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Revamping my profile, and what I have to say will put off a lot of females. I am Asexual (lost
Male Dominant, 43,  GULF SHORES, Alabama

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BisexualFemale Slave
Age: 30, Height: 5ft 6in (168 cm), Weight: 170 lbs.
Location: Rogers, Arkansas
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Revamping my profile, and what I have to say will put off a lot of females. I am Asexual (lost my ability to get aroused years ago) so if this is something you can't except, I understand.

I hate to have to put this, but I might say Trans, I mean no CD's or Males thinking about being transitioned. I am looking for a already transitioned female. But thanks for the mails, sorry for the misunderstandings. Also Yes I am looking for a Domme, I am not a sub, but am attracted to power, after all power seeks power.

I am a "Daddy" Dom type, I have been in the lifestyle long before it became a mainstream trend (29 years ago).� Not into heavy Impact play. I am intolight bondage, not controlling but don't assume I am a push over- No is NO, especially if I give the "Daddy" look if you get out of control. 98% mental bondage;2% physical but hoping to expand that area. Two songs that describe my dd/d relationship is: The Dave mathews band-crash. And Abbney Park-Dark and twisted road.

�Words about me: I am loyal, passionate, honest, open-minded, loving, genuine, outgoing, giving, considerate, witty, devoted, a diabolically charming smile and personality. Seductive, powerfully persuasive, assuring, hypnotic. Intelligent, makes eye contact, strong in mind and body with an inner confidence and a powerful nature. Encouraging, demanding yet compassionate, appreciative, patient, and caring. Sensually and artistically creative, experienced

What I am looking for:

18-25 (soft limit), 5'5" or under, under 135#s, little to no experience, not into heavy impact play/heavy bondage, wants a DD/d/lil relationship.

There is five aspects to this lifestyle: 1) Communication 2)TRUST 3)Honesty 4)Love 5)Fun Without the top 3, there is no 4&5. My vanilla Life is a mix of D/s, but I do love movies, books, TV, photographs, I am very cultured about the world, I am a walking encyclopedia (or living google search- millennial joke)

"I am Neither a Dom, nor a sub. I am darkness, but turn to the light.

I am the fear you have, I am the love you need.

I will draw you deep into the darkest desires of your fantasies. Keeping you on the realms of reality.

I have traveled and lived many years."

Words that are so true:

"*A Dom who displays sensitivity will be a Dominant who is sensitive to you.

*A Dom who displays humility will be a Dominant who will show you respect.

*A Dom who is not afraid to cry will be a Dominant who understands your tears.

*A Dom who is quiet will be a Dominant who will hear your quietest whisper.

*A Dom who knows fear will be a Dominant who will not leave you to face yours alone.

*A Dom who will listen to a child will be a Dominant who will always work to understand your words.

*A Dom who can stand alone will be a Dominant who will not crush you under His weight. *A Dom who controls themselves with ease will be a Dominant with the ability to control you in the same way.

*A Dom who does not have to prove their point will be a Dominant with worthwhile points to share.

*A Dom who never makes demands will be a Dominant who treasures anything you give. *A Dom who doesn't run after you will be a Dominant you will never need to run away from.

*A Dom who is calm will be a Dominant who can weather your storms.

*A Dom who has walked the path to peace will be a Dominant able to guide you along that path.

*A Dom who does not shout will be a Dominant who will never deafen you.

*A Dom who knows themselves will be a Dominant who will have time to know you.

*A Dom with an open mind will be a Dominant who never stops learning.

*A Dom who never stops learning will be a Dominant who never stops growing.

*A Dom who always seeks to be the best they can be for you is the only Dom truly worthy of being called Dominant.""

My personal D/s website:

Journal Entries:
11/29/2017 5:37:01 PM
More about my personality. Yes I am a Dominant, also a daddy emotionally. I am Asexual and looking for someone who will except that. 98% into mental bondage and 2% physical-hoping to expand that. I am sadistic through rp and when someone does a "blonde thing" or at the light suffering of others..of course not death. Example: walking into a door, tripping over your own feet, or poking yourself with something.

9/12/2017 12:22:11 PM
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2/18/2015 4:02:12 PM
I find it very funny there is a world wide boycott on 50 shades the movie, and it's 90% from the BDSM community.

1/9/2015 7:37:07 AM
It's funny, you ladies don't want to see profiles or get messages with "dick" or "nude" pics of us guys, yet you post "breast" or unclothed pictures on your profile. A real man doesn't want to see that except 1 on1. Think about that. Respect starts at home.

12/16/2014 1:01:44 PM
I have been saying this for 26 years about this lifestyle. If your asking for respect, then have respect for yourself. Submissives do not need to post nude pictures on your profile, it attracts the wrong type of "guys".
Besides, submission is not the only "gift" you give a Dom, it's also your unclothed beauty, not for the world to view but the one you call "your Dominant".

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