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Looking for one-and-done casual, non-penetrative fun...   Also seeking a lady
Male Dominant, 19,  Canton, Ohio











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Dominant Female

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Femdom Couples

Looking for one-and-done casual, non-penetrative fun...


Also seeking a lady or group of ladies that are either:


18-33 yrs old

or BBW 45+ (slight wrinkles are a plus!)


I'm heavily into leather attire fetish like boots, skirts, purses. Hopefully those things can be put to use against you or myself {wink}. It is something that I just have to admire...and should be something you could incorporate or be interested in experiencing.

Journal Entries:
9/13/2016 9:17:42 AM
I can't remember the time that I began fantasizing women's shoes, but it was a turning point not just thinking of women for their body features and profile, but looking at their apparel that they so greatly take pride wearing dominantly and mischievously.

There is something about their high heels that is a major turn on. Possibly because not only do they look sexy when worn innocently by already sexy women, they are also an leather object which were turn-ons I already had prior. The click and clack of walking tingles me weak and wants me to surrender. The zipper zipping up and down also gets me.

I love having choice in shoes I mess with. They must be pointy toed. They must have a good height of heel to them. They have to have a heel no thicker than a small wedge (more stiletto, skinny, and shiny the better!). Also on some occasions do I not really care for laces/buttons.

I love both boots and just regular pumps. Boots I looove knee high or thigh high. All colors!

Hopefully I will find someone to please and get messy with them :)

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