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 Update 1/13/2018      My life with my submissive has ended and she'
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 Update 1/13/2018

     My life with my submissive has ended and she's been released to follow her dreams. We parted as friends and are still friends with each other. Next we were together for 9 years and she had two children in that time. I have been their father from the start and will remain in their life. I'm sorry because I was old school and do respect the kids. 

   If you desire a one on one relationship and not be shared we should talk.


  I am now seeking a submissive/slave to fit my needs. I am very strict, to the point. To create a slave, obedient to the end, willing and available no hesitation. That takes time and training a firm hand that guides teach and punish you as needed.  I have always provided protection and a safe haven for a slave. Respect and Trust is a two way street.

- Rules and protocols,  Physical and verbal abuse, Discipline, Training, sexual humiliation

and degradation will become part of your daily life. I am open to age, race and size of a slave. While I do prefer a slave to Bi-sexual I will work with you if straight.


   This is not my first Rodeo I have lived my life in the Lifestyle. In life I was always Dominant with my slave/s and at work as well. I do have many interests both in and out of the L.S. My profile picture is what I see in a slave.


 A submissive/slave you will become my property a pet part of my life and share in our life goals. This will take time. Leave all your foolish games, senseless drama and petty jealousy behind. It has NO place in the Lifestyle or life its self.  If you seek to bring them with you I will have no choice but to punish without mercy or release you.


  @ Master

     He has been in the life for Thirty plus years and is able to take complete control of you. He is into anything from mild to the Extreme wild side of the life.

  I have always believed in daily Maintenance is strictly connected with the slave who serves within my home. A maintenance spanking every morning before your daily duty's will keep your mind straight. As a slave you will have both domestic and tasks set by me daily.


 @ you

    The slave we seek should be devoted to her Owners and willing to preform any task given to it.

   When you come into my home you will have a probation period of three months. At the end of that time you will taken as a Collared slave and fitted with a Eternity Collar.


Journal Entries:
9/26/2017 4:38:39 AM
I have No desire for male slave.

 I also marked cpl/cpl this is for girl/girl cpl only NO male/female cpl's wanted

9/21/2017 9:49:18 AM
 A simple rubber band can be used so many ways. It can be used to keep papers together or hold shut a box. But in the world of the BDSM life it is something more. It has use to make a slaves breast turn colors or can be snapped against their nipples or clit. Brings pleasure or cause pain. Think just from simple rubber band.  

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