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Looking for an owner, one who wants to be in charge. I have been drawn to pet play, so being t
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Looking for an owner, one who wants to be in charge. I have been drawn to pet play, so being treated as a dog is something that draws me. The non-real fantasy would be a dog 24-7. Seriously, am also drawn to being a slave serving, being obedient to an owner. Looking also for a companion and friend. Love being nude before an owner. I know, these are crazy thoughts. Also seek a vanilla friendship with the one who wants to be in charge.


I am somewhat of an artist. I like to write, paint, draw and photography. I was an artist model in the profile photo. Also used to dance with a ballet company and still take class on occasion. Like to hike and do other outdoor activities.

Journal Entries:
12/28/2017 9:19:58 AM
To end 2018 as someone’s pet or slave, that is the resolution.

8/31/2017 7:04:03 AM
I have wrestled with this lifestyle a long time.
I was at one point a "person of faith," so even the pursuit of this makes me at time feel like a freak.
And I've run from it. I've tried to live life in the vanilla.
But it seems I suck at the vanilla.
I'm not normal, I realize that. As a child, I wrestled with gender identity.
I confess ... I did crossdress.
As a younger adult, I wrestled with the yearning to be a slave.
And the more I delved into the lifestyle, pet play drew me in.
There is a yearning to also be a dog. Crazy as it is.
But even through the gender struggle as a kid, I've always proclaimed "I am straight."
I've been in love with two incredible women.
And I'm still very attracted to them.
But in my lifestyle journey that I've tried to run from ... I have become more open to male ownership.
And I will say it, even though I've never been with a man, I am attracted to men.
In that quest to find an owner, I have corresponded with two prospective masters.
They are close by, which has been hard to come by since my move to the desert.
Despite wanting some of the same things ... it appears they have decided to move on.
Because I'm "not gay."
I am open to an amazing owner, whoever that may be. Maybe she's a woman. Maybe he's a guy. Maybe they're trans. Maybe a couple.
Who knows?
Defining myself by a label doesn't really apply as much with who I am anymore it seems.
Submissive, slave, pet.
Those seem to apply.
The rest, it seems, I'm not so sure.

8/25/2017 5:52:43 PM

I long to be at the end of your leash.
I long to be at your side, going where you lead.
I long to obey your commands.
I long to please you, do things for you.
I long to smell, to lick, to worship you.
I long to feel your power, the sting of your whip, the sting of your hand.
I long to feel your pets when I've been obedient.
I long to be at your feet, to be cherished and loved.
I long to be your prize possession.

7/11/2017 6:52:10 PM
For me, it's not about sex. It isn't about play.
I learned as a member of a femdom group years ago that while play can be fun, if there is no relationship with the person holding the whip, it's hollow.
When I served as a sub, I wanted something different.
I want to be owned.
I want to serve, I want to obey.
I want someone stern, and tough.
But I also want one who will love and cherish me as their property.
I don't want to be degraded. I don't want to be humiliated.
The desire to be treated like a dog, you see, isn't that it would be degrading to me.
I have always admired that love and devotion between a master and pet.
That is why it is appealing to me.
The fact that I could be naked in your presence and others isn't humiliating to me.
But a sign of my respect for you and the place you are over me, and the power you have over me.
But the relationship I seek really doesn't involve all of that.
Doing things to please you from making you something to eat, to massaging your feet, to doing things around the house, that is as much a part of what I seek as being whipped, being led on a leash.
It's an attitude that should bleed out in the vanilla, that I show you respect in even the blandest of things.
If I'm really going to be your pet, your slave, your property, it can't just stop at the door of a house, or the place we live.

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