

- food play

- humiliation

- objectification

- voyeurism

- exhibitionism 

Sir will under no circumstances engage in any play that involve poo, piss, needles, blood, fire, body mod, drugs, and ESPECIALLY nor children nor animals. Sir strongly believes in safe, consensual, and LEGAL play at all times.

For sexual servitude, a slave will serve as Sir's personal cock whore and cum cow. He will essentially be a human sex doll, dildo, and chew toy. Sir will have absolute control over your cock and of course, your entire body to do with WHATEVER He wants, WHENEVER He wants. Slaves must be available at all times - except during previously negotiated "off" time for obligations/commitments like work or family engagements - to service Sir when He is in the mood to play. If Sir calls, slave stops whatever he's doing and he comes home to please Daddy. Slaves are expected to be nude at ALL times while Sir is around, unless Sir specifically requests for the slave to wear something specific. If Sir sees fit, He may share boy toy with others, perhaps to let other cock hungry bottoms come in and have their way with His slave boy or let other tops come in and fuck all his holes. Of course, Sir would never lend His slave to anyone he believes would mishandle His property.

For domestic servitude, Sir's slaves are expect to cook, clean, and perform other household chores to Sir's satisfaction. Slaves will serve in other ways that Sir may need (e.g. personal assistance, running errands, manual labor, being a confidante and listening ear when Sir needs to vent and rant, emotional support, etc.). Sir also appreciates Slaves that take initiative and do things for Sir without being told to. While Sir's slave is not servicing Him at home, he will be caged until they are of further use to Sir OR Sir gives specially permission for the slave to be out.

Sir will NOT abide by disobedience/defiance (blatant refusal to comply to tasks or commands given), inefficiency (not completing tasks to a satisfactory standard -- although Sir's slave should achieve for beyond satisfactory), or rule breaking (e.g. cumming without permission or addressing Sir by something other than "Sir") and will NOT hesitate to discipline His slaves in accordance to their transgressions. SIR WILL MAKE NO EXCEPTIONS. Punishments will not be fun or pleasant for the slave in any way.

Sir does not wish to control the parts of a slave's life or time that is not spent with Sir. Sir requires minimal to no influence in a slave's finances, education, career, and/or relationships with friends and family so long as they do not interfere with the slave's duties and commitment to serving Sir. Sir must be a top priority but Sir also understands the importance of having a purpose and encourages slaves to find joy, happiness, and fulfillment in other aspects of their life if they express a desire to do so. Sir, however, will retain the authority to intervene which may affect these areas if He deems it necessary for the best interest and overall well-being and personal growth of the slave. The purpose of Sir's intervention is not to take away anything from the slave (especially not anything that he cares about), but to add onto what's already there and make it better. For example, if slave is in school and Sir notices that slave is slacking in coursework, Sir would step in and give slave a strict schedule that limits the amount of time slave can spend with friends and dedicates more time to study. The needs and betterment of the slave is ALWAYS kept in mind with anything Sir does or decides and is of the utmost importance to Sir. In addition, slave can trust that Sir will ALWAYS acknowledge and adhere to the stipulations and guidelines we have mutually agreed upon in our contract. Sir will NEVER overstep any established boundaries or do anything that would diminish slave's trust of Him. results

  • 100% - Dominant, Rigger, Sadist, and Master

  • 99% - Owner

  • 97% - Primal (Hunter)

  • 67% - Voyeur and Exhibitionist

  • 59% - Degrader

  • 57% - Non-monogamist

  • 16% - Vanilla

  • 0% - Rope Bunny, Slave, Degradee, Submissive, Masochist, Pet, and Switch

Outside of kink, Sir is very adventurous. Sir would like a travel companion that he can explore with and also do other outdoor/adventure activities together like camping, hiking, backpacking, climbing, etc. Sir likes to go to jazz and blues clubs, art galleries, museums, concerts, music festivals, and the theatre. Sir definitely enjoys the simplicity and peace of quiet evenings at home as well. Sometimes there's nothing better than just being together, cuddled up watching TV or playing board games and just enjoying each other's company.

Sir currently resides in the Midwest (Missouri to be more specific), however, He has no attachments where He is but fortunately, has the liberty to take His work with Him anywhere. And assuming that He will meet someone that He connects with and believes He can sustain a long-term arrangement with, Sir is very open to having conversations about the possibility of relocating. Sir has already been considering moving to either Washington (Seattle), Colorado (Denver), or California (either San Diego or L.A.) for a while anyway so HUGE +++++ if applicants are from or near any of these areas.

Sir has face pictures to share if it gets that far.

Applicants should respond by telling Sir a little about themselves (including what submission and slavery means to them and their prior experience(s), if any, as being a slave), why they believe they would be a good fit to be trained by and serve Sir and what value can they offer to enhance and make Sir's life easier, what they like and don't like, limits and any details they feel Sir should be aware of. Pics are wonderful too but understandable if you are not comfortable just yet. 

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