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olivia117 : SCAMMER viviscot: SCAMMER STRAIGHT DOM. I seek a 2017 grad or grads ... MIGHT co
Male Dominant, 40,  Los Angeles, California











 Dominant Male

 Los Angeles 


 205 lbs





Actively Seeking:

Submissive Female

A Poly Household

olivia117 : SCAMMER
viviscot: SCAMMER
STRAIGHT DOM. I seek a 2017 grad or grads ... MIGHT consider 2016. Or very petite works also. Yes, ageplay is involved or Daddy but kinky Daddy but a daughter would be best. If two fems a bi couple is fine, sisters, classmates, etc. I will let you explore your deep dark fantasies no matter what they are. I especially like rf and everything related to it. I like a lot of depravity and edgy roleplay in additional to classic training and discipline and the age gap is very crucial. That said, although it's gotta be a unicorn, totally imaginary, I've seen some Mother/daughter profiles that interested me. Virgins, tomboys, broken little girls ... It's sexual slavery, not the only thing but that's what it really is. Everything else is to get you ready to be taken.

NO TS, Males, older females, hard limit!

I'll actually be on Oahu. Don't plan on spending much time in LA for now. I guess the idea of moving to Hawaii scares some of you - funny cuz that's where everyone's dream vacay is, but trust me, it's Paradise. LA is an overpopulated mess.

Journal Entries:
8/23/2017 12:56:46 PM
This website and this entire process is an example of why females end up wih the wrong man 90% of the time. They think this is a modeling and writing contest. You should want to understand what the male's mind is about as much as we want to do the same with you. I guess some things will never change.

6/6/2017 12:56:22 PM
NOT GAY, NOT INTERESTED IN GAY! WTF goes thru your minds? "Hey maybe I'll TRY IT?" There are TONS of Gay a d Bi Doms out there : try contacting THEM!

6/3/2017 12:02:27 PM
Need ASAP - Very submissive petite bi female for DOMESTIC SERVICE as maid, housekeeper, cook if possible. Full ownership and full care provided by me. You will also serve. I prefer younger but up to 30's acceptable if you impress me.

5/31/2017 4:33:12 PM
I can see that you girls are doing the same thing you do when you search for a bf and it's going to the end the same way: with you disappointed and fucked-over. And reading this is really pissing you off, right! Just switch and start reading some of the female profiles and then tell me!

5/29/2017 7:28:07 AM
I've seen some interesting profiles, possibly fake, but still good ideas: mother and daughter, two sisters, brother and sister, etc. A lesbian couple that submits would be amazing , though that's just a unicorn. I'm open to very free, open, sordid, taboo, depraved ideas, father/daughter - of course. Sadly, so many of you are content to just read, dream, fantasize ...

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