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I am just a simple man that has been in the lifestyle for over 16 years. I am looking for a ne
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I am just a simple man that has been in the lifestyle for over 16 years. I am looking for a new Submissive woman to own. I am a very strong, strict and controlling Master. I am also a loving and caring Master. If you have any questions just ask away. I just want a good submissive woman at my side.

I am a Dom Master Owner interested in female subs or slaves for a D/s or M/s and O&P lifestyle. (these labels obviously mean different things to different people). I have just let my current slave go, and i am looking for another one.

l will describe myself as physically imposing, articulate, cultured, and a deep thinker. I believe in self respect, honesty, integrity and principles.I seek to dominate totally - Physically, Mentally, Emotionally and Spiritually. My slave will be available to please my every whim, with total submission, and unquestionable obedience.

My purpose is to bring out the best in my property. Subsequently, my slave's happiness is a priority for me. A happy fulfilled slave will serve her Master better - which is the whole point of the dynamic. Ownership is about responsibility. If you care for what you own, it will serve you better. It's just simple logic. On the other hand, my slave has to trust in my judgement; that whatever i choose to do with her, is either in her interest, or in the interest of the relationship dynamic (both of us).

As my Property, you will undergo intensive training and development, and must submit to my tutorship and trust in my leadership. You are allowed to have feelings, but must communicate them in a respectful subservient manner, with my permission and and at a opportune moment.

IF you are interested in total power exchange and authority transfer, this will be discussed. You accept that you exist solely for my pleasure and will serve at my feet. In return, you will be rewarded with good training, discipline, attention, leadership and other things you desire.

I am NOT looking for role play, subs who want to top from the bottom, or anyone looking to satisfy a simple sexual fetish. This is a lifestyle.

Your future Master

Journal Entries:
3/29/2017 12:37:40 PM
While every D/s or DD/lg relationship has rules, yours may or may not align perfectly with ours. You are welcome to borrow from these and use whatever resonates with you in your own relationship. These are just some ideas to get you started. We would love to hear any comments ideas, or your rules! 1)Ask Daddy for permission you should always seek approval to do anything outside of your normal day-to-day life. Daily life activities should be discussed at the beginning of the relationship, and approved by Daddy. Things that should always get permission include: leaving the house, eating sweets, any purchases over $10, spending time with friends, watching TV for more than 1 hour, scheduling appointments, or agreeing on plans with someone, etc. By asking for Daddy’s permission, you are showing Him respect and that you trust His judgment. Breaking this rule is unacceptable, and you will be punished, unless the circumstance did not allow you to get permission, in which, case use your very best judgment of what Daddy might say. 2)Respect Daddy Daddy has a big enough job with having a little and taking care of her, that He doesn’t need a bratty, rude little to make things more challenging. By not respecting Daddy, you are hurting Him in the deepest way. He needs your respect the same way that you need His love. When you show Him respect, you are showing Him that He is your King and that He is capable, strong, needed, and held in a place of honor. It is important to show respect when in public and alone. your behavior reflects how good He is at being a Daddy Dom. 3)Trust Daddy you should have 100% trust in your Daddy to make this relationship work. you chose Him, over everyone else, for a reason. The last thing Daddy would ever want would be to hurt His little. She is more precious to Him than any possession. He is there to love, protect, guide, and provide for you. By not trusting Him, you are cutting Daddy off at the knees. He will not be able to keep you safe or love you the way you need and want. Putting all of your trust in Him is the deepest form of respect. you are trusting Him with your heart, mind, body, and soul. He will NOT take that lightly, and will do anything in His power to never break that trust. 4)Be Honest with Daddy If something is bothering you or causing you any harm, Daddy needs to know about it. He cannot make good decisions with bad information. It is not defiance to tell Daddy that you are worried, hurt, stressed, angry, or afraid of something. It is never Daddy’s intention to make a bad judgment call or decision. Trust that He takes His job very seriously, and is fully aware that every decision He makes affects you in some way. 5)Never purposely provoke Daddy As much as you may enjoy being spanked, it is never ok to upset Daddy for the purpose of punishment. When you purposely act up, you are alleging that Daddy is doing something very wrong. He is working extremely hard to care for you and train you to be a good, submissive, little lady. By faking tantrums and brattiness, it could backfire, and He could change around other things that you may have loved, in the attempt at correcting His mistakes…even if He is doing everything right and you feel safe and loved beyond measure. you are essentially lying at His expense in order to serve your own selfish desires. If you are wanting punishment, just ask Daddy. He’d probably love so spank that cute little ass any chance He gets! 6)Take care of your body for Daddy your body is Daddy’s. It is important that you do your best to keep it healthy and strong. Eat good healthy meals, exercise, and groom your body. Daddy will provide everything you need to follow this rule, and will give you a budget for anything beauty and body related; waxing, nails, hair, groceries, gym, etc. Daddy will be sure to care for His own body as well. It is never ok to self-harm. If you do, you are damaging what belongs to Daddy. 7)Dress in a way that makes Daddy happy Daddy would like a say in what you wear, and how your hair is to be styled each day. you are not allowed to dress in anything not approved by Daddy. He has final say. you must come to bed nude, big t-shirt and panties, little girl jammies, or lingerie. Daddy will provide anything He finds necessary to follow this rule. 8)When in public, with or without Daddy, be good Your actions reflect on how well Daddy is doing as a Daddy Dom. If you are rude or disrespectful, it reflects on Him. you should always use manners, speak politely, have good etiquette, and behave according to Daddy’s rules. 9)Take care of Daddy you are to serve Daddy each day in any way that you can find. It shows Him love and devotion. He is pouring Himself into caring for you, and He needs that back from His little. Daddy is also not perfect, and gets sick, sad, and stressed. you should always be there for Him emotionally when He needs it. He is your Daddy and you should want to be there for Him the way He is there for you. 10)Be open to new things Life is scary, but you have Daddy to keep you safe. There will be times you are asked to step out of your comfort zone and try something new. It is Daddy’s job to nurture you and guide you through life. Part of growing is learning, and part of learning is doing. you will always be warned about a task or activity and given a chance to protest, but Daddy will make the final decision with your safety and well-being in mind. Remember rules number three and four.

