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Read My entire profile before messaging Me. I'll know if you haven't. I am Miss Kitten, no
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Read My entire profile before messaging Me.
I'll know if you haven't.

I am Miss Kitten, not Miss Kitty.

I love hypnosis.

Im here looking for new online Hypno toys.

If interested message Me.

If males are respectful I will talk to them.

I have unbulked males for My convenience for

Males will only get My attention with an offer to tribute for My time without a detailed descrption of why you're worth My time without a tribute

I am NOT looking for real time meetings.

You get no pictures voice or cam from Me now or ever.

The first 3 words of your message must be I am pathetic or you get deleted without a response from Me.

Journal Entries:
1/13/2018 11:13:58 AM
If you're just going to message Me to say get a job don't waste your time.

12/29/2017 7:11:53 PM
Why do people view just to block?? Whats the point?

12/21/2017 3:44:29 AM
Merry Christmas to everyone!

11/24/2017 6:27:37 AM
Read before messaging Me. This is a hypnotic induction file, with post hypnotic suggestions. Reading this file over time will give you a trigger you can use at any time you like, whenever you want to feel more obedient... If you'd like to, feel free to preview the file, get comfortable with it, and once you've decided you want to be entranced, you've taken the first step into being hypnotized. Settle yourself comfortably into your chair, or lie down on a bed, do what you need to do to be comfortable. We will now begin. Get comfortable and relaxed. It doesn't matter if your sitting, standing or even lyng down, whatever makes you feel most comfortable. As you keep reading this , you may begin to find yourself growing more and more relaxed. Maybe you even feel more relaxed already. A slight tingling feeling, or just a feeling of comfort. Just keep reading my words and as you do, you may find that it is becoming so easy to relax. Each word seems so relaxing to read, and you may find that the more you read, the more relaxed and comfortable you feel. You may start to feel your worries and your stress just slipping away as you read my words. It can be so relaxing to let go of those worries. You don't need to think about anything stressful, it is so much easier to just sit back and relax. Continue to read my words, let them take you deeper and deeper, closer and closer to trance. Good. Nice deep and relaxed now. You don't need to make any effort, this deep relaxing feeling comes so naturally to you. It can feel so good to you as you simply relax more with each word you read and gradually fall deeper, closer to trance. You might feel yourself going deeper, and then deeper still. Maybe you can feel that trance getting closer. You can feel yourself enjoying slipping away, and falling deeper into trance. Nice, soft, relaxing trance. The more you read, the more you can slip away. There's no need to think, it's much easier to relax and go deeper. Even deeper. A little deeper..... and you can feel so relaxed. So wonderful. You find yourself relaxing more and more, maybe feeling a little more complacent, a little more open to suggestion. You can just keep feeling more and more relaxed. You may go even deeper and feel so relaxed... so good... this comes so naturally, just let your whole body relax and your mind slip away. Just soft comfortable relaxation. Deeper still. It's so easy to relax. So easy to get comfortable, complacent and relaxed. Complacent, maybe even obedient, but so relaxed as you go deeper and deeper, and deeper still. So relaxing.... Now I am going to count down from 5 to 1. You may relax more and more as I count, and with each number that passes you can find yourself feeling more comfortable, more pleasant, more complacent... more obediant and relaxed.. As you grow more comfortable, and more relaxed, with each passing number, it can become so easy to obey my words. Reading and obeying these words can come easily to you, just by relaxing and continuing to feel so wonderful. Deeper and deeper now.... and I will begin to count down now... 5 Just more and more relaxed... relaxed and obedient.... 4 Feel yourself slip away into this deep state of trance. A comfortable and relaxing trance... 3 So very deep now, so relaxed and comfortable, and obedient... 2 Almost there... so close to a complete relaxing trance... 1 You are now totally in trance. You can continue to feel that wonderful relaxing feeling as you fall deeper and deeper into trance. You may find that as you read, it becomes easier for you to fall deeper, and that the deeper you fall, the more relaxing it is to read. As you become more deep and relaxed, it can become so much easier for you to obey. Obey and relax... So open to suggestion, and so comfortable, so deep and feeling wonderful... Deep, and relaxed, and open to suggestion. You can feel how easy it is to be obedient, and how wonderful it feels to obey. As you go deeper and deeper down, you can feel how relaxing it is to obey. Obedience is easy. It's simply doing what you are asked to do without resistance. You can find it easy to obey. Resisting, however is a little harder. it requires concentration and effort. it is so much easier to just relax and obey whatever suggestion or order you are given. It's really nothing more than relaxing and simply doing without thinking too hard about it. Much easier to obey. In fact, from now on, you may find it easier to obey. Whenever you, or someone else, says or writes the words... OBEDIENCE TIME, you may find it much, much easier to obey whatever orders or suggestions you are given. Hearing, reading, or saying .... OBEDIENCE TIME, can make it even more easy to obey than it already is. OBEDIENCE TIME can make you feel so relaxed and open to suggestion, just think of how you feel right now.... open and relaxed, and obedient. Whenever your hear, read, or say OBEDIENCE TIME, that is exactly how you can feel. It really is that easy. As easy as relaxing and being more open to suggestion. Two words - OBEDIENCE TIME, are all that is necessary to feel this way. And when you are feeling so open and relaxed, during OBEDIENCE TIME, all you need to do to end it, is to hear, read, or say the words, REVERT TO NORMAL. It's as simple as that. You really don't need to try, or concentrate or anything. And with every time you read this file, it should become much easier to respond to these triggers, and much easier to feel relaxed, obedient, and open to suggestion, and it's just as easy to REVERT TO NORMAL, as well. Now is the time to wake back up. To come out of trance and feel so wonderful and rested. I am going to count back up to five, and as I count, you can find yourself returning to consciousness, and coming out of trance. With each number that passes, you can become more and more alert, aware of your surroundings, as you exit trance... I will begin to count, now. 1 Starting to wake up now, finding your way back up... 2 More and more awake, it is so easy to wake up.... 3 Feeling well rested and wonderful as you can find yourself getting more and more aware of your surroundings.... 4 Almost there. Almost totally awake now as you come up and out of trance.... 5 You should now be totally awake and out of trance. I hope you enjoyed....

11/19/2017 2:42:58 AM
Happy thanksgiving everyone!

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