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I am a dominant daddy bear type. I live in northwest of Enid; Oklahoma, I have been here
Male Dominant, 41,  Enid, Oklahoma


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Age: 20, Height: 5ft 9in (175 cm), Weight: 130 lbs.
Location: ontario, Canada
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I am a dominant daddy bear type. I live in northwest of Enid; Oklahoma, I have been here a few years now and would love to find some friends and someone to explore my wild side with. I am kind of a loner and I am an introvert, and have enjoyed being single and not having anyone to answer to, but found recently that I want to find someone to share my life with. I am a king waiting for his prince charming.


In general, I like being in control, but I am not sure how extreme I want to go. I am not into extreme pain or cutting, blood, or anything like that. I tend to be dominant and bark orders sometimes, even though I don’t really know that I am doing it. I would like to find someone to explore the wilder side with. A guy who would want to wear chastity devise, where I am in control of his body. I am very possessive, I want to have someone who is somewhat an exhibitionist and stay naked if I want him to, or to pleasure himself while I watch and allow me to take pictures. I can have him when I want, no matter the place. I want to have a threesome with two guys who are subs where they are there to pleasure me and not so much themselves. I am versatile, I want a man who will focus on my pleasure not his own, it is his job to please me, and get rewarded with pleasure in return.


I have a high sex drive, but at the same time sex isn't the only part of what I am looking for. I guess I am move on the vanilla side then most of the guys I have seen on here.

I’m not sure if I want to have a sub/slave, but don’t want to live the life 100% of the time mostly in the bedroom and to some moderation outside of the bedroom. I want to have a son type relationship, to mentor, to teach, to train, and share my life and bed with. He would have to live close or be willing to relocate, as I am not able to move due to family. I take care of elderly parents, if that bothers you, move on.


I am gay, and like guys, so please guys stop shaving. If I wanted a smooth guy who likes to dress in women’s clothing I would be dating women.


Likes: armpits, black Hear, blue eyes, butts, body hair, green eyes, jockstraps, thunderstorms, scruffy guys, spring, and uncircumcised guys.


Dislikes: beards, black licorice, cross dressing, diapers, drag queens, drama, drugies, feet, guys who chew, rap music, smokers, and winter.


Hard limits: Scat, blood, permanent marks, cutting, breath control, & anything illegal.


I have a thing for uniforms, all kinds, sports, suits, and tuxes. I love underwear, boxers, tighty whities, jocks, thongs, briefs, spandex, bikinis, pajamas, and even commando.  I have a thing for veins, I love to be able to see them in the hands and body, and especially on your boy parts.  I am not much on the verbal degradation or name calling, I don't want to be that cruel.  Not into feminizing anyone, I want all boy. I would love a household with more than one sub/slave boy.


If you are looking to be a houseboy, great, I would love that, but be aware that I do not make enough to support us on one income, so you would have to work as well. No I don’t have the income to be a sugar daddy, nor do I want to be. I have worked hard all my life to get where I am at, it may not be much but I have earned it.  Please have a job and a car, don’t care what you do for work as long as I know you are hard worker and want earn a living.


Outside of the bedroom, I love to travel. Been though most of the western US, Canada, and Mexico. I enjoy spending time with friends and family, going to movies; I am an excellent cook and love to BBQ and try new dishes. I was training to be a chef, but changed my mind and went a different direction. I am a smart and intelligent person, and worked very hard to put myself through college. I am a huge Disney fan, and actually worked at Disneyland. Very straight acting, I drive a Dodge truck, I can use a chainsaw, and I worked at a prison.


I am not into fakes, liars, game players, or those who say they want something when they really don't have any intention of following through. Say what you mean, and mean what you say. I expect people to be honest and respectful, and I will do the same. I am tired of wasting my time, energy, and words on game players. Honesty, gee, what a concept. I know people are more than just a profile or a picture, and expect to get to know them on a personal level, to find out there hopes, dreams, desires, wants, needs, and fears.

If you claim to be straight or bi and you are a member or posting in a bi or gay themed group, then don't be offended with you are messaged, if you don't like it then you don't need to be a member of that group. Either be honest with yourself, me and the group, or don’t waste our time with your mind games. I am not interested in an online relationship, or role play, I am interested in something real, something I can hold, cuddle with, and enjoy in real life.  While online is fine at first, I do hope to make that connection with that special someone and make the jump from online to real life.


If you think you are the right boy for me, then be a part of my life, and maybe I will make you mine.  Potential subs or slaves will also be interested to know how valuable you will be to me when you come to serve me. You will be the most important thing in my life and I will consider you my most prized treasure. I'm on this hunt to bring home the best.  If I am not your type, move on, don't waste my time or yours.

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