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The Largest BDSM Community on the Planet

Hello, First I am weird/eccentric crazy guy just throwing that out there. So if you dont get
Male Switch, 27,  Somewhere, New Jersey












Last Online:


 Male Switch


 New Jersey

 Willing to Relocate

 6' 4"

 400 lbs




 13 minutes

Actively Seeking:

Dominant Female

Submissive Female

Dom/Domme Couples

Femdom Couples

Online Romance



First I am weird/eccentric crazy guy just throwing that out there. So if you dont get my profile yeah thats why


I like to talk so contact me either here/chat or

Skype/Gmail: FatAssSmallDick

Yahoo: Fat_Ass_Small_Dick

I am also on other sites (Many galleries of pics and videos)

Imagefap (

Pornhub (

Twitter (

Tumblr (


I enjoy getting gifts hears
my Amazon wish list
If you get me something I will give you a custom video of me using the item or whatever you want


Why FatAssSmallDick?

Um, I am fat guy with a big FAT ASS and tiny SMALL DICK, Plus its a names that stands out. Now I know people will look at me and say good things (God, Worshippable, Superior) and bad things (Ugly, Disgusting, Inferior) and there both right. I want to hear your comments


What Role am I?

I am switch but a dominant switch , sometimes what I desire is what you may associate with slaves like being caged, beaten and mocked but I dont as I request/command it. Haha

How can I be dominant with a small penis?

Simple, I am a selfish prick who doesnt really care about pleasing others and only myself. Plus I dont mind being a dominant bottom or using toys if I do feel like pleasing others.


Thinks/Topics I like (I like almost everything heres a top list)

-Talking- Like I said I like to talk about anything

-Helping- I like to help others, we are a community its good to lend a hand or an ear or other. Sometimes we dont see the whole pictures but others might see something we dont.

-Mental Manipulation/Hypnosis- My soft look put people at ease and I have a gift for making people open up and allow me inside there mind. I use this for good and bad. I also do hypnosis. My Technique is easy I use MP3s/GIFS and can be done anywhere

I already have if interested: Basic Obedience, Human2AnimalHucow, Male2Female Sissy, Little Girl, Male Chastity, Bimbofication, I do custom just ask

-Humiliation- I enjoy humiliating others as well as being humiliated again either by my command or by women

-Exposure/Blackmail- I enjoy blackmailing others. I prefer blackmailing women as guys dont take this the wrong way but we arent that good to look at. I get better results with women

-S&M- I enjoy hurting others. Not because of the pain but because of the psychological aspect. I enjoy making people beg for it. Seeing how bad they want it. But o nthe others side I like having pain inflicted by forced

-Ass/Anal Play- Many people ask about face sitting as I have a fat ass, never tried it but would love to. Haha. Plus I love anal play both sides. I like playing with others ass and especially having mine played with. I like to be filled to the brim. I liked it licked, kissed and worshipped

-Findom- Not mandatory but I love gifts/money

-ABDL/Adult Baby- First no I dont like other adult babies. I like being babied.

-Femdom- I actually enjoy being dominated by the right person. Not everyone can fit the bill, I usually bow down to women, who are powerful and hot. I am not saying the normal ones are weak I am just saying your looks play a big part I just dont feel anything for normal if anything I feel like overpowering you. I know I am shallow but oh well

Journal Entries:
1/11/2018 9:30:10 AM
I doubt any one will, but as i have scene others post well what the hell. My birthday is Jan 25 if anyone wants to get me anything heres my amazon wishlist ://  If you get me something for my b-day I will give a custom video gift back

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