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Please, read my profile before contacting me For now, i am not really looking for a relatio
Female Submissive, 34,  My couch, Bosnia


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Age: 53, Height: 6ft 2in (188 cm), Weight: 202 lbs.
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Age: 36, Height: 5ft 6in (168 cm)
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Please, read my profile before contacting me

For now, i am not really looking for a relationship in any real aspect, but friends are appreciated. i will like to communicate with others, share parts of me i usually cannot do in my everyday life and feel the D/s dynamics i miss daily ...

i am not novice when it comes to BDSM, but i have never been in D/s relation with a woman ... and i have never openly dated one ... 

i listed myself as bisexual, because i use to date men most of my life ... as a teen i felt different, but all my friends were going out with a boys and that seemed as a natural choice ...  my preferences were anyway considered as disease and slowly i started to look on them in the same way ... i get to know that part of me before my sub nature ...  


thank You for reading

You might find me changing countries around the ex Yugoslavia region. I am not doing that to confuse anyone ... believe me, nobody is confused more then me ... that's the way i feel ... not belonging here or there ... might be another identity crisis ... or just nostalgia ... 

Journal Entries:
1/8/2018 3:03:27 AM
Recently  i had a chance to chat with Someone on here ... W/we are coming from two sides of this world and what is more important from very different surroundings and cultures  ... chatting with Someone who was obvious on much higher scale then me was amazing ... She made me felt unsecured and confused ... stupid ... unequal ... scared ... and aroused ... it took me back to my childhood when fear of dark created my first thrill and excitement ... i am missing English words to explain myself better ... O/our chat was not of pure sexual nature ... W/we didn't role played and i was not ask to do nothing sexual ... i was drilled and exercised ... like ... cadet in the military school ... cultivated, tamed ... and all that in so smooth, laid back, effortless way ... i was trembling with mixed feelings of fear ... and on the edge of being seriously aroused ... i guess, i was too intimated to even get to that point without Her permission ...  unfortunately , i didn't make the same impact ... we never chatted since ...

5/17/2017 7:46:14 AM

Like most i do like well written profiles ... i keep saying myself i have to do the same with mine ... but amount of interactions i have here (not much), is probably stopping me of doing it ... i wonder, how many people actually read ... specially long profiles and journal entries ... i must admit that i am more and more falling under those standards ... i do react first visually, then i decide to read ... i am usually not attracted to common beauty, model types, sweet or cute perfection ... when i look at photo it must be the look of Someone i will be willing to submit ... and that comes from within me ...  

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