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i am re-writing this because there is some that are not getting my interests very clear enough
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i am re-writing this because there is some that are not getting my interests very clear enough. here are just some of my interests, limits, especially what i am not into.

right off the bat, let me state this perfectly clear to all. i have been frequently asked what do I do for a living. to be short, and to the point, what i do for a living is personal, and i wish to leave it at that.

1-interests:. collar and leash, Goddess worship, boot worship, foot worship, body worship, oral, anal (but not human toilet), just to name a few.

2-limits: NO blood, scat, children, animals, financial domination and/or tributes, permanent damage or death.

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Journal Entries:
1/14/2018 8:43:04 AM
blocked another person for calling me "ugly". i get it! i'm not a Chippendale model. but, that's no excuse for calling somebody ugly!

1/6/2018 4:39:08 AM
just blocked someone, hypnomouse, for the simple fact that that person called me ugly, after i merely said good morning to that person. granted i'm no Chippendale, but that's no excuse to call somebody ugly. is there?

9/23/2017 2:42:55 PM
i am going to say this one time, and one time only: WHAT I DO FOR A LIVING IS NOBODY'S BUSINESS!!!!!

9/18/2017 4:03:47 PM
i have never been insulted in my entire life! the NERVE of someone calling me something that I AM NOT!

9/17/2017 9:14:44 AM
i recently updated my profile. and, it has become obvious that my profile WAS NOT READ by anybody that i send a greeting to. is it THAT DIFFICULT to understand that any form of tribute is a HARD LIMIT!!!!!

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