3/29/2017 12:34:48 PM
It's taken me a lone time to realize that no one is going to come along with their magic wand and glitter dust, say "'re happy now!!!" There is no magic spell, potion, pill or partner who can fill the dark voids in your life. Yes, an amazing partner can help support you to make healthy decisions but NO ONE can cure decades of past traumas, low self-esteem or body image issues except you! My partner can tell me "You're great!" a hundred times and my inner voice always screams automatically, "No I'm NOT!" Some of us become so entrenched in being tortured, unhappy souls (oh the "Emo!" Oh the angst!) that it becomes a sport - part of an individual competition to see just how far down we can fall into the rabbit hole. (Cue Radiohead song, "You're so fucking special. I wish I was special. But I'm a creep!" How many times do you feel like you're looking up at life from the bottom of the well? You think, "Isn't ANYONE coming to save me?" Here's a newsflash: you've probably had PLENTY of people come by offering to help you up onto solid ground. But you think: "But no one can help me. This is just how I am!" In many ways you're right: no one can help you unless you truly WANT to be helped! Ask yourself this: Do you truly WANT to be happy? Are you committed to doing everything in your power to help yourself become happy? For some of us, being happy takes a lot of hard work. Our expectations for happiness, perfection and success are extraordinarily high, in fact, that many of us live in constant fear of failure. Every day is a new day. What makes YOU happy? It's different for everyone! Try to identify what happiness means to you and make a daily/weekly/yearly plan of achievable goals you can accomplish on your own. It all starts with baby steps. (And sometimes medication and therapy, I know.) Oh, and Dr Pepper ! Lots and lots of Dr Pepper ! ;) But when you wake up today, DECIDE to be happy. DECIDE to find some joy in a moment of today. No one else can do it for me on this one. We'll get there together OK?

12/29/2016 9:09:46 PM
"When she's abandoned her moral center and teachings...when she's cast aside her facade of propriety and lady-like demeanor...when I have so corrupted this fragile thing and brought out a writhing, mewling, bucking, wanton whore for my enjoyment and pleasure.....enticing from within this feral lioness...growling and scratching and biting...taking everything I dish out to that moment she is never more beautiful to me." ~Marquis De Sade

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