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Fuck all you lousy peaces of shit. No man will ever be good enough. You pathetic fucking cowa
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Age: 52, Height: 6ft 0in (183 cm), Weight: 215 lbs.
Location: Huntsville, Alabama
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Fuck all you lousy peaces of shit. No man will ever be good enough. You pathetic fucking cowards. You fucking disgust me. Go kill yourself.

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1/4/2018 9:55:45 AM
10 things a sub expects a Dom to know...without being told 1. She needs to be the priority. She doesn’t want to compete with others. If every woman is hot, she’ll find it hard to stand out….and she needs to stand out. 2. She has emotions and needs them acknowledged. Probably more than you bargained for. 3. She needs you to know her better than others do….if her friends notice she was in a slump, you should notice first. 4. There are some things some of us just can’t physically do…don’t expect her to do something just because your last sub could or you’ve seen another sub do it. Not every sub can take a dick all the way down her throat. 5. Don’t compare her. She’s her own individual. She’s unique. That’s probably why you chose her in the first place. She may not be the hottest sub or have pics of her pink parts spread out for the world to see. But she goes out of her way to be the best in your eyes. Show her that she is. 6. Let her control things. ( wait, don’t let your heads explode here). If you’ve delegated certain chores to her…give her the control to do them. If they are getting done, does it really matter that they weren’t done in the exact way you would’ve done them? 7. Enforce the rules. All the time. Not just when it makes you feel Domly. After all, she’s in this D/s relationship because she needs the structure of the rules. She might sigh or grumble… but rules are partly why she’s here. 8. Remind her she’s yours. Every day. Even if you haven’t collared her, she’s given herself to you. She wants to hear and see that you own her. (Example: a hand full of hair while firmly kissing her will remind her of that…and get her wet in the process ;). ) 9. Appreciate the submission she gives you. It takes more for some to submit than just the act of doing what they are told. She might find that she has to submit herself every day. 10. Be hers. Just as she is yours. Let her know that you aren’t just a Dom…you are HER Dom.

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